4 great weeks

4 Great Weeks!!!

Hey Everybody,

We would like to thank everyone who came out to the shows over the last 4 weeks and helped us make them some of the best we've had. Without your support, shaking cans, yelling out the words, and just giving us your energy... there'd be no way we could do it.

We started the four weeks off in Austin and Houston. Austin was a blast headlining the Hole in the Wall on Friday Oct 19. What a great way to start this weekend and great month.

Next stop was the Last Concert Cafe in Houston on Oct 20. We played a great show with some of our favorite bands, Shotgun Party and Giant Bear. There's supposedly a group photo of all three bands, and hopefully we'll be posting a copy here soon.

The next weekend ended up being on of the best we've ever had. We got the phone call from Artist Revolution.com's Gene and he said we've been selected as the winner for the Play Voodoo contest. 250+ bands submitted their press kits and a panel of judges narrowed it down to 10. Then fans could vote online for their favorite artist. Well, due to some questionable voting, the powers that be decided to select the winner by a panel of Voodoo & Artist Revolution Execs and we won. We couldn't believe our ears and immediately made our arrangements for the weekend.

We arrived at the festival late Friday night and caught the last three tunes of Rage against the Machine. We then found our stage and our jaws dropped at the site of this monster. It's definitely the largest we've played, it even had a giant jumbotron screen above the stage. We had no clue what was coming.

The next morning we had to be there early to set up (8:30am) and we met the Video and Stage Crew. We quickly discovered that there would be a 5 camera crew on us and our mugs were about to be broadcast on the big screen above our heads as well as the screen on the main stage across the field. We all took deep breaths and got ready for our 10:45am performance.

You can see a copy of the video from Voodoo by clicking here.

We spent the remainder of the weekend hearing great music and getting to meet cool people. At one point, we ate lunch next to Sinead O'Conner and the new guitarits from Smashing Pumpkins. Here are some photos from the show:

Mute Math

Sinead O'Conner

Ben Harper

Zap Mama



The weekend was a blast and it was hard to come down from. By the time we started catching our breath from New Orleans, we had to get ready to go back to Austin to play a show with the legendary Asylum Street Spankers.

Nov 3 was another great day and gig. We showed up at Ruta Mayas to the smell of gourmet coffees brewing. They served wine, beer and even had a smoke shop inside where you could buy your finer smokables (cigars, cigarettes, etc).

We started off the night with a raucous set, and making lots of new fans and friends. The room was cool and had a theater type of feel. We played one of our tightest sets in a long time and we walked off stage feeling good about our performance. Then the Spankers came on. They play a very quite, theater style performance with super talented players of numerous instruments. They even have a throat singer/whistler who sings a great song about his girlfriend in the CIA. We left there with there CD's. Thirts, Sticker and more. What an awesome band.

This last weekend we played at a new bar called the Warehouse in Shreveport. What an amazing place! This is where the old 630 Commerce and Kokopellis used to be and the management here has done it right. With an amazing sound and light systems, you quickly feel like you're at a real show.

Mr Christopher opened the night and you've got to check out his new tunes. There's one about food runing out that's great.

Also, we recorded the night for possible use on a new album. More on that coming soon...

Keep checking the site for new Voodoo Music Exp Videos and photos which will be posted very soon...

Thanks again to everyone for your support. We'll be taking the next few weeks off to work on our recording and get ready for Nashville and KS coming up. Hope to see you all real soon...

Sat 11/17/2007 11:14 AM