First Xavier Rudd Show

Well I had always wanted to see Rudd and when I saw that he was playing in Niagara Falls New York, and that he was playing solo, something he has not done in years...I knew I had to go. The Music was sweet, I could not have asked for a better setlist (well I mean I could... but I digress). The only problem I had was the crowd. I have always herd stories about how sweet the energy is at Rudd shows and I was pumped to be a part of that. But to my surprise the atmosphere was not so great. In a room where around 800 or so were about 100 at most were really getting into it, and I was in the front row where you would expect people to be going crazy. I only wish now that I can see him again, solo, and outside.
Thu 6/2/2011 11:11 AM