Further and Beyond....

I would like to give thanks to the legends. You offered an experience of experiences, with magnitude of a space odessey, I was left glowing. With energy spurting out like a shaken soda bottle I could not help but cover bystanders. Patting and hugging anyone with the same permagrin I acquired prior entering the show. As we pulled in my eyes scanned the lot like a child in a toy store wanting every little piece of this glory land. And Glory land is what is was, a place for minglers to mingle, and prescriptions to fill. At first I entered this show with a void in my soul, partly due to the lack of love and vibes i've been feeling at past shows. This wasn't the case, I was pumped with the highest octane of music. Ready to rumble with the best of them. Thank you.
Mon 12/14/2009 6:38 AM


darkstar22374 starstarstarstarstar Sat 2/27/2010 01:06PM
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it was cowboy neal at the wheel on the furthur bus 2 never never land,comin comin comin @ comin@ ya'll...2/23,2/24 &2/26 radio city,mohegan sun ty for lettin the good times roollll...thanks boys next stop atlantic city...