Gathering of the Vibes 2009 July 23-27 Bridgeport CT

Well just relised I never mentioned Vibes this year.  Well amazing year.  The 13 hours of rain the first night was halarious considering my head full of liquid acid and my brother trying to stop the problem of the walls caving in due to all the water.  Let me lay at ease knowingn he couldn't let it happen because his head was full of acid as well.  Donna Jean was worth braving the rain that night as well as some other lower level groups.  The next day was gorgeous and started out with partying and a laugh seeing how chris locked his keys in the vehicle and getting the tow guy in to unlock was a bitch.  The sets all day were great starting the day with Ryan Montebleau and ending the night with Dark Star Orchestra for 3 hours.   Saturday was even better with another beautiful day consisting of AOD George Clinton and the immortal lyrics by Bob Weir and Ratdog.  I have to say the rolls for Dark Star Orchestra were great and the vibe I had each night with the crowd and of course the 10 or so glow sticks I had was great.  Exspecially the glow stick globe I bought for way to much off a random person.  I love my glow sticks.  Sunday we left early as usual but hung around to listen to John Browns Body but was dissappointed to see Toth and the rest of the true horn section not present. 
Wed 11/18/2009 11:16 AM