Random Music, Random Tuesday

I put on a pretty good show any given day of the week. Highlights of the day:

Pressing snooze  more than a dozen times, waking up with perfect next day hair, remembering I streaked a sandlot the night before, putting on my rockstar-travel by day-outfit just to go work, rocking out UAMS just cause, closing up Boulevard with two local famesters, watching the rain, watching the lightening, watching the streetlights get confused, sitting with Sean, tapping the Spaten, finishing up Sean's crossword, being happy despite the word on the wire, being happy, Carrie's appearence, impromptu Scrabble, Brett Dennen, Flaming Lips, Be Good Tanyas, Gillian Welch, Widespread Panic, Damien Rice, Love, Love, Love.


It's a fine Tuesday. Man, it's good!

Love, Kara ( I mean that.)


Tue 2/5/2008 9:04 PM