Panic in Loveland

How could you not have a good show at place called Loveland? What a great double-header. I heard a few favorites and lots that I wasn't familiar with at all and I danced danced danced. Highlights are nearly innumerable...but we'll give it a go.


Staying in CO's funkiest-Motel, it being just warm enough to wear pretty dresses both nights, not spending a billion bucks on beer, getting to meet Jen's new/old boy Zach, Jenn refusing to accept money for my two tickets, getting away with wandering off by myself out onto the floor the first night even though I wasn't supposed to, hanging with Jenn and Zach in the stands the entire second show, taking turns filling up our water bottle, realizing that I WAS the swarm of yellow jackets, running into Doug, Chainsaw City, Love and Happiness, Walk On, Stop Breakin' Down Blues, All Time Low, high fives, Zach's drum solo, re-affirming my life's purpose, dancing around in circles over and over and over, the kick me and the fellow dancing fool in front of me were getting out of each other, going straight home both  nights and going to bed.


Low points: Losing the last sailboat (please see "going straight home both nights and going to bed.)


Burmingham here we come!!!!!

Thu 10/18/2007 1:36 PM