eKoostiK hooKah's Idea of Time...

A grassroots video interview with one of the country's most well-respected, long-established Jam Rock bands. And, yeah, they certainly put the ROCK in Jam Rock!

Atlanta, GA: Columbus, Ohio-based eKoostiK hooKah share some great tidbits regarding their history and their music today during this impromptu 'behind the scenes' interview by Gen Cole of AtlantaJams.com... just moments before they hit the stage for the first night of re-recording a LIVE version of their first release, Under Full Sail, at TreeSound Studio in Atlanta, GA. hooKah has an incredible Jam Rock history since their inception in 1991, and produce one of the USA's largest Jam Rock music festivals, hooKahville!

(This is a remix of the original "grassroots" interview captured by Cole using her personal Sony digital camera, Friday Nov 17, 2006.)

eKoostiK hooKah - hooKahville.com - dubba.com

-Gen Cole, JamRockUSA.com

Thu 12/4/2008 5:29 AM


The J-man Thu 1/8/2009 07:07AM
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The J-man

"one of the country's most well-respected, long-established Jam Rock bands."

-... Is that a joke?

normlnick starstarstarstarstar Sun 1/18/2009 05:41PM
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Hookah is one of the best!! They never went on some lame hiatus,They never sold out, and they just keep on rocking hard. J man you are a joke

The J-man Sun 1/18/2009 07:25PM
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The J-man

One of the best??? Lol. Who cares that they never went on hiatus, when their music is a drag? They probably have never sold out... a venue... I am a joke. Thanks for the threatening Pm too. Douche bag.

freetime3 starstarstarstarstar Fri 2/13/2009 09:13PM
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wow j-man. Think very highly of your self?? Good to know that you are the compass for what is good music and what isn't. They do sell out venues, but I dont know what that has to do with anything. I personally cant get enough hookah. Something tells me that being around for almost 20 years and putting on multiple festivals a year for multitudes of very loving fans speaks for its self. Sorry normalnick, they did go on a little hiatus when Ed left the band and John came back. Hopefully they will be around for a long long time for myself and many, many other fans to enjoy.

The J-man Wed 2/18/2009 05:01PM
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The J-man

... Boring...

meland80 Tue 3/3/2009 07:14AM
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The J-Man is too into dong to listen to EH.

Fultzwagon starstarstarstarstar Thu 3/19/2009 09:15AM
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Sweeney is one of the sickest shredders out there. If you can't see that it may be time to check in to the asylum J-man. Get out of your own little world and open your ears. Just cause they are from Columbus (OSU) and you are from AnnArbor (UM) doesn't mean you can't respect some awsome musicians!!!