The new mission: Springsteen at Giants Stadium

Having seen The Boss about five or six times I know how good this show can be. However, after I laid out some $70 per ticket to last year's Jersey Block Party, only to walk the lot beforehand watching scalpers hand off tickets for half the price, I'm going to run out to Jersey without a ticket in my hand. I won't be seeking a "miracle" but I'm hoping that I can get a $100 ticket for something like 60 percent off, given how The Boss has oversaturated the market with four shows in Philly, three shows in New York City and five shows in Jersey within the span of 40 days. For those keeping score at home there will be about 410,000 tickets floating around for 12 E Street concerts within 100 miles of Giants Stadium during those 40 days. Since Giants Stadium is clearly the worst venue where Bruce will be performing, and face value for the tickets of all the shows mentioned here are about the same, tickets should be aggressively discounted for those Giants Stadium shows, especially the mid-week events being held on Wednesday, Sept. 30th and Thurs. Oct. 8th. I'll be targeting those two shows with $50 in my pocket hoping to catch a deal on a Springsteen concert. My only concern is the drumming because since those are weekday shows it's likely Mighty Max Weinberg will be replaced by his son Jay for those shows and while Jay was decent when he stepped behind the kit for Born to Run last year his recent performance in Saratoga left a lot of fans disappointed.


Wed 8/26/2009 2:08 PM