A Bright Future

The 2000s was one of the worst decades for pop-culture music. Pop-culture music, being the music the majority of our culture listens to. Unfortunately, the minds of our seventh grader's have been disconnected with real, intimate, music. Music to the mind of a seventh grader, or a high schooler for all that matters is more or less a renendition of a Brittney Spears pop song. Modern pop has no meaning. It is simply a way for perverted people who luckily caught musical breaks throughout their "careers", if you will, to further exploit themselves and the idea of promiscuitity. To intellectually argue music such as "Kesha" or "Lady Gaga" confides by the laws of music theory is simply blasphomy. They are essentially caricatures of MTV. Besides the point, I am extremely confident in the music that has been going on beside pop culture. The sub culture. These musicians are our generation. They are expanding the world of music by second, and continue to provide intellectual lyrics. This sub culture of music obviously has always been around as music abnormal to pop-culture's preferrences, and has always surpassed pop culture as a whole by creating a new generation of music. Obviously, there are too many bands that come to mind whose artistic expression and musical talents combine together to create pure greatness, but two stick out personally. With artistic curiosity and lyrical mastery, Jeff Tweedy's musical composition with Wilco has provided a musical journey that gives the listener the ability to question what will they do next? Wilco has produced seven studio albums, all to which have been different musical explorations. The ability to change genres, without destroying the personal sound of the band is beyond fascinating, and easily gives music lovers such as myself optimism as to what the future will hold. On the otherhand, "Yim Yames" and his exceedingly powerful work of art, more say, My Morning Jacket, keeps music simply alive. Along with Wilco, their ability of musical trasnformation remarks unyet seen. They can give creative insight with new sounds and overdubs, which was exceedingly mastered by the tracks of "Evil Urges", "Wordless Chorus", "Anytime", etc and still maintain rock n' roll roots. These are not ordinary rock n' roll roots; they are those that reach the soul where only particular artists have reached in rock n' roll history. Rock n' Roll generally morphed into Rock through the ages, even though some music claiming to be "Rock n' Roll" obviously are more Rock oriented. My Morning Jacket's ability to rock and roll at its purest form reside in the perfect tunes such as "Mahgeetah" and "Dancefloors". The particular rock improvisations created in those songs takes the listener back in time, as well as a completely new idea. Their ability to transform rock n' roll roots arguably as perfect as the Rolling Stones as well as lyrical composition, and innovative sounds that define independent music has set the tempo for the next few years of music. They are it.
Tue 2/23/2010 12:25 PM