3 to see in 08

The question is who is your top 3 you want to see most this year..My top three to see during the year?...hmm what a question..there are deffo more then 3, but lately some artists that I haven't seen yet whom I have every intention of seeing are Yonder and Ween....Two bands, both on my long list of favorites, that I have never seen live..That's just crazy talk...This WILL change in 2008...

If re-uniting is the trend for 08 then let me see some CHEESE!

Also..speaking of,  Led Zeppelin is in order if my time and my wallet permit.

Oh yeah...and The Motet, I hear they are good so I'd like to check em out.

And a goal is to make it to Rothbury...that shiz looks tiiiiiight!

Mon 2/18/2008 12:49 PM