IM so ready 2 GO BACK

    Rothbury is almost here this years line awsome  im coming home with video 2 wtch 4ever  2 sets of string cheese, + 2 sets of the DEAD another 4th of july with LES CLAYPOOL, john butler , bob dylan+++ many more : ) i wnt B home 2 catch my river front shows bt ill still c YONDER @ rothbury ** i have been going 2 shows @ the rivr frnt since i ws 13 i grew up wtchn showz @ the madison theatre bt it closed peoria gave us the landing stage!! good ol time dancin 2 blue magoo! now the bands they bring 2 us R remarkable its such a bleesing  2  hear all my good tunes right here at home!!!!
Sat 6/6/2009 11:21 AM