HarvestFest 2009 October 9-12 2009 Hancock NY

Well as no need to be stated festivals, no matter the time of year, are were I'm happier and at ease then any other day of the year even if I was to go alone.  Put me to peace.  This year brought along trusty old Caleb for his first festival or all time along with the return of the long lost Utter after a year off of the scene along with Gillian.  Have to say the weather sucked for a first day.  Having to sit through hours of rain while parking over a mile from the camp site was a bitch.  Not to mention starting the day 2 hours behind since caleb and i got wasted the other night at the bar.  Got to our camp spot which was clutch other then the big light and generator not to far from us.  Within 150 ft down shakedown street I had secured my headies and doses for a month to come:)  And have to admit some of the best acid ever.  Then stayed dry for aslong as we could before venturing to the main stage for Tony Vacca.  His set was amazing and no it wasn't just of the acid, though didn't hurt.   The addition of fire spinners this year was a great touch not just for the beautiful girls and talents but hey great visuals.  After the set we preceded back and I spent the night messing with caleb and making him laugh as he couldn't decide to be in our out of the tent most the night.  Woke up late the next day but was beautiful and started in on the partying at breakfest.  Gillian arrived around 3ish and then it was off to the races  Lost utter off and on which is not a problem considering with gillian i'd lose my friends too lol.  The set by the Wailers sat. night was the best I've ever heard them play live.  Damien Marley was on beat with every vocal note and the band played flawlessly.    The 420 mob however wasn't the great till George Clinton came out to save them.  Overall I'd say it was a great show.  Just wish I didn't have to leave at 2am and get home so I could be at work by 8:30am.  Next year taking that monday off.
Wed 11/18/2009 11:08 AM