A continued review

I sure didn't bang out this year in review with much pace. Here it is already February and I am just getting back to March.


To start the month off I went to the North Star for Stanton Moore's trio. Philadelphia has to few spots like the North Star. While the place can become quite crowded, the over all ahillness of the venue always helps to calm any space complaints. Personally I never worry about space. I am however quite large so that is not a real problem. There is something about the rhythms that Stanton engages the audience with. He certainly is a product of New Orleans with his sycapation and march like feel. He is always one of the first people I want to see at Jazzfest, so to bring it to a home show is always enjoyable. The show itself was your pretty standard Stanton show with songs from III and Licorce? Not real sure about the name of that other album. The crowd was not ashamed to sway with the music, and that always helps to make a show more fun.

Made a trip up to Teaneck NJ to see a rable rousing show of Bustle In Your Hedgerow, at the Mexicali Blues club. Having not reviewed much further in the calender, this was the show of the year in my memory banks. The whole expirence was great. In the first place, any kperson who is tall has a great view. The stage is real accecible to the musicians and the crowd. Bustle did such fine rendidtions of all those Zepplin classics. My buddy "the Mayor" (just to protect his identity) reminded me of the birth of this group at Bonaroo 2005. Benevento Cinniger and Bayliss played a late night with some others I don't remember but I do remember the Zepplin covers that night and they seemed to take that idea and run with it for the formation of this group. Set break was even cool, when we retired to my car for a rest only to have some girl feel the call of the wild and releave herself in front of us. Anything for a cheap thrill.


I headed up to New York to see Umphrey's Mcgee at the Nokia at Times Square. I was surprised to find out the show was sold out and there were no extras floating around. I was shocked because a couple of months earlier there were plenty of tickets for them in New York. All was not lost, my buddy got to go on a date up there and I got to crash it. Nothing like a cock block instead of a dance fest.


May brought my bachlor party and Jazzfest in New Orleans. It was nice to have a wide variety of people attend something I never want to miss. The good news is all of the people that came down to party know the many faces of me.

I started at the Blue Nile with Dragon Smoke, a collection of New Orleans musicians. Stanton Moore, Ivan Neville, Robert Mecurio, Eric Lindell Played like they had been playing together for a while. And they had been. The beauty of Jazzfest is all of these mucisians all get a headline gig, and then ask there friends to come jam with them.The results are a core group of guys that jam all night in rooms around the city. I remember the feel of New Orleans and the feel of the comradere of the folks I was with, but for the life of me I don't really remember the music.

Garage a Benevento was the next night up at Tipitina's, The neat part of the show was the second line march onto the stage. One of these years I am going to bring a basketball and shoot on that hoop in the middle of the dance floor. I thought the show was good not great. The Mayor loves to watch Benevento and Robert Walters play because of the absolute blissed out faces those two make getting down. I enjoy the groove they drive there rhythm sections to.

Made it to MMW at the Howlin' Wolf. By far the most intresting evening of the trip. The venue was little more then a warehouse. The sound was set at interesting levels. At one point the Bass got away from somebody and the entire crowd whoaed as it rumbled through everyones bodies. There was a show break and I stayed around for the second show as some of my crew went back to the rooms to get ready for the second show. The weather then became my point of interest, as the skies opened up with a downpour. It being New Orleans I was already dripping with sweat so the rain was a welcome refreshment.

Thu 2/7/2008 7:44 AM