Street Teaming

Sethro and I spent the day with our 9-month old pup, Ginny, in Blacksburg, Virginia today. We left Rock Camp around 2pm, and began handing out flyers and posting posters up and down Main St. It was Ginny's first time ever on a leash (who needs leashes when we have ~500 acres of gorgeous mountain-top farm land?) and she did such a great job. She's so smart, and sweet. She was a big hit in B-burg.
We printed some posters at the Kopy Corner and sent out TWENTY SEVEN promo packages from our new official shipping-shop: the Easy Way Packaging & Shipping Center. They were fantastic, and super helpful. We took up the entire shop, sorting flyers, filling out forms, packaging flyers and organizing addresses. Ginny was even allowed to come in, and was treated like the princess she is (they gave her the most wonderful organic dog treats)!!
We had hummus and fried calamari at the Greek restaurant next door (very good) and continued our street teaming mission. It seems a number of businesses in Blacksburg have gone under...but we made sure to drop flyers and posters at every head shop, and cute boho boutique on the strip.
By the end of our long loop down Main St. and through the center of VA Tech's campus, all of us (Seth, Ginny and I) were all hot, sweaty (or panting) and exhausted. We stopped to see Jenny on our way back to Rock Camp...dropped her off some flyers and talked about Pink Moon logistics.
Overall, I think we were incredibly well received! Met a bunch of cool people and sent/handed out a ton of promo material. Not to mention it was a pretty fun day.!
Wed 8/31/2011 7:59 PM