Female Producer/Songstress LaDeana Michelle Set to Yield Double Dose of Love on Valentine’s Day


HOLLYWOOD, CA, February 4, 2009---On Saturday, February 14th, forthcoming R&B/Pop/Soul sensation LaDeana Michelle will release an exclusive, digital-only love song package, entitled, “Inside Love’s Window”, a move that will further solidify her rapidly growing fan base worldwide.


LaDeana Michelle, still riding the waves from the grassroots spread of her positive-natured songs, "Keep Your Faith", created for President Barack Obama, currently gaining thousands of daily YouTube viewers as the “Official 2009 Barack Obama Inauguration Song”, and “Believe”, honoring Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and President Obama, was currently featured in The Urban Music Scene online magazine, a rapidly-growing publication that hosts top R&B, Gospel and Jazz, with artists Beyonce, Jennifer Hudson, Brian McKnight, Eric Benet, Charlie Wilson and more in tow. LaDeana Michelle’s “Believe” reportedly received the most hits ever recorded by the magazine in its history. Also notable, is her latest video installment entitled, “SEVEN”, which features seven of her self-produced songs, exposes more of her as an artist and explores widespread issues such as love/relationships, racism, the homeless, genocide, starvation and more.


“Inside Love’s Window” will include romantic ballads, “I Can’t” and “More Than Friends”, which ranked #1 in two top ten R&B and Urban charts and placed LaDeana Michelle as a top 25 artist overall on Soundclick, a music-based, social community that reports over 2.5 million songs, 325,000 bands and artists, and 3 million registered members.  Both songs, written, produced, arranged and composed by the multi-faceted artist, can be downloaded on Valentine’s Day for only $3.99, through her official website, LadeanaMichelle.com, or official fan site, LaDeanaMichelle.net.


The release is a part of LaDeana Michelle’s official “Love Quarter” campaign (January 1st-March 31st) set to run every first quarter for an entire decade.  The campaign promotes love, social awareness, unity and change through music and visual arts. “Inside Love’s Window” is the last installment before fans can expect her highly anticipated full-length 2009 debut album.


LaDeana Michelle will open a new blog accessible through LadeanaMichelle.net, asking fans to share their thoughts/comments and to write reviews.  Fans will also be kept abreast of her album release and will be invited to pre-join her Exclusive E-Mail Club.




Professionally active since birth and representing a musical family that include legends Sam Cooke and Eddie Kendricks (Temptations) this Oakland, California native stands on her own as a multi-octave vocalist, songwriter, producer, arranger, composer, actress,  screenwriter, print model, designer, poet,  author, CEO and savvy businesswoman.  With a slew of worldwide releases, commercials, theatre, stage, and live performances, films, jingles and production collaborations to her name, LaDeana Michelle mirrors predecessors R. Kelly and Prince as the sole writer, producer, arranger, composer and performer of her forthcoming 2009 debut album.  “There is a process to my madness.” says Michelle. “I love collaborating with others and there are many that I can’t wait to work with. However, this project had to come from me. I’ve been introduced before by others. This time, I want to introduce myself. I want the world to really know this is who I am.”


LaDeana Michelle is set to additionally yield several upcoming films, multi-million dollar development projects and foundation-based social programs dedicated to cultivate low-income youth and starving children worldwide.


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