I'm gonna write about Nelson Ledges...

...here we go!

So my first NLQP fest for this year was the recent Spring Hookah. Wow, it didn't rain! Everyone was geared up for The Big One, but somehow it didn't happen. We started speculating that Nelson has a giant machine that controls the sky over the Quarry, sort of like in the Truman Show. That's how they make the clouds go with the music. And that bubbly spot in the middle of the quarry is not a giant turtle, like they tell people. It's their sky-making machine. Laugh if you want, but I've got the schematics.

The damn thing must have malfunctioned back in August when we all got monsooned during Lotus's cover of "Whip It." People still talk about that weekend like it was Vietnam. Nature kicked our asses. I loved every minute of it, but some people got their entire campsites washed away. Hey!! Don't camp there!!!

So I discovered a band this weekend called Moser Woods. Now, I'm not a huge Hookah fan, but I gotta tell you Moser completely upstaged them, and I was not the only one calling for more Moser when Hookah was coming on for their second set! The drummer, whose name I later learned is Rick Kinney, is absolutely disgusting. I asked him if they'd be on the main stage any time soon, and his response to me was basically "Please go on the Nelson Ledges website and make some noise about that!" I agreed to do what I could. I may end up writing more about Moser in a seperate piece, but suffice to say, they melted my face off. And it was just 2 of them (a drummer and a synth player).

Now I'm gonna address some of the crap I've been reading lately about NLQP. A lot of people are going on forums and saying that NLQP isn't chill anymore, that the cops are always planning raids, that the scene is shady, etc. etc. etc. Now, don't get me wrong, there is a certain seedy underbelly to the music festival scene as a whole. There are plenty of shady characters. And larger festivals such as All Good have certainly become a bit corrupted over the years. Everyone has heard the horror stories.

Nelson Ledges is not immune to these realities. But I have to say, compared to everywhere else I've been, NLQP is the chillest, safest and kyndest festival environment around. The staff are kind, reasonable and decent people, and everyone looks out for eachother. There was ZERO nitrous at this particular event (although I have seen it here and there in the past).

Even though I saw a couple sheriff's dept vehicles this time (reportedly because they were having a "safety inspection" that weekend) they never hassled anyone, and they were smiling like everyone else. I think NLQP is getting a bad rap. I don't think you could ask for a better place. But that's just my opinion.

Time out... how could I write so much without mentioning the friggin' OHIO BURN UNIT??? Wow. Just... wow. Every time I see them I am left speechless. These guys are psychotic, brilliant, inspired and possibly possessed. (Do you think fire hoop girl dates non-burners? She's beeeeeeeeYOOOOti-full!)

In conclusion, Nelson Ledges Quarry Park is like the island from Lost. Everyone has different directions to get there, and some people have more trouble finding it than others. Once your there, the rules of the outside world no longer apply, and it's really hard to leave.

And someone may be screwing with the weather.

See you this Sat. at Soulive / Logic!

-Josh Ogden
Wed 5/5/2010 1:46 PM


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Hey and The Grateful Dead makes me feel at home too! Hurrah for you also being in psychedelic music :]

Nelson's Ledges, I'm trying to hit up Grateful Fest, I know a bunch of other hoopers that I admire are going there, So I'm really trying to go.

Anyway! I wish I could read your entire journal, but my laptops about to die and I can't find the cord haha. Take it easy!