Review :: LOTUS @ Vogue :: 2/18/2010

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   It was one of those nights where you don't know really what to expect. There was a raging show in Bloomington with Cornmeal, and Lotus was holding down Indy at The Vogue. Earlier in the year, Hidden Relic and decided to get some promotions out for Lotus. We also made an agreement with the band to do a live stream of the show.  They had requested us not to record the event, so we had to change our approach a little. After extensive street teaming, strong online presence, and a whole lot of stream practice, the night had come.

   We arrived at The Vogue to find out that they didn't have very quick net service. This worried us as not only had we promoted the live stream, but Lotus posted it on all their sites as well.  We began to really worry as Moser Woods took the stage.  Finally we got a strong net connection and it streamed MW fine.  Moser Woods was really good.  I was surprised on how many sounds they created with just a keyboard player and drummer.  They were a lot like a spacier, more ambient Medeski, Martin, and Wood.  They broke out into some really out-there psychedelic acid rock.  I expected them to be a little more electronica-based, but to my surprise it was much more rock. Their set kind of blended together a little, but that could of been me being busy. Overall, I'd really like to work with Moser Woods in the near future.

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  Moser Woods said goodnight, and stage crews began setting up Lotus.  Out of nowhere, we completely lost all internet connection and live stream.  We worked hard to bring it back, and moved to many different locations.  The light guy even said he couldn't get online to check his Facebook.  Not only were we stressed, but really upset that we had asked much in advance if the service would be good. I was assured that I had nothing to worry about. Lotus took the stage and began their first set. I was able to use the chat portion of the live stream to assure fans that it was an internet connection problem. Some watchers were a little hostile, but I couldn't blame them. Meanwhile Lotus was absolutely destroying The Vogue.  They ripped in and out of jazz, jam, and electronica.  To me, there is only one way to describe Lotus... Electro-Jazz-Fusion.  Even though we were running around like crazy trying to pick up a connection, I couldn't help but bounce my head to the beat.  Their first set came to a close just as we FINALLY gained a connection.  Luckily for us, I was able to talk fans into sticking around on the live stream. They came out for one of the most epic 2nd sets I've seen from any band. The night suddenly became perfect. We were getting good feedback from the crowd on the live stream. Luckily the stream ran the rest of the night perfectly.  I went down to the pit to dance a little and mingle, as they busted into "Wooly Mammoth."  This is my absolute favorite Lotus song, and the night seemed picture perfect for me now.  The band continued on as fans danced into the evening.  I looked around, and all I could see was smiling faces. People seemed to really be getting down.  Overall the night was more than fun, it was raging.  I can't apologize enough to the fans that watched the live stream during the first set. Trust me next time we'll have this down. I guess there wouldn't be trial without error.

Written By: Joey Buttram owner of Hidden Relic Productions

Tue 2/23/2010 5:12 PM