The Green Room

Sethro and I just spent the last four hours painting the living room green! I've actually probably been painting for 7 hours. It looks fantastic! The green matches the green of the leaves of the flowers on the old wallpaper (which I saved a swatch of...'cause I'm a hoarder). I have to put a second coat on the whole room tomorrow, paint the shelving unit, and paint all of the trim brown. But all in all, the room looks awesome.
We finally hung up our gorgeous art from Larry Carlson too. It really compliments the room, the farm house, and the mountain. The sword from my grandparents house is up above the fireplace. This place is really coming together.
I talked to DJGB's road manager today while Seth was napping. Got a list of the equipment we'll need. He was very cool, and easy to work with. This is so exciting!!
Wed 8/31/2011 7:55 PM