January - February 2012 Newsletter - Henry Salvia, keyboards, accordion

HELLO, hello, (hello), is there anybody in there? Just would like a moment of your web surfing time to hype the upcoming Houston Jones extravaganza par excellence tout suite en croute con carne, à la carte, per favore.

This Saturday January 28th at 8 pm we return to the Sutter Creek Theater in Sutter Creek (easy to remember) with special guest Joe Craven, fresh from his triumphant tour performing before the crowned heads of Eureka. It is a pleasure and a challenge when Joe is on stage with us, so come by and try the home-made gelato before the show.

February is shaping up as a HJ California whirlwind. You Central-Coasters can see us Saturday February 4th at a SLO Folks Concert in San Louie Obispo, and valley-ists in Bakersfield Sunday February 5th at Juliana's Art Studio/Gallery (pre-purchase tickets). Saturday February 11th is the Palms in Winters with the wondrous Susie Glaze and the HiLonesome Band. Hi-ly recommended. February 12th is the SF Bluegrass/OldTime fest (in San Rafael? go figure), and if you can't make Winters, Susie and the band will be there as well.

Just a few more. On Friday February 17th we'll bring our Brillo to the Camarillo Cafe in Camarillo CA down in LA-land (yeah, I had to look it up). Saturday February 18th is a house concert in Claremont, just south of Mt. Baldy, all covered with cheese (again LA-ish). Finally home again, home again, jiggity-jig with a house concert in San Leandro on Friday February 24th. Then on Saturday February 25th, we're at Armando's, an East Village club that fell in a wormhole around 1972 and popped up in downtown Martinez.


Upcoming live radio performances include KCBX (90.1 FM, San Luis Obispo) at 3 pm on Saturday February 4th; KKUP (91.5 FM, Cupertino) at 8 pm on Thursday February 9th; and KDVS (90.3 FM, Davis) at 11 am on Saturday February 11th.

There's the usual and more at our web site, and don't forget the upcoming folk-frenzy of us and Stevie Coyle at Kuumbwa in Santa Cruz on Saturday March 31st. I for one am really looking forward to playing with Stevie again, and so should you.


Your friend in-situ,


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"A confluence of sublime talent."  — David Wiegand, San Francisco Chronicle

"No one delivers the goods quite like Houston Jones....Houston Jones remains one of the West Coast's most talented and entertaining bands".  — Jim Lee, Dirty Linen Magazine

"My favorite band!" — Jackie Loken, Hostess and DJ, KKUP 91.5 FM, Santa Clara

"Always a favorite here...this killer acoustic music act has unique interpretations of grassroots Americana that will leave you breathless and thoroughly rocked." — West Coast Live / National Public Radio

"A wonderful gem of a band...truly exceptional music...wonderful original tunes...some brought tears to our eyes...These guys are a rare treat!" — Billboard.com


Sutter Creek Theatre Sutter Creek, CA Sat Jan 28 12 08:00 PM Tickets
KCBX 90.1FM San Luis Obispo, CA Sat Feb 04 12 03:00 PM  
United Church of Christ of San Luis Obispo San Luis Obispo, CA Sat Feb 04 12 08:00 PM Tickets
Juliana's Art Studio & Gallery Bakersfield, CA Sun Feb 05 12 04:00 PM Tickets
KKUP 91.5fm San Jose, CA Thu Feb 09 12 08:00 PM  
KDVS 90.3 FM Davis, CA Sat Feb 11 12 11:00 AM  
The Palms Playhouse Winters, CA Sat Feb 11 12 08:00 PM  
San Francisco Bluegrass & Old Time Festival San Rafael, CA Sun Feb 12 12 08:00 PM Tickets
Camarillo Cafe Camarillo, CA Fri Feb 17 12 08:00 PM Tickets
Gelenscer House Concerts Claremont, CA Sat Feb 18 12 07:30 PM Tickets
San Leandro House Concert San Leandro, CA Fri Feb 24 12 07:30 PM Tickets
Armando's Martinez, CA Sat Feb 25 12 08:00 PM  

Fri 1/27/2012 8:58 AM