The Decemberist | 06.06.09 | Tower Theatre


I went into this show having just started listening to the Decemeberist at the beginning of the year. They are not my typical choice in bands but I really enjoy their rocking, folksy, clever-worded songs. This concert, however, cemented them in my Top 10 favorite bands. The show left me almost speakless.

Kyle, Matt and I pregamed this show in a classy fashion, Jack and cigars. This was our second concert in as many days, as we saw Soulive the night prior.

This was my first time at the Tower Theatre and I was impressed. The place looks very nice. It is a typical theater with stage and seats and balcony. It is fairly large. The acoustics are excellent! Really, the show sounded amazing and we were about 3/4 back in the center section.

The first set was a run through of the Hazards of Love start to finish. The band had on some approiate costums and really made a production out of the album. They pulled the album off perfectly. Multiple intstrument switches and stuff and it still flowed nicely. The two guest female vocalist impressed me the most from the first set. The shorter one was high energy and intense in her solos. A great presence on stage, just as she is on the album. The other female had a crazy beautiful voice and smooth movements that contrasted well to the other singer.

I was thoughrly impressed by halftime and looking forward to a more regular normal set to follow. They started out with Crane Wife 3 which i recogonized and got into right away. The entrie crowd, finally, was on their feet for this set. The lead singer, Colin, has a great presenece on stage. His banter throughout the set was comical and added to the fun. All the band memebers were fantastic on their instruments. Really it was the overall sound that was really digging the whole time.

The last three songs of the second set were monsters. "O Valencia" was a roumpsy time in which i believe Colin and another guitar player came down into the auidence, gave their guitars to two girls, and went off to run around in the seats. The girls took the guitars and played them, and played them well. It was quite surprising. I've never seen a abnd do that before, give their instruments over in the middle of a song and run up and down the aisles. Then they played "Chimbley Sweep" which is a lot of fun as well. I was really really enjoying this second set of music. I didn't know all the songs but the music was enough to enjoy without knowing it prior. However, they closed the set with "Crazy On You" which was a nasty cover drop! The two female vocalist from the first set came back out and bealted this tune perfectly. Totally awesome!!

After a short break they came back out to a roaring crowd for an encore of "Bandit Queen" (apparently a rare song) and "Sons & Daughters." I love the song "Sons & Daughters"! It was a perfect show closer. The whole crowd was singing it and the band dropped out and let the crowd lead and then came back in and rocked it out to finish.

I left the Tower Theatre very impressed with the band and sound. I'm not going to lie, at this point I would say it was the best show I've seen this year. The production value, in the coustums and lighting, to the overall perfect sound in the room, the music being super fun, the perfect execution of HoL, the "Crazy On You" cover. It all was one of the best times I've had at a show.

Great great time.

Set 1: Hazards of Love
Set 2: Crane Wife 3, Shiny, Sleepless, July, July, Summersong, Dracula's Daughter, O Valencia, Chimbley Sweep, Crazy on You
Encore: Bandit Queen, Sons and Daughters

Mon 8/17/2009 8:26 AM