WSP 6/29/10 Eugene Review

This was the first Widespread show I've seen since fall 2007 in Seattle. I've only seen them 6-7 times over the years, but have always really enjoyed their shows.  All in all, a great time.  I mean, how can you go wrong with a great group of friends making the 24-hour mission down to Eugene for a mid-week party. 

That said, it wasn't my favorite Panic show.  The first set felt pretty tame, though I enjoyed the Space Wrangler opener and the Thin Air.  The second set was certainly better and the party had progressed some in the crowd.  Highlights for me were definitely the Second Skin and Diner - a really great Diner!  They seemed to capture some energy during those songs that I couldn't grasp during much of the rest of the show.  Jimmy seemed to stay mostly within the confines of the songs and never really let loose as he had during their '07 PNW shows.   

Ended the night by finding a hobbit door in our hotel that led to an awesome basketball court.  Nothing quite beats playin' some post-show hoops with your slightly inebriated friends. 

06/29/10 Cuthbert Amphitheater, Eugene, OR
Set I: Space Wrangler, Tall Boy, Can't Get High, Tortured Artist, Thin Air (Smells like Mississippi)> Blackout Blues, Angels on High, Party At Your Mama's House> Ribs And Whiskey, Cotton Was King
Set II: Proving Ground, Walkin' (For Your Love)> Bear's Gone Fishin', Rebirtha, Second Skin, Diner, Imitation Leather Shoes, Contentment Blues, Action Man
Encore: Dirty Side Down, Wondering

Mon 7/12/2010 11:52 AM