Josh Dion @ Sullivan Hall 2.14.09

It was yet another lonely Valentine’s day for me fulfilled by my loyal loves Johnnie Walker Black and live music. Josh Dion (drums/piano), starting a new from the break up of his very own talented assembly of musicians the Josh Dion Band, grouped up with friends Geoff Kraly (bass) and Chris Eves (guitar) for a short FREE set at the Rockwood Music Hall. The Rockwood was about the size of the living room in my apartment. Dion was able to pack the place like sardines.

Dion played a magnificent set, differentiating himself from his prior group by performing all new tunes. Nonetheless, he played with the same energy beginning his set with “I Don’t Know the Man.” Then Dion picked up the velocity playing “Person to Person.” Josh constantly has an eclectic show with diverse styles, tempos, and spirit in every song. In the ballad like “Fire on the Bridge” he ended the song playing the harmonica. Dion even paid homage to one of his various influences performing an excellent rendition of Otis Redding’s “These Arms of Mine,” as promised the only sappy love song of the night. I was particularly impressed when he leaped from his drum set to the grand piano, taking up almost the entire stage, playing an inspiring solo “Three Gig Night.” The encore for his undersized set was a glorious rock song, “7th Avenue.”

This was a superb performance by a remarkable drummer who deserves every bit of recognition. The heart Dion puts into each piece permeates throughout the entire audience, let alone the skill with which he plays. Every smash of his kit has a purpose. There is never a wasted thump of the bass, crash of his cymbals, hammer of his tom or smack of his snare. Dion mixes the tools from his belt with precise measure and syncopation. Kraly and Eves both complimented Dion very nicely, with Eves fastening a bottleneck onto one of his fingers playing slide guitar on a couple numbers.

I have never seen a show of his that I was not thoroughly pleased to pay for. I had absolutely no qualms with seeing him for free. For another retched Valentine’s Day, Dion was exactly the medicine necessary for this bleeding heart. I hope you will have the opportunity to witness this extraordinary performer with your own eyes and ears. According to Dion, the supporting cast for his new venture is in the works and the next big show will be March 21st at Sullivan Hall.

I Don't Know the Man > Person to Person > Fire on the Bridge > Vision > Get Out > > Stealin' From the Cow > These Arms of Mine* > Three Gig Night# > 7th Avenue

* Otis Redding Cover

# Piano Solo

Fri 2/20/2009 9:11 AM