Another Great Work Weekend

Paul, Jillian, Jamie, and Isaac showed up from Richmond on Friday night! I was still painting the living room, finishing the brown trim. We chilled and they set up camp, and finally after hours of cleaning up, puttering around, and good conversation, we all went to bed.
Saturday morning started around 11am. We all got to work: brush-hogging the fields, mowing the yard, painting, cleaning and weed whacking. A mother and son team arrived from Princeton. We probably had 20 people here!
A group of us cleaned out the grainery, and found an old "Thrift-T" oil can and a jar with some sort of cool crystal growing inside. Sabrina and a team tore all the creepy charlie and poison ivy off the side.
Another group of guys pulled all of the tires off of the pole in the park. We found two (possibly three?) black snakes nested in the tires. They were huge!
Paul cemented all of the cracks in the mini golf course and brought us glue and the tools necessary to astro-turf it. The pink turf didn't arrive for the was supposed to be here last Thursday...and is now supposed to arrive this Thursday...but we'll see. Let's just say I am NOT impressed with Express Global Shipping.

One group of guys dug a ton of post holes (to move the teeter-totter, merry (jane) go round, and balance beam. They were troupers...incredibly hard workers.

Liz came by and brought us some awesome artwork and a blank canvass for festival goers to paint at Pink Moon.
We grilled a kick ass dinner...Sabrina manned the grill while a group of us made burgers. Broman  cooked saurkraut  for the hot dogs and we had ourselves a Rock Camp feast.
Unfortunately we didn't have a band Saturday night...but that did not prevent the rager. We all chilled around the mountain, playing music, talking and listening to The Grateful Dead. Rusty,
Seth's uncle, came by with his five year old Isaac. They grilled fish, but everyone had already eaten. Little Isaac goofed around with big Isaac and some glowsticks. Luckily, Rusty found his puppy, Gingerbread, who he'd lost on the mountain the previous week.
Sabrina and I got some glass art for Broman. I got a beautiful blue pendant and a tiny glass jar and Sabrina got a pendant.  His stuff was gorgeous.

It was a great party! A bunch of us chilled in the newly painted/cleaned and now roomier living room. Paul cuddled with puppies, we made s'mores over the fire in the fire place, Seth played guitar and good conversation was plentiful.
When my head finally hit the pillow, I was out.
Sunday was incredibly productive as well. The morning began with Paul & friends cooking the dankest breakfast I've seen in a long while.  Scrambled eggs, sausage, bacon, biscuits...and I didn't have to cook any of it! It was delicious, and with the sweet sounds of JGB in the background it was the perfect way to start the morning.
Then the work began. An amazing group of people cleared out the briars between the park and bird city. A ton of mowing and brush-hogging got done. The gallery got a second coat of paint. We all carved our initials in cement by the mini golf course. The trash pile grew, and the farm really got cleaned up.

We decided to paint the trampoline pink, and hang it up as installation art. That was a fun process. We all painted our hands pink and made hand prints on the trampoline before it got painted pink! I made a "dream catcher" out of an old wagon wheel and some black light reactive rope. We've got black light reactive drip candles to burn on the rock piles and create awesome glowing drips on the golf course.
Everyone had a great time; it was an incredible group of people and really felt like a family event. People who didn't know each other at all before, became great friends. Not to mention everyone worked incredibly hard!!!
After everybody left Seth and I drove off the mountain for a minute to visit  grab a Subway sandwhich (the only restaurant relatively close and open). Then back home to veg out and recover from the weekend.
Ronnie came up today, helped us with some repairs to the seat of the riding lawn mower and brush-hogged a few fields. Roarke, a friend of ours from Cleo is visiting as well. He's from Jacksonville, Florida, and is headed back to Trinity. Cause of "Irene" he's taking I-81, which goes right by us, so he's spending the night. I always love Cleo visits to the farm. He helped us bring a desk up from The Rock Camp Store and helped us fix the tractor. I made dinner and now we're making s'mores in the fire place and watching Waterworld.
Wed 8/31/2011 7:56 PM