my first journal entry=p

i dont know if any of you believe in ghosts but i kinda do and im like tripping out cause at like 5 in the morning my light turned on and my radio turned off (i had my radio on cause its really hard for me to fall asleep with out it on for some reason idk why) and i would turn my radio back on and then when ever i went to turn off my light my radio would trun back off and this went on for like ten minutes until i gave up cause i knew i wasnt going to be able to go back to sleep but this happened before in my old house expect i would see some creepy a** sh*t(excuse my language)like there was this one time when i was home alone and i started hearing things in the the kitchen while i was up stairs so i went to check it out cause i thought my cat was knocking stuff down and when i get down there i saw her on the couch and then i someone screaming and there was this little girl like i think was maybe 5 years old in the kitchen bleeding and i was freaking cause im like how the f**k did this little girl get in my house and why is she bleeding what the f**k is going on! and then she disappeared and i cleaned up the mess in the kitchen cause everything in the fridge was on the floor and after that i did some research and found out that some guy that lived there killed his wife and 3 kids and i totally started flipping out even more. so hopefully nothing like that happens again cause if it does im going to tell my mom not matter how crazy it sounds and tell her to get someone to our house and do what they need to do to get rid of the ghost thingy whatever it would be but hopefully we wont need to do that... well thanks for listening to my entry no matter how crazy it seemed and if you have any advice to give to me let me know.
Thu 10/28/2010 4:25 PM