Three Artists I've been Living to See

Oh man. Just three. Here goes: Off the top of my head.

WideSpread Panic (I can't get enough.)

My Morning Jacket (Because I've never seen them live.)

Damien Rice (He's been so good to me this month.)

There, I just named three. You happy now. :)

Since I have you here, I also saw Adam Carrol last night (and Brian Martin and their harmonicers) and it was amazing!!! Something about some heartfelt Texas croonings just saves Texas. Ya know? I danced. I danced. I danced. I could dance forever.

(P.S. I'm the only person I know that doesn't own a camera. Just saying.)

Sun 2/17/2008 6:44 PM


dmbexodus Thu 2/21/2008 08:18AM
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I saw MMJ open for DMB during the Vote for Change tour. They were impressive good energy.

moejoerisin Thu 2/21/2008 03:14PM
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hey jon - i saw them on that tour, and i must say that their sound is much cleaner and more psychedelic and precise.. less garage-rockish.