Damn Bullets ft. Justin Carr, Jordan and Mikal 12 21 2007

It was Joe's birthday, making a twirling entrance into Whitewater Tavern,  beating the good ol' boy and the pretty boys at pool...more than once, having the first pitcher of Blue Moon paid for by an admirer, kicking off the dancing before Jordan's first song even finished, Psycho Killer, Anna Kate's afro and entire outfit, anticipitating my onstage appearance, Joe's sweet sweet nerves, ripping the curtains down and throwing glitter on EVERYONE (and in everyone's beer and whiskey), spotlighting my friends, Justin's excitement, getting to trade spots with Carrie and her Christmas sweater, playing the morocco's and tambourine in the crowd, dancing from one corner of WWT to the other, realizing I too was a rockstar, glitter, Glitter, GLITTER!, Danita's sweet face in flashes throughout the night, showing off Jessica and Georgie, making new friends and hugging new necks, selling t-shirts and c.d.'s for the boys post show, watching boys I'd never met before fall in love with me, falling in love with boys I had never met, (there once was more...and that's a highlight.)

Sat 12/29/2007 6:30 PM