6/14/2009 Blues Traveler at Saranac Brewery

Alirghty folks as usual since I don't pay for shows i'm not going to like I have to say Blue's Traveler was worth the 30 dollar admission.  I don't happen to remember the name of the opening act but I must say the bands female vocalist had alot of things in common with that of Deep Banana Blackout.  The location is new to me even though I live 40 minutes away I had yet to hit up any of the Saranac shows.  The area was wide open and was nice because we were early and snatched up a picnic table.  Along with me on this show was two of my good friends Brandon and his gf Sarah.  Blues Traveler set list hit on several new songs that they have worked on since the short hiatous due to John Hopper's gastric bipass surgery and he looks good and sounds great.  They also as usual hit us with many classics as anyone would expect. Once the set list is available I will post it on here.  Other high notes about the show and venue was even though it orginally said it was ending at 9 it went on till 10.  Early close because it's a sunday and a family oriented place. Not alot of space for the usual bowl burning was done 2 hits at a time in the porta johns which i admit were damn clean.  And on another plus side the beers were great and fairly priced.  With two beer tents it took maybe 1 minute for each beer.  Loved it!  I will be deff. going back to hit up the dark start orchestra and keller williams show next month.
Mon 6/15/2009 2:47 PM