Music I have seen

As a way to practice my typing and writting, a blog to review the 2007 year in music for me. With the help of Jambase and the fact that it kept my calender intact, I plan to review the shows I went to in the past year. Also, as a way to track my progress, don't expect much editing. I know I can't spell, soon you will too.


If you count that I went and saw Tea Leaf Green on new years eve @ the TLA, I didn't see much in the month. The TLG show was fine. It was around the corner from my home which meant that my lovely wifelet made it to the show. She thought Hansen rocked that night, and that they don't seem to sing as much as they used to. I have seen TLG put on better shows, but the evening was more about friends and family, besides TLG was heading for the Jamcruise, and I can understand them saving a smidge for that. The Brakes opened. I had only seen bits and pieces of their band around town. by that I mean different members sitting in with other guys. It was nice to see a philly band letting loose. And while I find their music a smidge generic funk, they are talented musicians.     I also got to hear about the Jamcruise from friends who went. A rookie (at least to Jamcruise) and a vet make their way out to sea, only to discover that they really like to party much more then their significant others want them to. All that means to me is that I am not going (stupid wife. Love ya).


While I had a few things on my calender, I didn't make it to anything because of work or locations of the shows. I sure would have liked to have seen Chris Thile @ The World Cafe. That kid shreds in Nickle Creek, but it would have been nice to see him tear it up on his own. One can dream to make it to all the music, it is just that life gets in the way.

Tue 12/18/2007 12:44 PM