Victor Wooten Sunday at the Rev

My first concert was Bela Fleck opening for Dave Matthews at the Smirnoff in Dallas. Man did Victor and his family take me back. The best thing about going back was that I wound up right back where I was. In the right here and the right now loving life and listening to wonderful music.



Carrie's Sunday afternoon call saying she just got put on the guest by Victor Wooten, calling off all plans to go see Victor Wooten with Carrie, jumping in the shower and getting Victor-Wooten-show ready in no less than twenty minutes, throwing on the most wonderful little black dress, riding downtown with Carrie, walking into the show, drinking cocktails because it only seemed appropriate, dancing, dancing, dancing, meeting God, my little gold purse, realizing that Sunday shows end at 10:00 and that's just nice.

There are never low points anymore but I probably shouldn't have done the handstands in the dress. I know Carrie was the only one who saw, but that's not so lady-like. And I'm a lady.

Tue 2/12/2008 7:29 PM