New Music from South Central Arkansas | Jason Greenlaw and The Groove

Playing over 100 shows per year, Jason Greenlaw and The Groove, are one of South Central Arkansas' most successful regional touring bands. Jason Greenlaw, founder and lead guitarist of the group, is in a word, unique. He has the weather-worn, gravelly singing voice of a southern bluesman, but with a delivery that's pure soul-driven jamrock -- so cool. Give this band a listen. You'll be glad you did.

Here's an introductory video produced by fully complimentary to support this exciting young artist as he makes his approach onto the national scene.

Can You Dig It is the tune I provide here with a quick intro of the band.

Discography Groove Train The EP Release Date: Oct 2008

Soulburn Release Date: Sept 2009

Band Members: Jason Greenlaw, Guitar/Vocals; Joey Musick, Bass; Congo Phredd, Drums

by Gen Cole
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Fri 1/7/2011 4:52 PM


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Jason Greenlaw and The Groove is simply put "Perfection!