Phish Ticket Survey - Please take

I was getting sick of my normal projects so for my systems analysis

class I decided to analyze the selling of tickets for Phish concerts for

summer tour. The intent of the survey is to gain a demographics of the

community as well as their activity and effectiveness in attempting to get

tickets. This is an anonymous survey so don't worry about any of your

answers. To take the survey just click on the link below. You don't have

to sign up for anything. Just fill out the survey. It's only 26 questions

and it goes quick. Please forward this onto any Phish fans you know. The

more responses I get the better picture of the situation I'll have. I am

going to put together a full report on my findings at the end of this month.

Included in that will be stub-hub ticket pricing patterns that might help

some of you for this summer or future shows. Thanks for your help and

hopefully I'll see you on tour.


Mon 4/6/2009 8:18 AM