Today I attepmted to buy Phish tickets for the Fox show in June.

I got shut out of course (just like the lottery they had). It makes me wonder if any reagular person got tickets or if ticketmaster somehow buys them all up to sell them for $300 to $3000. I even saw some jackass trying to get $9,999.00 for a middle balcony seat. WTF? That's pretty funny if it's a joke, but....

It's just sooooo disappointing to have people and companies manipulating the system for profit and shutting out the phans.

Will all these tickets even get bought?

I have seen near 40 Phish shows since The Bomb Factory in 94' and never had a problem getting tickets and never paid over ticket price.


Will I ever get to see them again?


Fri 1/30/2009 11:48 AM