Yesterday I found so many things :)

Yesterday was a good day. It was nice out and I had the doors open to let some air in, the spring air led me to wondering where my Ween cd the argus was? I had to find it! I remembered my roomate telling me he had it, but he wasn't home it fact he'd been gone for days *gasp* maybe he took it with him! I raveged his cd collection, and behold he did have it. In perfect condition too :) So next I raveged by bf's cd collection, and wouldn't you know I found 10 cds I'd been wondering about for ages. Ryan keeps all his fav cds in his car (mostly dj electronic). I keep my current favorite cds in a small case which floats back & forth between the car & the house. So among the lost but now recovered cds :

Primus- antipop, Ween- the argus, Sublime- self titled, Smashing Pumpkins- Meloncolly & the infinite sadness (dbl disc set!!!) Incubus- morning view, and several others!

Yesterday became a good day, once I found all my long lost loves :)

Mon 3/16/2009 8:37 AM