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My review of Ari Erev's "About Time"
Israeli-born pianist and composer Ari Erev, has been playing the piano since the age of four and the time he has spent perfecting his craft is both evident and extraordinary on this debut album About Time. With Yorai Oron on the bass and Gideon Pasahov on the drums, the trio plays a melodic and inviting mix of original jazz compositions and standards. Erev’s opening track “Prelude: Anticipation” sets up the sonic landscape with a two note motive, resourcefully winding through a myriad of progressions and augmented harmonies. Midway through the album with “Interlude: Anticipation”, he’ll start and end at the same place, but will expand upon the harmonic structures he introduces in the prelude. The album’s structural framework is completed with “Postlude: Turn Out the Stars”, a Bill Evans composition, that opens with the now familiar two note statement, however it is extended from the two notes to two measures. The interplay and function of these three defining pieces, the prelude, interlude, and postlude is as much aesthetically pleasing to the listener as it is a thoughtful and deliberate expression of the human experience of an isolated moment, a two note motif, repeated and extended as it is recalled over time. Musical gems fill in the album’s framework. Erev’s “Fading Memories” suggests one’s own fading memory by making use of a motive switching between major and minor thirds, while every now and again, playing the two notes at the same time. Another Erev piece, “Past Desire” takes the motive from “Fading Memories” and develops it with a cool languor, creating a beautifully reflective and melodic piece. Erev’s album is poetry to the ears; a metaphor of music as time itself by way of thoughtful and emotive musical interplay between musicians and the listener’s experience of the music. Comprised of musical ingenuity and talent that builds upon itself both musically and philosophically, the album will stimulate your mind. Set aside the time to listen to this album straight through. Victoria Contributor 0 Comments :: Permalink :: Tue 9/23/2008 6:44 PM
Music-Lounge Sound Shot (Switzerland)
music-lounge: Hi guys, thanks very much to take some time and answer a few questions for music lounge the music magazine. Hallo Jungs,… ganz herzlichen Dank, dass ihr euch Zeit nehmt, einige Fragen für das Musik Magazin music-lounge zu beantworten. Still Time: Thank you for having us. Vielen Dank fuer das Interview. music-lounge: guys,....your band is located in san louis obispo california,...would you say, play the typical california sound ? Jungs,...eure Band ist in San Luis Obispo, California zuhause,…würdet ihr sagen ihr spielt den typischen California-Sound ? Still Time: That’s an interesting question because there are so many different sounds coming out of California right now. We do feel that our music is reflective of where we live on the Central Coast. It’s a very laid back atmosphere we live in here in San Luis Obispo. We have a growing music community in this easy-going, small town which has helped us to write music we feel is distinctly Californian, but unique at the same time. Das ist eine interessante Frage. Im Moment gibt es so viele verschiedene Sounds in Kalifornien. Wir finden unsere Musik reflektiert das Zentral Kalifornien wo wir leben. Es herrscht eine ungezwungene Atmosphaere in San Luis Obispo. Die Musik Industrie waechst staendig und die ungezwungene Kleinstadt Atmosphaere hilft uns unsere einzigartige Musik zu schreiben. music-lounge: Who writes the lyrics in the band and how important are they in the songs from Still Time ? Wer schreibt die Texte in der Band und wie wichtig sind diese für die Songs von Still Time ? Still Time: The lead singer Dan Curcio writes the lyrics for the band and they are very important to Still Time’s music. The lyrics on “Stream of Consciousness”, are largely based on growing up and the shift in perceptions that occurs as you reach adulthood. The album starts out with themes about women, partying, rock star dreams, etc. and transitions into more substantial thoughts such as American greed, consumerism, and social inaction. The lyrics are definitely integral in defining the path of our music and the themes help to solidify our styles. Der Saenger Dan Curcio schreibt die Texte fuer die Band und die sind sehr wichtig fuer die Still Time Musik. Der Text fuer " Stream of Consciousness" ist die Basis zur Wahrnehmung des erreichen des Erwachsen werden. Das Album beginnt mit den Themen; Frauen, Parties, Rock Star Traeume, etc. und verlaeuft eher Substanzartig, laesst uns darueber nachdenken wie sehr der Materialismus, die Habgier und das fehlen von gesellschafltlichen Beziehungen unter Jugendlichen ueberhand genommen hat. Die Texte sind definitiv der Weg fuer unsere Musik und die Themen helfen unserem Stil. music-lounge: Still Time, ...the name of the band, you find it out ? Still Time,...der Band-Name,...wie seid ihr darauf gekommen ? Still Time: The name comes from one of our old songs titled “Still Time”. The phrase means two things: 1) that we have the ability to stop time or make time stand still by taking a step back from the hustle of everyday life and (2) the belief that there’s still the opportunity to fall in love, or climb a mountain, or learn a different language, etc. It’s an optimistic phrase which relates in a lot of ways to the themes in our songs. Der Name stammt von einem der Songs, der Titel bedeutet zwei Sachen: 1) Wir haben die Moeglichkeit um die Zeit an zu halten, sich Zeit vom alltaeglichen Leben zu nehmen und 2.) Wir glauben daran, dass es immer eine Moeglichkeit gibt um wieder zu Lieben, einen Berg zu erklimmen oder eine andere Sprache zu erlernen, etc. Ein optimistischer Satz der sich in vielen unseren Songs wiederholt. music-lounge: how important is it for you to play your own sound and how difficult is to be accepted especially in the US ? wie wichtig ist es für euch euern eigenen Sound zu spielen und wie schwierigist es, speziell in Amerika, akzeptiert zu werden ? Still Time: That is one of our most important goals as a band, to stay true to ourselves and what inspires us as we write music. We all agree that an album with one distinct sound throughout doesn’t hold our attention as much as an album such as Paul Simon’s “Graceland” or Led Zeppelin’s “Houses of the Holy.” These albums have an incredible variety of styles and sounds and inspire us to create albums that are an experience from start to finish and not just the same song over and over. We feel that we have our own distinct sound, but it is constantly evolving and we like it that way. As far as being accepted in the U.S., we know that most concert promoters and record labels would definitely prefer to classify bands as a specific genre and market one solid image to the masses. From music fans though, we’ve heard nothing but appreciation for our mix of styles. Unser wichtigstes Ziel als Band ist das wir unserem Stil treu bleiben. Wir sind uns einig, dass ein Album im repetierenden Stil nicht so imponiert wie ein Album zum Beispiel Paul Simon “Graceland” oder Led Zeppelin “Houses of the Holy”. Diese Alben haben eine unglaubliche Abwechslung von Stil und Sound. Die Erfuellung fuer uns ist ein Album zu kreieren das ein Erlebnis von Anfang bis zum Ende ist, nicht die selben Toene wiederholen. Wir denken wir haben einen besonderen Sound, aber hoffen immer wieder Neues zu entwickeln. Wir moechten dies so halten. Was das Recording der CD's in den USA anbelangt; wir wissen, dass die meisten Record Companies einen bestimmten Stil vermarkten moechen und eine solide Vorstellung davon haben was beim Publikum gut ankommt. Von unseren Musikfans erfahren wir jedoch, dass sie unseren gemischten Stil moegen. music-lounge: alright guys,..actually you play a california coast tour,... a lot of expiriences,....many different locations, you like the tour-life with the band ? okay Jungs,...zur Zeit spielt ihr eine California-Coast-Tour,...eine Menge Erfahrungen,...viele verschiedene Orte,...mögt ihr das Tour-Leben mit der Band ? Still Time: Yeah, it’s awesome meeting so many interesting people and playing everything from house parties to famous small theatres. We’ve been sleeping on couches and floors and eating a lot of spaghetti and sandwiches, but as long as we don’t have to wake up and go to an office we’re more than happy to live like this. So far we’ve jammed in an abandoned train, explored the mountains of Santa Cruz, partied on a raft on Lake Washington, and attempted to set the record for the World’s longest conga line during one of our fresher jams (we missed it by 5 people.) It’s been incredible on stage and off and like we said the best part is meeting so many unique people. Ja, es ist toll so viele interessante Menschen kennen zu lernen an Haus-Parties und in bekannten Lokalen zu spielen. Wir schlafen auf Sofas und auf dem Boden, essen viel Spaghetti und Sandwiches, aber solange wir nicht jeden Morgen frueh aufstehen und ins Buero muessen macht uns das nichts aus. Bis jetzt spielten wir in einer verlassenen Eisenbahn, erforschten die Gebirge von Santa Cruz, feierten auf einem Floss auf dem Lake Washington und versuchten den Weltrekord der laengsten Congalinie zu brechen.(Nur 5 Personen fehlten zum Rekord.) Die Auftritte waren toll und wie schon erwaehnt; das Beste daran ist, dass wir so viele verschiedene Menschen kennen lernen. music-lounge: your cd “Stream of Consciousness” sales really good, you are also in the airplay-list of different radio stations, are on the way to be a really successful band ? Eure CD “Stream of Consciousness” verkauft sich wirklich gut und ihr seid auch auf den Air-Play-Lists von verschiedenen Radiostationen,...seid ihr auf dem Weg eine wirklich erfolgreiche Band zu werden ? Still Time: Yeah, we’ve been getting a lot of radio play in California, and we’re very proud of selling almost 2,000 CDs without the help of a big label or marketing plan, but we’ve got a lot of work to do. We enjoy handling the music and business aspects ourselves and, of course, we’d love to do this for a living, but realize that it’s going to depend on our effort and ability to work together. Ja, in Kalifornien spielen sie unsere Songs oft im Radio. Wir sind stolz darauf fast 2000 CD ohne Hilfe einer bekannten Record Firma und Marketing verkauft zu haben. Wir haben jedoch noch viel zu tun. Wir geniessen es, das Business selbst zu handeln. Gerne wuerden wir dies beruflich tun, aber wir realisieren auch, dass dies von unseren Bemuehungen und zusammen arbeiten abhaengt. music-lounge: woud you like to play some day also concerts in Europe, maybe in Switzerland and how realistic is it ? Möchtet ihr in Zukunft auch Konzerte in Europa geben,...vielleicht auch in der Schweiz ? Still Time: Of course, we’d love to travel and play in Europe. Basically, right now we’re working towards having the name recognition in the states that will allow us to make enough money to do a Europe tour. Our guitarist Chris “Haircut” Arntzen is actually a Swiss citizen and has family in Switzerland so that is definitely a likely destination for us. We’d love to get to Europe for festivals and shows next summer, but it’s going to depend on our funding at the time. Natuerlich, wir wuerden gerne nach Europa reisen und dort auftreten. Im Moment arbeiten wir daran Anerkennung hier in Amerika zu finden und genuegend Geld zu verdienen um eine Europatournee zu ermoeglichen. Unser Gitarist Chris “ Haircut” Arntzen ist Schweizer und hat Familie in der Schweiz. Die Schweiz waere definitiv eine der Destinationen . Wir wuerden gerne naechsten Sommer an Festivals und Auftritten in Lokals teilnehmen, doch dies kommt ganz auf unser Budget an. music-lounge: yeah,....allright,..for all friends of great music in Switzerland, who like to buy the cd of Still Time,..what are the possibilities to do it? Jahh,...okay,...für alle Freunde guter Musik in der Schweiz die gerne eine CD von Still Time kaufen möchten,…welches sind die Möglichkeiten ? Still Time: To buy our album online, you can go to and click on the iTunes link to purchase our album on iTunes, or go the Store on our page to buy the physical CD which comes with a lyrics booklet. Zum ein Album online zu kaufen geht zu und clicked auf das iTunes oder auf die Store Page fuer eine CD mit Textbuch. music-lounge: what are the next plans for Still Time in 2008 after the california coast tour ? Was sind eure Pläne für 2008,… nach der California-Coast-Tour ? Still Time: After this tour winds down, we’re going to get down to business on the next album. We’re looking forward to writing a bunch of new songs and planning for the album’s release next Spring. After that we’ll be touring like crazy and we’ll see what happens… Nach der Tour werden wir an unserem naechsten Album arbeiten. Wir freuen uns darauf neue Lieder zu schreiben und auf das neue Album das naechsten Fruehling heraus kommen wird. Nachher werden wir wieder Touren, danach sehen wir was weiter passiert….. music-lounge: alright guys, thanks a lot to give your time, for the interview and beeing here in music lounge sound shots,...all the best for the band,....hope seeing you one day in Switzerland,... Interview: Urs Frei Answers from Still Time translated to German by Heidi Arntzen. 0 Comments :: Permalink :: Tue 9/23/2008 5:53 PM
Still Time: Power of Now (Insomnia Radio)
With vocals swimming into the mystic range of Van Morrison and even Vedder or Duritz, San Luis Obispo's Still Time adeptly soaks up a variety of rock, folk, jazz and reggae influences and styles in the ever-widening musical tributary the band has finally arrived at with their debut album. From San Luis Obispo, on California's central coast, Still Time released their first album 'Stream of Consciousness' in 2007. Through word of mouth they've sold a few thousand copies of the release and are playing all the perfect venues in California, including lots of recognizable events like the Welcome Week Block Party at Cal Poly SLO. Still Time really does do a perfect job representing the amalgamation of laid back styles in this state that you'll find people listening to, from the beaches to the mountains, and even jamming to out in the desert. Their CD solidly hits the spot, reminding me of road trips checking out bands from SLO and numerous other coastal towns during the over-extended college years. You can pick up this track as well as the album at e-music , cdbaby, or iTunes. This ones for LeRoi! [cs] In Memoriam: LeRoi Moore (Dave Matthews Band, 1962-2008) Written by Charles Stepczyk 0 Comments :: Permalink :: Tue 9/23/2008 5:48 PM