New Year's Eve 2007 Flaming Lips in OKC

WOW!!!! Highlights:

Best roadtrip crew ever: Carrie, Joe, and Mikal, counting cows and Q's, wine tasting in Aux Arc, random dancing at random gas stations, sing along after sing along, tambourines, shakers, funfetti brownies, even more funfetti brownies, reaizing the utter brilliance of staying in a hotel ATTACHED to the venue, spraypainting our hair to match our outfits, orbs, mimosa's, dancing in our own puddle of beer, overcoming the vomit disaster, passing out whistle pops and kazoos, taking more pictures than should be allowed, THE SHOW, THE CONFETTI, THE BALLS, THE FLAMING LIPS, TIGGER, the ASTRONAUT, being a part of the show, my orange and white striped dress w/silver shoes, CARRIE, dancing and singing in the middle of downtown OKC, the song about Kara, battling the robots, 2:00 a.m. gourmet buffet (hey that rhymed), getting kicked out of the hot tub, spinning in the pool with Carrie, winning the freestyle race, handstands, handstands in Wayne Coyne's yard, funfetti brownies, elevators, imaginary lunch destinations. I'm in love with Carrie. :)

Fri 1/25/2008 11:35 AM


carriewingy starstarstarstarstar Wed 2/6/2008 08:16AM
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I'm in love with you too, Kara.

We are soulmates. Music soulmates.

You are my sun and moon!