How JWP brought me "right back" to SUBLIME

I was introduced to Jon through a mutual friend who told me he was a guitar player who was also a painter. Having a painting business and needing help, Jon and I started to work together. I'll never forget the first time I heard him sing. Me, Jon and the guy who had originally introduced us, Smiley~Dave, were working in a house in south Minneapolis stripping layers and layers of old wallpaper on pretty much every wall in the house. All of a sudden from the other room Jon started belting out vocals and singing along with the song that was playing on the radio. It hit me instantly: this guitar player should really think about singing. Funny part, as it turned out, was that Jon WAS a singer in a band. My friend Smiley just relates more to the instrument someone plays over if they sing or not. Jon wayne and the Pain had already had an E.P. and had released a full lentgh studio cd, played tons of shows, and festivals by the time I met him. When I found out he was in a band, I asked if he had any discs, Dave said he had one and brought in his copy from his car. It didn't take me long to realize that Jon wayne and the Pain, for me, was re-igniting the dormant flame from the fire that Sublime had started years earlier. I am an avid Sublime fan, but contributing to my lessening of time spent listening to Sublime was the fact that I'd never have any fresh Sublime, my listening frequency dwindled by 2005. When I heard Jon Wayne and the Pain's album in that south Minneapolis house that day in 2007, all the raw emotion, musical styling and strong vocal presence touched me in a somewhat familiar way. The closest thing I'd felt prior to that was Sublime. Jon's lyrics are original, and The Pain (Chris "Ape" Hicks~drums, and Chucky Torgerson~bass) Are a badass supporting duo. Ever since meeting Jon that day in 1997, I have been listening to and promoting Jon Wayne and the Pain. I have also been back to a steady flow of Sublime for the past three years. Sometimes you need the present to bring you back to the past. I'll never forget the day Jon, Dave and I ate lunch out in the porch of that same house where we worked for two weeks. Jon played an old Hammond that was in the porch, and sang "One More Trip". I'm glad to report Jon Wayne and the Pain will be on a lot more trips!~Good luck guys, Jim Dupont p.s.~I still have the copy of Jon Wayne and the Pain I got from Dave on that first day, and it remains heavy in my rotation~Can't wait for the new one.
Tue 3/23/2010 9:45 PM