My first journal

    I ended my relationship with Jenni today.  We had been dating for roughly one year and seven months.  It was the longest relationship I have ever been in.  It was my idea to break it off.  While I feel that we had great love for each other, there were too many things that complicated and frustrated me, and i'm sure it worked the same for her.  She was so overly-sensative about everything to the point where you couldn't have her hangout with any of your friends who liked to joke around.

    Our bodies and spirits melted together so many times, and I have never experienced the things I had experienced with her with anyone else.  I hope we can remain friends, but honestly I don't see that happening.  She is still in love with me, and I don't want to be in love with her anymore.  Atleast not in the way that I was.

    She was so overly sensative she wasn't going to let me attend any shows of my favorite band this summer (The Flaming Lips); due to that fact that they have fully nude women (and possibly men in the future? I sent an email to kliph asking him if men could do it also) on stage.  She said that she would feel so terrible knowing I was looking at naked women.  I told her they were dancing in a way that was very free, and artistic.  Not anything erotic.  And I'm a loyal boyfriend, I just don't like being controlled by anyone.

    I got my electric guitar back from my brother today.  I have been messing with it all night.  Now that the sun is up I think I will work on my drumming.  I really want to create my own electronic music and add it all together, sorta like a solo livetronic band, only it would be really hard to tour, eh?

    I feel like I don't have any friends in Tallahassee.  The few friends I do have, I don't they what they really think of me.  I sometimes get the impression that my pressence annoys them, or they grow tired of me quickly.  I don't know, maybe i'm just picking up on some strange vibes.

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Sat 5/31/2008 5:57 AM