take a deep breath, relax, and push it on out

Low profile, no more smiles, til all of y'all quit acting so damn wild
Slow down child, you're gonna lose balance,
too overanxious, the goods will get damaged

How many stories can you fit into a tanktop?
How many wishes get spent on what you ain't got?

The youth want truth, well thank god
Tryin to keep it movin, while you're sittin in the same spot
Been in this cage for a long time,
Been coverin this page with the wrong rhymes.

Got a strong mind, I got a weak will
I've got bad nerves and I can't keep still
But I stay humble, so when the meek take the planet
I can get a little piece with my name on it
The only problem is by then I won't want it

I'm in the backyard praying and hoping for the comet
Are you lookin to remember or searchin for adventure?
I guess it all depends on the agenda

Do you carry a grudge? Do you carry a gun?
I guess it all depends on where you come from
Surroundings are gonna dictate the needs
I'm out, I wanna live around lakes and trees

And I'll be back when its happy hour
So just pour me another and ignore me my brother
Tue 8/5/2008 6:24 AM


dqaldakj32 Fri 9/18/2009 06:44PM
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