Allgood 2008

First festival i ever attended. By far the greatest experience of my entire life. I never knew such gatherings took place. I've always heard stories of giant concerts with thousands of people like woodstock; but never have I lived it till last year. I remember getting there mad early in the morning, not knowing what to expect. We left on a wednesday night getting there in the early hours of a sunny thursday morning. By 3 o'clock, I was rolling face. The freedom of drugs at Allgood is incredible. However, its about the music...but the lack of security makes it just THAT much better! haha...The first act on thursday was a funky/jazz fusion band i've never heard of till then out of pittsburgh named Jazzam. I recall listening to their opening song thinking to myself, wow...this week's gonna be like this!! Another great thing about the course of the week was me losing my fear of dancing in public. I grew up very self-consciously and was always terrified of dancing in front of others. It may have only taken a song or 2 to get the groove juices flowin and I was on my feet jammin. Can't bullshit and say it was all my courage, a good friend of mine named Jen nearly pulled me up and got me goin. I remember halfway through Jazzams set, dancing, rolling, and still in disbelief about whats about to happen this week, screaming out loud during the climax of the song, "ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!!!" Perpetual Groove and The Brazilian Girls followed. By 2am, i was exhausted. I've been awake since wednesday morning, I had to catch some sleep. Waking up the next morning was blistering hot. The time doesn't wake you on Marvin's Mountain, the temperature does. Friday followed with some thumping bluegrass bands I never heard of such as Rev Peytons Big Damn Band and the Avett Brothers. Sometime around the late afternoon hours, I took a break from the music and took time to walk around to different vendors, eat, and mingle with hippies. I returned in time for Phil Lesh & Friends. I took a seat on the hill, smashed a bag of mushrooms, and let the good times roll. About a half hour before Phil and Friends started up, I lost my friends in the mass crowd of people. I spent another 20 min searching for them with no luck. Eventually a group of hippies about my age approached me and asked me whats up. I told them I'm peaking and lost; so they invited me to watch the show with them. I accepted, and what almost turned into a lonely trip became a new adventure. During Phil's intermission, I decided i was too dog-tired to stay awake any longer. I made up my mind to miss Gov't Mule, and go to bed (a mistake i still regret to this day). The next morning came early, but i felt rested. Knowing my way around the mountaintop, I wandered around the main grounds, and made my way down to the music. Saturday's lineup included acts such as Keller Williams, Widespread Panic, Teal Leaf Green, and Bassnectar. Bassnectar was the start to something new in my life. He truly opened my mind and fucked it. I doubted him when he was setting up, thinking to myself, "Oh great, a DJ, this should suck"...Complete opposite however, I'll be honest and will say I was most impressed with this guy's set more than any other artist there. Mixing old hippie rock with drum and bass was just the sound I was craving, but never knew it. It was here, watching Bassnectar, when I was exposed to my first ever glow stick war, a scene I'll never forget. As sunday morning drifted in, so did the rain. The lineup for the day wasn't nearly impressive as the pevious ones. The only band for the day I had somewhat of an interest in was Michael Franti & Spearhead; and I didn't even see them. The day was rainy, quiet, and tiring. I chilled at the tent most of the day getting stoned, listening to the music from the hills beyond. I was upset that the weekend was coming to a close. The next day was even worst. Having to leave the beautiful mountaintop and such a fantastic day. The skies were clear, our resources we're drained, and the mood was beat. Packing everything into my car, and my friend Jon's Volvo, we started that haul down the mountain, dirty, exhausted, but feelin great. But it's like they say..all good things must end.
Thu 8/20/2009 1:00 AM