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you said your couldnt stand to see my heart broken... so when you broke it, did you close your eyes? i asked you if i was pretty, you said no i asked you if i was fat, you said yes of course i asked you if you would cry if i left you, you said no i had heard too much, and needed to leave now, as i walked away you grabbed my arm nad told me to stay... you said... your not pretty your beautiful the only thing fat or big about you is your heart i dont want to be with you forever, i need to be with you forever and, baby, i wouldnt cry i you lefted me i would die im crying inside and no one knows it but me its not when i look back at all the memories, and good times we had that makes me said, its when you consider those memories as nothing to you, when they ment everything to me its sad when people you know become people you knew when you can walk right past someone like they were never a big part of your life how you used to be able to talk for hours and now you can barely even look at them after a while you learn the difference between holding a head and fallking in love you begin to learn that kisses dont always mean something promises can be broken just as quickly as they are made, and goodbyes really are forever fall in love or fall in hate get inspired of be depressed ace a test or flunk a class make babies or make art speak the truth or lie and cheat dacne on tables or sit in the corner life is divine chaos. embrace it forgive yourself. breathe and ejoy the ride never hold back, never hesitate, always go for it all, and sometimes just be a dumbass and do something stupid, fearn from your mistakes and dont waste a minute forget his name forget his face forget his kiss his warm embrace forget the love that you once knew remember he has someone new forget him when they played your song remember when you cried all night long forget how close you two were remember he has chosen her forget how you memorized his walk forget the way he used to talk forget the things he used to say remember he has gone away forget his laugh forget his grin forget the dimple on his chin froget the way he held you tight remember he's with her tonight forget the love that moved, its past forget that he said he would never leave you
Thu 10/21/2010 4:45 PM