Steve Kimock & Friends @ Mexicali Blues Cafe 10.03.08

I got to check out Steve Kimock on Friday night at Mexicali Blues Cafe in Teaneck, NJ.  I've been to the venue a number of times but not since they made changes to the layout of the venue.  Personally I think the changes are great for the audience that likes to keep drinking throughout the show.  For those who have never been, there used to be a staircase right in front of the middle of the bar that went up to the small upper level containing tables and a very poor view of the stage.  Now the stairs have been moved to the right, giving the audience at the bar a clear line of site to the stage.  I also believe this creates more room for tables during more intimate settings like the show I had attended.

Steve Kimock performed an acoustic set with Billy Goodman.  It was a nice relaxing set but I'm not one who gets overly excited over acoustic sets.  I like it loud, electric and with drumming.  The most notable songs for me were the ones I knew, Friend of the Devil, a good rendition of the Rolling Stone's "Send Me Dead Flowers."  The good thing about the acoustic set was that I still had my mind in my hands at the time.  Then the beers started going down too easily.  I love Victory Hop Devil!

The second set took some time for the set up.  They were trying to get the right sound out of the electric guitars and drums.  Wish it had been quicker because I might remember more but whatever.  The crowd lacked excitement.  The chairs were still set up from the acoustic set so nobody got out of their seats to get some groove on.  There was an ol' drunk lady at the end of the seating area near the bar that got up, but was a little keen on me and my Allman Brothers Tye Dye T-Shirt.  Her old man didn't look very happy with her either, but whatever IT WAS FRIDAY!!!!  Kimock ripped through a couple nice songs with his very talented guitar play.  I'm very happy to have discovered another great guitarist.  He is being added to my account as a new favorite artist.  If anybody reads this, and likes to see live shows I highly suggest signing up for an account.  You can add any band not just jam bands and it'll tell you where they are playing within a certain radius (mine is 115 miles).  Then find me I'm ihob420.

My ride ended up leaving the show a little early, which was a shame, but we were all loaded (barring the driver).  I was happy to finally see some live music, it had been about two weeks from my last live show - TEMPERATURE HOT MUPPET & THE RENDEZVOUS!  I went home scarfed down some pizza and passed out on my couch until 7 AM where I promptly accessed Excedrin and Gatorade to start my next day of insane drinking.

All and all I'll rate the first set with a C, only because I'm just not into the acoustic stuff as much.  If you are one who is into the acoustic sets then I'd say at least a B.  Kimock can rip on guitar and I would definitely love to see him again.  I am going to have to pay more attention to the music than how full my glass is.  I will get better.

Here is the setlist:

Set 1: Willin', Walk The Street Alone, On The Run, Kind Hearted Woman, You Are With Me, Friend Of The Devil, Slow Down, Dead Flowers, The Road Must Surely Bend, Good Shepherd

Set 2: It's Up To You, Best Friend, Night Train, Ship At Sea, Thing One, Cowboy, Many Rivers To Cross, E: Me And My Uncle
Tue 10/7/2008 8:29 AM