Cornmeal | 07/27/09 | Triumph Brewery

Matt mentioned the Triumph Brewery to me one day. It is located up in New Hope and it host some good local jam bands from time to time. Cornmeal is a band I have been hearing a lot of buzz over. They are a bluegrass band with a jam tendency and able to branch into other genres in their jams. I played Cornmeal on the ipod during the flash thunderstorm at the tailgate at Hershey and the people that heard it, liked it, so I was able to get a group of people together for the show.

We all got there and got a table. A a sampling of their beers. Almost all of us decided their Irish Red was the most delicious. The band came on and it was a distinctive bluegrass sound. I met Jackie's roommate Shannon that night. We were all talking how I had enjoyed dancing at the DMB Hershey tailgate a week ago and how I wanted to dance again. Shannon was like, okay lets go dance. There was a bit of a crowd around the band. It is a small dance area in front of the stage at Triumph. However, Shannon and I went right into the middle and starting dancing. It was so much fun. I barely knew this girl and she was ready to get down. It was great. We danced for the last couple songs of the first set.

We took a breather during the set break. This is where I learned Shannon had a boyfriend, which was a bummer, but also a relief as well. Less pressure on me to screw it up somehow.

The second set started and we went out and danced again. We stood on the sides and enjoyed the sound as well. And boy was the sound enjoyable! I now knew why this group generated so much buzz. They sounded amazing. The guitar, banjo, drums, stand up bass, and fiddle, could all play the hell out of their instruments. Together they really could jam! It was such a fun, happy, sound, that you couldn't help but smile, dnace, and enjoy. Laura, Shannon, and I went into the fray one last time to enjoy a dance session before we left. The song we danced to I do no know. It was prob one of 'Drinking Away', 'Cold Cold Night', or 'I'm Still Here'. Either way it was a perfect ending song for us. It was ajam that built up and up and up. Energy rising and rising. Our legs dancing harder and harder until the final climax and the song ended, us all winded. We left on that high note.

I think everyone really enjoyed the band. I loved them.

Set 1:
On The Losin' End, Edge of the World, Southern Flavor, More Pretty Girls, Mole in the Ground, Shake A Leg, The Fox, Hasten Jason

Set 2: Lay Down Sally, Drinking Away the Memory of You, Cold Cold Night, I'm Still Here, This Must Be The Place, The Road, Sympathy for the Devil E: Cornmeal
Thu 9/10/2009 6:14 PM