The Mantras are here and pretty soon they will be there

Are you ready for seriously good show? Well then let me say that times here in NC are very exciting right now so thank you for being here to check out this post. My name is Bear and I am the Lighting Engineer for( in my opinion at least) one if the best and tightest acts to come out of The Southland. We are called The Mantras. We rock out HARD kidz!!!! We don't play kidz!! This is a stick up!!!We are here for your face!! Hand it over and everybody gets spun cookies!!!!!!!! Please don't just take my word for it copy and paste the links below to your browser. Thanks for your cooperation. No one was hurt in the creation of this post. And check out this show(or at least The Achilles Last Stand This is the latest conquest of The Neighborhood Theater in Charlotte, NC I hope you have enjoyed watching and listening to this as much as we did making it. Thanks for being here. P.S. we are playing in Raleigh at the Pour house on NYE and NYD(the 1st) Come on out it is only going to cost $15 for a two night pass. P.S.s. Tag you're it!!
Mon 12/20/2010 3:28 PM