spiritual rez dinosaur bbq 1-26-11

For my first show of 2011 I caught the first set of Spiritual Rez with my folks at the dinosaur bbq. This place as much as any other is responsible for my love of music. Every monday night in elementary school my dad used to see a sax player by the name of Paulie Cerra. The two shared a teacher who sometimes went with us along with Paulie's parents. We would dip french fries in barbeque sauce and eat key lime pie. This was before that idiotic smoking ban, and because of it cigarette smoke brings up happy memories. Paulie played a mix of jazz and blues, songs like greasy spoon, at night in the city, maputo, and the funky chicken. You can catch a vid of paulie here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1aPj-FUKOx0

Spiritual rez, out of Boston, is a 6 piece ensemble with sax, trombone, two guitars, base and drums. Both the bass player and rhythm guitar player are rather tall and the lead guitar player is quite short, with long dreads. The short one is much better than the tall one and the sax player surpasses the trombonist. I listened to a concert of theirs from 5 years ago earlier in the day, and they have supplemented their listenable but non distinct reggae with some energetic groovy funk (as opposed to dirty funk). These guys definitely get down, moving and dancing along with their fans, many of whom also rock dreads. I sat at a booth with my parents, had a few beers and some french fries. A good time. A band worth seeing, worth paying to see, but in my mind not worth traveling to see.
Wed 1/26/2011 9:24 PM