Lefty Williams On The Rise

Just watching Lefty play is enough to engulf anyone into his songs.

He pulls the listener in and holds him until the last note is played.

Over the years both his "Live" shows and CD's have just gotten better.

The rock and funk insprired music is just far better than most bands out there.

Recently while watching CNN News there he was on the T.V.

I was just floored "It's about time" I thought to myself.

Then a friend called me the next day from Baltimore and said he was on CBS.

'What's going on here" I said to my wife.

Then the phone rang again from N.Y. yup you guessed it on again.

Maybe this year will be the year for him I thought.

His explosive performances seem to be paying off.

Don't miss this guy he's not going anywhere but up.

Did I fail to mention the man has only one hand?

Thu 3/11/2010 9:25 PM