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The 3rd Annual Tall Tree Lake (Preview)
Hey JamBase readers, thank you for continuing to check in with the community section on JamBase. I have always felt that the crowd is just as important as the crowd in many ways. The reason I am writing this blog is to introduce the viewers of JamBase to the 3rd Annual Tall Tree Lake Music and Camping Festival going on this September 23 & 24 in Goreville, IL. Live performances this year include: Leftover Salmon, Conspirator (featuring members of the Disco Biscuits), Greensky Bluegrass, Bluetech, Mansions on the Moon, Brother Bagman and tons more. My job as a Media Coordinator for the event is to double the size of attendance from last year with 1,000 people. I also will be filming with the Crescent Vale Network to share with music lovers online. Please link up with the event on JamBase, facebook and Twitter. Weekend passes are only 65$ right now, but prices will go up before the end of the summer. You can find passes via the main website: ( 0 Comments :: Permalink :: Mon 7/4/2011 5:47 PM
Hey Jambase viewers, I have recently re-designed a website based around music comedy and culture. The site puts together the radio show I host, the live music I film and promote, graphic design, advertising skills, news reporting skills and interactive media all in one place. Check out the website for more information. Thanks. ( 1 Comment :: Permalink :: Wed 3/30/2011 2:55 AM
Local Artist Spotlight
Hey good people on JamBase, I am helping The Tall Tree Lake Music Festival put together a mini-contest to help find hot, new local talent from all over the nation. The mini-contest is turning out to become the March Madness of Music Festival contests. We started the mini-contest in a status update on facebook and it quickly spread. So, we set up a discussion board for everyone to cast a vote for their favorite local band for a chance to be in heavy consideration on this years lineup. I hope to count a lot of votes this month, please suggest the event to your friends and family. The voting process will end at the end of March, so vote today. Below is a link to the discussion board, thank you for your time and your vote. 1 Comment :: Permalink :: Fri 3/4/2011 10:15 AM
The Dirty Dozen Brass Band - Contest 2/14 - 3/1
The Dirty Dozen Brass Band, from New Orleans, LA is now on tour this spring, and will be stopping by Tres Hombres in Carbondale during their nationwide tour. This will be the first time, in a long time, that the legendary brass band has been able to stop in Carbondale, IL. Tickets are now available for the sweet price of $12 at Tres Hombres. Soul Glo will also be performing on 3/1/11 as a part of the Mardi Gras celebration. Tres Hombres and Matt's Mountain Radio is proud to present the "Tres Time" call-in contest. Tune into WDBX 91.1 Community Radio, and on the web at ( on Monday nights at midnight (CST) to win a chance to see the Dirty Dozen Brass Band for just calling in with the correct answer. The questions may be based around topics about Tres Hombres or the Dirty Dozen Brass Band. The contest starts on Valentine's Day, and runs every Monday night until the show on 3/1/11. Thank you and enjoy yourself. 0 Comments :: Permalink :: Sat 2/12/2011 8:33 AM
Matt's Mountain on WDBX Radio
"Mr. Monday Night" Hey everyone, hope you are all having a great 2011 so far. In twenty-ten I started hosting a radio program that is webcasted over the Internet live on Tune into Matt's Mountain Radio for a personal tour through the best modern music. The show starts at midnght and ends at two a.m. in the central time zone. It starts at ten and runs until midnight for viewers on the west coast. One of my goals is to build a larger domestic and international audience. Check out my jambase profile to get a preview on some of the bands that you can hear on my show. Follow the show and updates via jambase on Twitter at 0 Comments :: Permalink :: Fri 1/7/2011 9:46 AM
Where There is Smoke There is Fire
“Welcome Back to The Hangar 9” Dear music lovers of Carbondale, I have sincerely missed you like the best friends and the family members who I have lost over my lifetime. This article contains my review on the reopening of a music venue in my hometown. I grew up in Carbondale, IL as a child and could feel the impact of the music scene even as a kid growing up. The Hangar 9 is known for being the premier spot for live music in Southern Illinois for over twenty years. In January of 2009 The Hangar 9’s roof caved in from an ice storm leaving the true music lovers of Carbondale with one less music venue. This also hit at a time that the city officials of Carbondale turned their backs on the music scene that once made this city great. Sally C. is the owner of the building, and could have joined the group of business owners leaving town. She decided to stay in Carbondale, and to rebuild the fallen building. I just want to say Thank You to Sally right now for not giving up on a city that will never give up on her. True moments in life rarely happen to me, but watching the smiling faces fill in The Hanger 9 was a truly religious moment. There are certain venues in this world that can invoke a religious experience similar to an experience you might receive at church or temple. It was also a night to reconnect with friends I have not seen in years. The crowd was constituted of the same great people who resided in the venue for decades; I call these awesome people “The Hangar 9 Alumni”. Last night there was a DJ spinning music on stage that provided the soundtrack to the reopening of the building. It was a real pleasure watching the friends who I grew up with dancing in true bliss. In movies and television they sometimes created dance scenes that never seem to happen in real life. In all my years of watching live music, I have never seen a group of people get so excited about a local DJ spinning music. It was great seeing ROBCO. at the venue last night: the audio production company behind the scenes of the venue. I am also a local Disc Jockey at a radio station in Carbondale named 91.1 fm WDBX Radio. The Hangar 9 was filled with local DJ’s from the station, and the manger of the station was able to pull of the first cocktail served in the new building. One of my new best friends asked me, “I hear you like to blog, what will you write about?” I responded with the answer, “this music venue contains a group of people that unconditionally love this place. The people who continue to come back are cornerstones of culture and music.” Fran Lebowitz talks about the crowd and culture of New York in 1970’s as being so immersed with the art, that the crowd was just as important as the art being created on stage. I was able to capture a glimpse of her vision last night during the reopening of the building. It did take almost two years for the venue to be rebuilt, and during those two years I am sure the faculty and staff of The Hangar 9 was asked almost everyday when would the building reopen. It was a huge relief to be able to walk into the building and absorb the additions to the venue. There is a second floor that overlooks the stage and the bar below. I just want to thank you, the reader once more for reading and reviewing my article on The Hangar 9. You are just as important as the article is itself, thank you everyone. 0 Comments :: Permalink :: Thu 12/16/2010 1:31 PM
The 2nd Annual Tall Tree Lake Music Festival
Hey everyone, this year is going to be special with the Emmitt-Nershi Band performing two nights & Big Gigantic headlining the festival. I want to thank everybody for supporting the festival and good music in general. The festival is this weekend, September 24-25 and will be taking place in beautiful Southern Illinois. Here is a link to the festival's website: facebook website: Thank you to Schlafly for all of your support this year. I hope to see everyone out there this weekend. 5 Comments :: Permalink :: Mon 9/20/2010 4:18 PM
Tall Tree Lake Music Festival & Radio News
Hey everyone, I wanted to pass along this information so you don't miss out on the early bird price level.

Ticket News: "Tall Tree Lake Music Festival" Tickets are still just $40 until the middle of August, be sure to get yours either online or at the box office before they bump up to the next price level!
The next price level will be either 55 or 60 bucks a ticket for the entire weekend, it will be 60 at the gate and 55 at one of our ticket locations. The ticket locations this year include Tres Hombres in Carbondale, IL and John Browns in Marion, IL. You can also purchase the tickets online at and at

Radio News: "Matt's Mountain" is now broadcasting live every Monday night around midnight, (central time) on WDBX Radio 91.1 fm, and online at Check out the show to hear music from the artists performing this year at the Tall Tree Music Festival and other great live acts from all over the world. The show will also host live performances from the festival year round.

Please continue to spread the word about the event with all of your friends. We are gearing up to make this event special for everyone. If you could "Share", "Like" and invite all of your friends to the festival, it would mean a lot.

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New Videos on Crescent Vale
Hey everyone, thank you so much for reading and checking in with team Crescent Vale. We have been working really hard to create a website that is fun and interactive for music fans of all sizes. There has been several new videos, photos and updates added recently, and we just wanted to keep you updated. Thank you once again for all your help. The group will also be traveling to Austin TX, on 4-16 through 4-19 to film part of the Austin Reggae Music Festival. That will be uploaded soon after the festival. Right now, there is new videos from The Blue Hit, a folk group. Yo Mama's Big Fat Booty Band, funk group, and the JOIN's performance from this last Spring Tour in 2010. Check out the website for more information, thank you. 0 Comments :: Permalink :: Sat 4/3/2010 9:19 AM
The Join: Live at The Copper Dragon
“The Join: Spring 2010” Hello everyone reading, the following review will cover the electronic mixture of music at the Copper Dragon on 03/05/10. The night of music began with DJ Nasty Nate spinning records and generating a dance vibe in the room. DJ Thibault continued to raise the energy in the Copper Dragon before the Join hit the stage with their spur-of-the-moment, ready to access beats. The Join has consisted of several different members over the years of performing. This tour featured the members of The Disco Biscuits (Aron Magner & Marc Brownstein) and The New Deal (Darren Shearer & Jamie Shields). During this short Spring Tour, The Join hit up the Midwest like a celebrated storm. Before the show, I researched some of their past songs, and found out the Join has a rich history of electronic music with the founding members from The New Deal. The show started with one of the several ready to access beats that instantly propelled the music lovers into a dance freaks on the floor. The first set featured a mix of instrumental music that kept the crowd dancing. During the set break, DJ Nasty Nate kept the vibes moving as The Join took a break. The second set electrified the crowd, and continued the high energy beats of collaboration between two amazing bands. This venue gave a intimate look at the special impromptu nature of the Join. This show also marked the beginning of Spring Break 2010. You can find videos of this show on one of my websites. Thank you for reading, and always enjoy yourself. 0 Comments :: Permalink :: Tue 3/9/2010 2:40 PM
"Criegory's College"

Hey everyone reading, this post is to inform my friends on jambase that I have just created my first website and would like to share it with you. It is close to an online magazine that covers music, food, art, language, culture and several other fun topics that you may enjoy. If you get time, make sure to check out the website at
Thanks for reading, and always enjoy yourself.

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Voodoo Music Festival 2009 (Friday)



“Happy Halloween 2009”....

Welcome back everyone, this post is will be a benchmark for years to come.  My posts have outgrown the popular social networking blogs, notes, journals and tweets.  In early 2010, I will launch a website of my own to reach audiences all over the world.  This post is a benchmark for the reason it will be my last big music festival review I do totally for free.  The new site will not cost you anything, and have several features (from learning new languages to predictions of climate patterns), but one feature you can count on is the sharing of the music festival experiences.  ....

This post starts off 7 years ago, when I am going to a local college called John A. Logan during the fall semester. After attending bonnaroo 2002, I get the urge later in the year to see some more Galactic.  My buddy Teddy King agrees to drive down to New Orleans with me on Halloween weekend, to see Galactic and experience the Voodoo Music Festival.  I buy us tickets, and the day before Teddy totally backs out due to car problems.  ....

7 years later, I begin my sophomore year at the same school I dropped out of in 2002.  Teddy calls me up, and asks if I want to check out the Voodoo Music Festival this year, and experience one of the largest haunted houses in America.  I agreed, and we booked a room on Bourbon Street for 10-30-09.  The exciting part to this festival for me was the idea that I would not check out the performers for the day of music I would be attending.  This would make it more surprising for me when the next band would start performing.  Teddy and I were able to catch the performances on Friday from the music festival. Saturday and Sunday also held amazing acts, but we were just in town for a day or two.  One can visit New Orleans and stay for under 20 dollars a night, and some can pay 1000’s of dollars for a room.  It all depends on how and where one likes to sleep.  Teddy and I drove all night and check into the hotel room around noon. We take a ride on a street car over to the City Park in downtown New Orleans.  The weather was calm during the day, with showers headed in our direction for later that evening.  Another fun piece to this festival was trying to find some of my friends in the large crowd of 50,000 people.  Within an hour I find my friends and enjoyed the Zydeco music from the local musicians.  The music flowed together like a nice batch of Kool-Aid on a hot day.  We checked out some hip-hop with the group the Cool Kids on the 2nd Main Stage.  They fueled the crowd with a good midday set that kept you left wanting more.  Teddy and I made our around the festivals grounds a few times before deciding on The New Orleans Bingo! Show under the main tent as the storm was passing overhead.  The NOBS was a real show, from music, contests, theatre, animations and several interactive situations that kept me on my toes.  It was nice warm up before the Justice show on the 2nd Main Stage.  Justice brought the show to the Voodoo Music Festival.  They didn’t need all the extras that the bingo show had, they brought club banging music that ran chills and energy through most of the crowd.  While waiting for Eminem, Teddy and I could experience the music from Justice while waiting next to the Main Stage.  Once Justice wrapped their show, Eminem hit the stage running.  Watching the crowd run in a mad dash back and forth from the two major stages was a thrill of the weekend.  Eminem gave a solid hip-hop headlining performance.  The rain did not stop any of the music throughout the day; luckily there was no lighting or strong wind to end the music on the Eve of Halloween.  After Eminem’s set, we make it back to the quarter to go club/bar hopping.  It’s always an experience going out in New Orleans, the people were even freakier in costumes lined up and down the street of people dressed up, or not dressed at all. Halloween began around midnight for Teddy and I and we party till about 4 in the morning before getting some sleep at the hotel.  During midday we get some lunch and enjoyed the good weather and good vibes from the street people.  Before we leave New Orleans, I hit up the casino downtown, and won 70 bucks.  Teddy and I get wrong directions to the world famous haunted house, so we skipped that nonsense and traveled back home.  Halloween is my favorite holiday of the year, and I hope you enjoyed yours as well.  Thanks for reading, and always enjoy yourself.     

Justice headlining the 2nd Stage

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Woodbox Gang (Farewell Show)
Farewell Show 9-26-09

"Dancing On Landmines"

Hey everyone, this show review can be used as a combo with the new Woodbox Gang's CD review post. On September 26, 2009 the Woodbox Gang would perform for the last time in several upcoming years. This show would be the last chance for the band to perform live for the next 2-3 years. The band knew it was important, and the large crowd who arrived knew it was important as well. After finding a parking spot in downtown Makanda, Jason and I walked over to the massive going away party for the Woodbox Gang. When I go to parties, I look fun people to talk with, drinks and food, hot girls, crazy people having too much fun and all of the above. This farewell show had all those things, and a bunch of hot women that were ready to rage. A key example refers to the title of this story, while I was waiting outside to get into the overly packed room. I started talking with some girls who were having a fun night out, this girl was stomping on glass bottles like a fire you needed to put out. She was going to town trying to smash these bottles, and I am looking at her like, are you crazy, stop doing that! I made my way into a room made to hold half the people that were raging inside the building. The party outside was just as crazy as the party inside. I did some filming for a distance, before I realized I needed to be closer for a better shot. While I was in the pit, people were giving me strong elbows to the ribs as I tried to film a show that they could watch later. Getting some of the show on film was a religious experience. One of the special moments of the show occurred when Alex busted out the Didgeridoo to a few of their songs. All night the crowd was screaming out requests of songs they wanted to hear live, before the gang took time off the road. By the end of the long night the band played most of the crowd's requests, like "Italian Plumber Lawsuit" that drove the crowd mad with consumption. The farewell show would be one of the last times the faithful fans would be able to experience the songs live. They pulled out all of their great songs, and some that have not played in years. The show was a historic moment for music in Southern Illinois. The farewell party was put together by several people, one of the names I heard was Tom from Pomona. Last summer Tom threw a private party with the gang, that was one of the many special shows the band performed over the 10 years of working together. The new album has so much built into the history of their style, it carries a grunge undertone that drives the force of the record. Thank you for reading the show review, make sure to read the CD review and listen to White Trash VooDoo as soon as possible. Thank you for reading, and always enjoy yourself.

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Woodbox Gang (CD Review)

White Trash VooDoo

Hello everyone reading, I would like to invite you along to listen to the new Woodbox Gang album, while I review this well crafted piece of music. It will give you a better feel for the music, and the use of instruments during the songs. If you have not already bought the album you can stream a few tracks off the gang's myspace site at   Check out the older tunes when you have time. Right now, I would like to bring your attention to the creative talents of the soundscapes built in the song called "Fiddlin' With The Line". While listening to this song you may notice a reel, which during my first listen, I thought it was a washboard. The crafty element is a fishing reel strung by Alex in the group. Another thoughtful complement to this CD is the fiddle from Mark Stoffel on the track "Eat, Drink, & Be Dead". The band pulls the music on this record together like a band of brothers right before a long battle. We all go through personal battles everyday, and sometimes music is a way to feel connected with people who go through the same struggles. Listening to the new album reminded me of all the great times I have had over the years going to see them live in concert. Their music shines a light on some of my brightest memories that I seem to forget, while battling my day to day struggles. During their last show in Makanda, they performed the song "160 Years (For My Crime)" which cried out true, raw feelings from the band. White Trash Voodoo continues the gang's style of music while adding heart-stealing, gusty pieces of influence that make this a must have for your record collection. I really do enjoy having you along for this ride through some of the new album for the Woodbox Gang, for more information on the band and the new CD, check out their myspace. There will be a show review posted very soon of their last performance, and live footage will be posted in the near future as well. Thanks for reading, and always enjoy yourself.

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Yonder Mountain String Band (CD Review)

Hey everybody reading, thank you for continuing to read my articles on music and life in general. Today is September 1st, and the new Yonder Mountain String Band CD has hit the shelves of major retailers all over the country. The name of the new record is "The Show", and within a few seconds of listening, I knew it would surpass the sales from their last record. (Which went on to go number 1 in the U.S bluegrass charts.) This new album has a familiar hint of early Yonder, mixed in with their infatuation of adding drums to bluegrass. The song "Isolate" not only plucks on the heart strings, this song takes you down a valley of slow tempo and deep lyrics. "Isolate" is an amazing song for so many reasons, Dave Johnston shines like never before, when he opens up his lonesome heart, and shows the world how beautiful a tortured soul can sound. Their a few faster tunes on "The Show" that I look forward to seeing, and dancing to in concert. This record has 11 tracks to choose from, and if you really love YMSB, pick up the solo record they recorded in junction to recording "The Show". This is all available online through their website.
You can add the band on MySpace, and stream some of the new album. Thanks for reading, and always enjoy yourself.

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Tall Tree Lake Music Festival 2009 (Saturday)

A Sonically Crafted Mixed Drink

.. ..

Hey everyone, this section will conclude my review on the Tall Tree Music Festival on Tall Tree Lake. Waking up Saturday had its high and low points. The sun had broken the horizon, and was already causing problems outside.  One of the great things about this festival was waking up and having a campsite of people I already knew there to greet me. Stew, Matt C. Robbie, A.J, Matt Copeland, Lana, new friends and of coarse “Paul”. For those new to camping festivals, falling asleep in front of a group of people is not a good idea.  At Summer Camp, Hot Rod told me about someone getting wrapped in T.P while passed out in a chair.


The stories go on, but this guy “Paul” decides he is going to take a “power nap” at our campsite. Robbie makes fun of this guy for the 2 hours he is passed out, A.J would look over and see Robbie and ask “When did Robbie get here”? Robbie would reply “simple, Paul drove me”.  A.J would look over at Paul and ask “who invited the Lumberjack over here to sleep”? “Why does this guy have his socks on the outside of his boots?” And the comedy did not stop for hours. A.J introduced us to some of his friends from Lawrence, KS. We all made it through the heat before checking out the Sam West Trio around noon.

The Sam West Trio has been building a buzz in Carbondale for years now, and festivals like Tall Tree give his band a chance to explore new grounds in his music. Playing funky original tracks, while mixing in some great covers is a direct way Sam connects with the crowd. It was interesting to hear him tease the “Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough” song from M.J. It was special on one level because M.J had just passed away, but also because Sam had been playing that song for months now, and it shows how some music will always carry on. After the sun beat down on me I made my way back to the campsite for some shade.

The nature of true beauty.

Defined Perception is another Carbondale band that continues to explore different styles of music to blend them together to make a sonic cocktail. If DP were a real sonic mixed drink, they would be two parts bourbon, one shot whisky, and a splash of coke. They get crowds rowdy and involved with the connection they have with their fans during their drum solos. DP invites fans to bring drums to shows, to create a buzz between the band and the fans. It really is nice to experience live. Once I watched DP jam out in the sun I retired back to my campsite for some much needed shade.

Spare Parts took the stage next. They have evolved from being a Carbondale band, to expanding into a Chicago based jazz group. Their set on Saturday was my chance getting to see them live, which is odd because I love jazz, and they play Carbondale often. As I chilled in the shade, I thoroughly enjoyed the relaxing sounds of Spare Parts. 56 Hope road would follow Spare Parts, and if I am not mistaken the keyboardist from Madahoochi guest spotted with 56 Hope Rd throughout their set.

Madahoochi is a funk/rock/jazz group that is based out of St.Louis, MO. After helping a hand in the 56 Hope Road show, the members from Madahoochi threw down a funky set while the sun began to set. The female keyboard player adds a great texture to the vocals, much like Janis does In Family Groove. Watching Madahoochi for the fourth time was interesting, it caught my attention a band can grow on you without you even being aware of it. Their show was fun to dance to, and I look forward to seeing them again. Another great part to this festival was the sound quality that was available. The audio team did an incredible job of producing high quality sound throughout the weekend. 

Backyard Tire Fire would burn the remains of the stage during their performance late Saturday. The sun was setting and the crowd was gathering for the rocking sounds of BTF. They have been blowing up recently, and turning heads of the biggest name in music. Their fire hot set at Tall Tree Lake was another sign that they are a band on a mission. The group is based out of Central Illinois, and has been touring all over the country. The crowd was filled with my friends and family, and having those people always help make the best dance parties. After BTF, Rev. Peyton and his Big Damn Family rocked the stage. They hail from southern Indiana, and throw down a great live show.  It was interesting seeing all the different styles of music from all over the Midwest that weekend. During the Rev. Peyton show, Jason decided he was going to swim out to the lakeboat/houseboat in the middle of the lake. He made it back in time for the down home, back breaking dance party thrown by the Reverend.

Tall Tree Lake 6-27-09

The Woodbox Gang played later in the day Saturday, while Dean and his new band performed on Friday. I was hoping for a jam with all the guys together again, but maybe another time. It was still special to see the Woodbox Gang live in the summer. Last summer, I was able to see them play at a private party in the middle of nowhere. This summer, it was nice watching them with professional lighting, and sound. One of the lead vocalist, Hugh, was telling stories and sharing history with the crowd. It was a nice way to relax after a long weekend.

J Wail started his second set of the weekend on Saturday after midnight. The crowd was energy filled music lovers who were there to dance. It was great seeing J Wail two nights in a row, I kept looking for material he had used the night before, but found very little. When I asked him the next day how much he used, J Wail said he only used one song twice, (which is great for an up and coming artist). After his set I made it back to the campsite to find my brother and Shauna hanging out with a gang of people.

The Station made it back to Southern Illinois after rocking the pre-party show at Tres on Thursday. The come from Central Illinois, and bring the heat every time they perform. Their set was a nice mix of older stuff mixed in with some newer material. One song that was new I noticed was in their tribute to M.J with “Gonna Be Startin’ Something”, which is another sign that great music never dies. Watching the final show of the weekend was special to me. It was the end of my long weekend, after countless hours of working and filming with Justin, the festival was almost over. Thank you to everyone who help put together this event, it was a special weekend for a lot of us. And thank you for reading and viewing any of the media from the festival. Check back soon for updates, and always enjoy yourself.

I just finished this video, enjoy!

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Tall Tree Lake Music Festival 2009 (Friday)

Record High Heat

.. ..Hello readers, this section are my review on Friday June 26, 2009 at the Tall Tree Lake Music Festival. The weather in the summer time can feel like it’s never been hotter before. The weather on Friday and Saturday either came close to breaking record high heat or matching the pervious record. This heat might be a possibility the first band did not arrive on Friday. The Gem did not play, which gave The Moon Buggy Kids room to work with the sweaty conditions.

Tall Tree Lake Music Festival 2009

Watching Matt Copeland work his music In the extreme heat was a true sign of an artist who gives it all for his art. During my last review on bonnaroo, I wrote about watching and signing along with Copeland as a younger man. Watching his band open the Tall Tree Music Festival was a real highlight to witness. After the Moon Buggy Kids ended their set, Justin and I made our way back to the campsite to grill some food. Grilling food in hot weather can be rough, but Mike was grilling food for the bands all day, (in the sun). He did cook up some tasty food though, I was busy catching up on some A/C in the RV’s.

The next band I was really excited about watching was the Family Groove Company from Chicago, Illinois. They torched the stage during their afternoon set, it was great watching my tenth show of theirs. They expand their sound very well, while giving you the core songs that you grow to love. Bawn in the Mash followed FGC with their style of modern bluegrass.

Family Groove Company 6-26-09

 Tall Tree Lake Music Festival did a great job of building a lineup with several different styles of music to choose from. It was my first time getting to see Bawn in the Mash, and I really enjoyed their use of percussion instruments in their foot stopping bluegrass.

The Great American Taxi would follow them on the Main Stage. Once the sun fell below the horizon, the weather went from being very hot, to almost perfect at night. J Wail would be performing twice that weekend, with his first late night set on Friday. During the day, he walked up to me and asked about filming and life in general. We talked about his tour on the Phish lot, J Wail told me about how some venues would let me rage in the parking lots before and after the Phish shows, and some places would shut him down real quick. It was interesting hearing about his unique way of performing music live. After some of his show, I went back to the jeep to charge the battery to my camera. On my walk back to the jeep, I noticed some people laughing and singing in the lake house. The door was open and I was curious to see what was going on. Walking into that lake house that night was much like walking into any other room on one hand, and on another it was like walking into room like no other. There was Vince Herman, sitting in a chair picking some bluegrass with some his closest of friends. It was a special moment for music lovers; one of the greatest bluegrass players is sitting in a barn with two dozen people picking his heart out for just the love of music. After Vince finished his late night pick with some guests, I made it back to the Main Stage for some late night electronic music from Colorado. The group that was performing the late night set on Friday is called The Passage Project. It was a relaxing way to end my long day. The late night sets were fantastic, another one of the Barrett brothers did the lights, and did a really good job.  After some late night music, I made my way to bed for some sleep.  Continue to the next section of my review for the Saturday portion of music and madness. Thank you for reading, and always enjoy yourself.

Great American Taxi 6-26-09

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Tall Tree Lake Music Festival 2009 (Thursday)

Welcome to Tall Tree Lake

Tall Tree Lake Music Festival 2009

.. ..

Hello everyone, and welcome to my review on the first Tall Tree Lake Music Festival. It will be split up into three days, and this section will cover Thursday June 25, 2009. Team B productions paired up with the people who own Tall Tree Lake to create a music festival with a wide range of talent. They also teamed up with Tres Hombres to throw a pre-party after the sunset show in Carbondale on Thursday. My day started early on Thursday, I woke up and rode along to the Tall Tree Lake with my older brother and Shauna. We got there to find John getting materials ready for the long weekend. Dave was in town, gathering some last minute supplies.  I met some good people from Lawrence, Kansas before getting to work. One of the main guys who were helping on Thursday was Kenneth. I was ready to work, and he had a fence that he needed help posting.  After we knocked that out, I took a trip around the camp grounds with John to check for additional entrances. My older brother worked on blocking off roads that may be dangerous, while I helped Mike prep some food in the kitchen. The kitchen was inside this converted barn/lake house. It was really interesting talking with the landowners on Thursday. They explained to me the land had been in their family name since the 1800’s, and the barn was created by their grandfather. The whole idea of creation is one of the core ideas behind the Tall Tree Lake Music Festival.  From John and Dave planning and organizing the festival, to the music being performed on stage, it was all essentially the foundation of an idea that can only grow into the tallest of trees. And that idea is the beauty of bringing people together for the love of music & nature. If you have not experience a camping music festival, I suggest you give it a try. You can learn a lot about yourself when you are camping with your best friends. Before heading back into town, Shauna and I made some new friends while we helped create signs for the festival. Once I got hack into town, I got a shower and cleaned up for a shift at work. The Station would be playing at Tres after I got off work. One of my fabulous co-workers gave me a ride to Tres to catch The Station live with one of my new friends, Justin F. who does photography. I filmed some of the show before getting some sleep before the following weekend. Check out the Friday and Saturday sections for more information on the Tall Tree Lake experience. Thanks for reading, and always enjoy yourself.

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Please Read Before the Review
Hi everyone, before reading my review on the Bonnaroo Music Festival, you may want to check out this post to make it easier to read and view. Each day of the festival is broken up, and each show is highlighted for you to quickly skim across, if you feel stressed for time. There also several pictures that unlock the views and feelings during each of the shows I reviewed. If you really want to get into the experience you can view the map of the festival on the bonnaroo website. You may love and hate my work, but please be kind to your neighbor.
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Bonnaroo 2009 (Sunday)
Reduce- Reuse- Recycle
This will be the last section to my review on the Bonnaroo Music Festival. It will cover the events that I remember from bonnaroo on Sunday 14, 2009. Another great piece to the festival is how they work together with the community to build awareness on reducing, reusing, and recycling. They even have contests based around getting people out there and involved with helping the environment. Sunday started really slow for my entire group. Chuck and Shauna did some pre-packing before checking out the festival grounds one last time. Jason and I split a box of wine and visited the spirit world. The spirit world could mean several things to a lot of people. Before the music on Sunday I made my way to the Academy Tent to learn how to spin records with professional DJ’s. We kept asking the cab drivers to take us to the spirit world, some of them said no, some of them was like hell yes, but most of them looked at us like we were nuts. We had fun drinking red wine in the warm sun, while Chuck and Shauna made their exit. I made my way over to the festival grounds for a game of hacky sack and some live music.

(Citizen Cope> Dillinger Escape Plan)
The weather overall this year was nice, the sun was not too strong, the rain did not last that long and there was a nice overcast for the Citizen Cope show on the Which Stage. It would be my first time watching them live, but have seen some of their material online. It was a smooth way to start my Sunday. On the opposite side of the spectrum of smooth was the Dillinger Escape Plan. They threw down the hardest rock all weekend. I did my best to put up with being yelled at for as long as possible. Heavy, hardcore rock is just not my kind of music, but I did try to embrace their stronger style of music.

(Julia Nunes on the Sonic Stage)
The beautiful up and coming artist Julia Nunes ended her first bonnaroo run in style on the Sonic Stage. Two songs of hers I really enjoyed were The Bet & a cover of the Helen Keller song. She really made a huge impact to the history of bonnaroo in her first year. As her set ended I made my way back to the campsite to meet up with Jason.

(The Silent Disco>Snoop Dogg)
The Silent Disco at bonnaroo hosts several DJ’s spinning exclusively for festival goers with wireless headphones. They have a DJ setup spinning records like normal, but instead of pushing the music through normal speaker: they have the music pushing through wireless headphones. Jason and I left the disco and walked over to the Main Stage for the Snoop Dogg performance. It was our first time hanging out all weekend, and we both excited to see Snoop Dogg for the first time live. His back up band felt like it had a more of a rock edge then a hip-hop/rap style. Snoop has a timeless swagger to his act that only keeps getting better over time.
Snoop Dogg 6-14-09 What Stage

(Neko Case)
One of the great things that have evolved inside this music scene is the amount of female performers on stage. Neko Case gave a heart warming performance under This Tent from 6:45-8:15. It was right around sunset, and the weather was perfect. I have heard Bruce Spingsteen did a guest spot in that show, but must have missed it for the rock show under That Tent with Coheed & Cambria.
As the night sky rolled into Centroo, Jason and I made our way back to the campsite to grab a bite to eat before the final show of the festival with Phish. Since I feel a sleep at the Phish show on Friday, I wanted to be wide awake and ready to party for the Sunday night set.

(The Heavy Pets)
After a long day, I wanted to unwind in the cool tent called Cafe Where. The Heavy Pets closed down the small tent packed full of people after the Snoop Dogg show let out. They were a funky/jam band from Florida, their set was a nice way to relax and dance before the Phish show.
The Heavy Pets in Cafe Where

The Sunday crowd for the Phish show was some of my favorite people. The die hard fans made it through a weekend of rain, heat and countless hours of live music to reach the pinnacle of the festival. Phish held out on their big performance for their Sunday set, which included the electric guitar playing and singing from Bruce Sprinsteen. The only thing the show was missing was all my friends back home, it would have meant the world to me to have A.J, Dave & John, and Robbie there to celebrate the show we wanted to see back in 2002. After playing past midnight, Phish ended their set with the use of some high powered fireworks. The Wailing Souls performed a late night set after the Phish show. It lasted till the early morning.
Monday morning was really rough on me, Jason and I had to pack the jeep before noon, but I was feeling ill from the red wine the day before. After we gathered our belongings and gave our neighbor’s car a jump, we settled in for our drive home. This marks the end to my experience of the Bonnaroo Music Festival for this year. Check back soon for updates and promotion work for Tall Tree Lake Music Festival, coming up June 26-27 in Southern Illinois. Thanks for reading, and always be kind to your neighbor. 0 Comments :: Permalink :: Wed 6/17/2009 5:57 PM
Bonnaroo 2009 (Saturday)
Be Kind to Your Neighbor
Hello everyone, thank you for reading any of the posts on the Bonnaroo Music Festival in Manchester, TN. This article will cover my viewpoint on the events at bonnaroo on Saturday June 13, 2009. In my pervious posts, I have mentioned that I enjoy getting to know my neighbors. One of the most important messages that I can think of that embodies the spirit of the festival is “be kind to your neighbor”. My Saturday morning started slow, we ate and drank at the campsite before my older brother and I made our way to the ILO & the Coral Reefer All-Stars surprise guest spot with Jimmy Buffet. Before that show we bounced around the Sonic Village to the breakthrough sounds of Chairlift.

Bonnaroo brings up and coming artists into intimate settings for performances to build a sense of unity in between the acts and the crowd. At my first bonnaroo I watched Jack Johnson perform on a side stage for a few thousand people, acts like Chairlift and Julia Nunes carry the new blood now, while finding a good seat at a Jack Johnson show is almost impossible. Watching Chairlift was a nice way to start my day, their hit song Bruises, is a fun pop tune that can easily lift your spirits.
 Sonic Stage 6-12-09

(ILO & the Coral Reefer All-Stars w/ Jimmy Buffet)
This bonnaroo was also the first time I was able to experience the festival with my older brother. He seemed as excited as I was about the Jimmy Buffet show, so we both made our way to the Which Stage. Just a few days before bonnaroo, Jimmy Buffet was announced to perform with one of his tribute bands. They played some classic Jimmy Buffet songs, as well as doing some cover tunes from other artists.
 Jimmy B.

(Wailing Souls)
The Wailing Souls were one of the most authentic reggae acts for the entire weekend. My brother wanted to explore a new band, so we stopped by the Main Stage to dance in the hot sun. The Wailing Souls would later give a special late night set on Sunday after the Phish show.
After baking in the sun for a few hours with Chuck, we made it back to the campsite. Shauna was there kicking it with Jason when we got back. I mentioned something about the Booker T & the DBTs. Shauna informed me that DBT was short for Drive-By-Truckers. I have wanted to see that group perform for a few years, and this would be my first chance to catching their live show.

(Booker T & the Drive-By-Truckers)
One of the greatest ideas of the weekend was putting the funky sounds of Booker T on top of the southern rock sound from the Drive-By-Truckers. It was a nice midday show that kept me on my toes throughout the set.
After that show I made my way over to the Main Stage for some hardcore acoustic guitar playing from Rodrigo y Gabriela. The Main Stage has little to no shade, and the sun was taking the energy right out of me during their set. I was only there for a few brief moments before the Gov’t Mule show.

(Gov’t Mule)
At the first bonnaroo Gov’t Mule performed on the 2nd stage, which was called the Arena, (a much better name), at 6:15 p.m. on Saturday. 7 years later and a historic late night show, they returned to the 2nd stage for a stage time of 5 p.m. To a degree bonnaroo does a poor job of giving the people something new as far as stage times. I wish one festival would drop the headliners to midday sets, and let the up and coming artists headline. A big reason bonnaroo may not let Mule or Moe. headline is due to these bands having their own festivals to headline if they want. It really takes the wind out of me watching Gov’t Mule in the hot sun. I love the work and effort that Warren Haynes & Gov’t Mule provides for the history of bonnaroo. Some bands have an unconditional love for the music scene, and Gov’t Mule shows that love in each song, each show and each tour.
Warren Haynes

(Of Montreal>Julia Nunes on the Solar Stage)
Before leaving for bonnaroo, one of my friends informed me to check out the band Of Montreal. I needed to kill 30 minutes, so I decided to check them out under This Tent. While I was watching them, one of the people around me were describing the bands style of music, calling it similar to the Kings of Leon. I totally agree; if you enjoy that band, check out Of Montreal. I was waiting on Julia Nunes to start her 2nd set of the weekend on the Solar Stage. Before her set Robert F. Kennedy Jr. was doing some informative speaking to the bonnaroo crowd. The Solar Stage was awesome. You could easily meet artists and speakers that performed on the stage throughout the weekend. Julia came out during her sound check, and was nice enough to meet some fans and take a few pictures. Her set was close to breathtaking. Her original tunes mixed in with some classic covers made her set list one of the best all weekend. Julia shows the traits of an artist who knows how to give the audience what they want, and she does it with a dry sense of humor.
Julia Nunes  Matthew

(David Grisman Quintet)
Another nice addition to the festival this year was the themed tents they had all weekend. One day had a tent for bluegrass, another with heavy rock and one day for Africa music. On Saturday, the David Grisman Quintet graced the Other Tent with his legendary style of bluegrass. It was a great show overall, it was also one of the only bluegrass shows I saw all weekend. Jason saw the Del McCoury Band perform earlier in the day: he said that David Grisman and Jon Fishman guest spotted with the McCoury’s.

(The Mars Volta>Wilco)
Two rock bands that I was really excited about seeing that weekend were also playing at the same time. The Mars Volta hit the Which Stage with intensity and force. They could be considered as a hard rock group to some, and a mild form of the genre to others. I enjoyed some of their songs before making it over to the Main Stage for relaxed atmosphere created by Wilco. Their show was a slight let down for me though, it lacked the horn section I had seen guest spotted at another festival online. After these two shows I needed a break from the madness. I walked back to the campsite and relaxed for a bit.
Everyone needs sleep to a degree, and as Bruce Springsteen started his set on the Main Stage, I was sleeping in my tent. I have seen several people hate on the boss’s music, most of them younger kids who don’t know about the power of Bruce Springsteen. The reason I took a nap through his set was to have the energy to party all night with moe. in This Tent. My nap also meant I missed the NIN show, but the nice thing about that show was right when it was over Chuck and Shauna made it back to the campsite to wake me up at 3 a.m. I woke up and asked Shauna what time is it, after she informed me the time, she also said she could hear Grace Potter’s voice from our campsite. I jumped out of my bed and ran to moe. late night set.

(Grace Potter and the Nocturnals>Moe.)
The biggest surprise of the weekend was the entire stage swap between Grace Potter and the Nocturnals and moe. At bonnaroo 2002 moe. performed one of the greatest sets of the year and of all time. There is no other band like moe. that can retain tradition while giving you new music at the same time. After seeing them almost 25 times, I continue to support their art. Moe. also just pulled off an entire stage switch with Gomez at their last festival. After pulling it off again with the Nocturnals, I realized that moe. is not only here to compete with Phish, but they are here to blow Phish out of the water. Dancing till dawn was an endurance challenge, but I did find energy to stay up with moe. all night. The show ended in between 6 or 7 a.m. in the morning. I walked around the festival grounds at dawn, while the fog and mist rolled through.
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Bonnaroo 2009 (Friday)
Strange Overtones
Welcome to day two of my bonnaroo experience, this post will cover the events at the Bonnaroo Music Festival for Friday, June 12 2009. My day started around 10 a.m. I woke up and hung around the campsite till Gomez took the Which Stage just after noon.

After seeing Gomez perform twice a few weeks ago, I was eager to find out their approach to the bonnaroo crowd. Gomez has the range as musicians to perform soft rock, as well as hard rock, and they pull them together beautifully. The sun shined down on the midday crowd, while Gomez brought a cool vibe to the heat of the Tennessee crowd.

As I made my rounds through the festival grounds, I was pulled over to the Main Stage, also called the What Stage, for a carefree reggae dance party. One of the great parts to bonnaroo is the ability to find new bands you may have never been able to watch live. The Itals were one of those fun surprises I caught while searching for new music.

(Animal Collective)
After catching some hot reggae in the sun, I was ready to chill at the campsite before watching the group Animal Collective. While I was at the campsite, I made friends with our neighbors from Delaware. One of them helped with lighting for Animal Collective, but since they had a day set, he was able to take it a little easier. They played on the Which Stage around 2:30 p.m. while the sun beat down on the massive crowd. I feel bad when the crowd is so huge, it becomes very difficult to get close enough for a good picture, but that is part of bonnaroo, the crowd was near 90,000 people.

(Galactic>Grace Potter>Bela)
One of the problems with bonnaroo is they schedule bands with conflicting stage times. So if you want to see one band, you have to miss another one. Some people bar crawl, or bar hop, I do the stage/tent hopping. Galactic was on the Main Stage and used the power of the really good stuff, by adding the style of Trombone Shorty and Corey Henry. It felt like being back at Jazz Fest in New Orleans. As I enjoyed the funk, I made my way over to This Tent for the sexy sounds of Grace Potter and the Nocturnals. She has been recently reformed the nocturnals, and made a new record. The fun part to watching that show was the dance party we were having on these huge piles of sand overlooking the shaded crowd. Galactic and Bela Fleck are also two of the biggest pieces of history that surrounds the Bonnaroo Music Festival. They both have evolved their style of music throughout the years, and continue to share it with the bonnaroo community. Bela Fleck’s most recent project includes the African sounds from Toumani Diabate. They performed under the Other Tent, which was nice intimate setting.

(Santigold>Yeah Yeah Yeahs)
One of the biggest decisions of my weekend was picking in between my first time seeing Santigold or the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. After thinking about it for a while I decided to see 5 songs of each act. I started my tent/stage hopping under That Tent with Santigold. Bonnaroo also used the genius from David Byrne this year, they had him pick the bands who would perform under That Tent on Friday. Sanitgold’s approach to the stage was like watching a caged monster that had just been unleashed. Her swagger from Brooklyn was a huge turn on, she held down the energy from the crowd like it was a feather in her cap. She busted out of her set with a new track and moved through some older music in her set list. After reaching a high for a midday dance party, I made my way over to the Which Stage for the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. In a perfect world, I would only say nice things about every band, but sometimes a show falls short, which was the feeling I got from watching Yeah Yeah Yeahs show on Friday. Before bonnaroo I listen to their records and fell in love with songs like Black Tongue. During their show on Friday, I didn’t feel the energy from the records. One of the highlights from their set was at the beginning of the song called Maps; they started the song only to cut it off early due to technical problems. The beauty of the band was shown when the lead guitar switched from electric guitar to acoustic to finish the song Maps.
During midday Friday, I ventured around to find the soft sounds of the up and coming band Grizzle Bear. They had a little bit of a slower tempo throughout their songs, for those who enjoy modern emo music, check out this band out. I did some promotion work for Tall Tree Lake Music Festival before heading back to the campsite for some cold drinks and hot food on the grill. My group and I hung out together before making our way to the David Byrne set. It should also be noted that each time we walked from the campsite to the festival grounds it took 20-30 minutes, which is about a ½ mile to a full mile walk. Jason and I had VIP passes in 2003, and the walk was 5 minutes, (for those who hate walking).

(David Byrne-front man of the Talking Heads)
Growing up in high school for me meant working during the week, and letting go on the weekends. When my friends would have house parties in Marion, we would be get board and ask Matt Copeland to play some music on the guitar, he would play sublime tunes, original stuff and we would all come together to sing Talking Heads songs together. For years I listened to David Byrne’s music without ever seeing him live in concert. As I made my way through the largest size crowd I had seen all weekend, I made it about 15 people back from the stage for an up close look at the genius, known as David Byrne. He mixed some of his new material in with older Talking Heads songs. One of my favorite new songs of his is the title to this section of the blog, the song is called Strange Overtones, give it a listen if you enjoy the music from the Talking Heads. One of the strange parts to his show was the dancers he used during his act. It was like an amateur circus busted out on stage and I was left thinking why doesn’t he do what Girl Talk does, (invite the crowd on stage). It was an amazing concert overall, it did seem very routine, but overall one of the best shows of the weekend.

Over 10 years ago I started listening to alternative rock, at the time bands like Red Hot Chili Peppers and Phish were on top of the rock scene. I was a young man back then, and missed the excitement of going to a Phish show. My first chance to see a real Phish show was at bonnaroo 2002. The buzz all weekend was that the lead guitar player was going to reconnect with the band and invite them up on stage. Unfortunately, Phish did not play together that year, but they did continue to evolve as musicians. Phish is another huge part to the history of bonnaroo and the jam scene. One of the members from Phish has played every bonnaroo but one. Last year bonnaroo saw a decline in ticket sales, caused from several issues, one of them being the line up. Last year the festival moved too far away from core bands and history of the festival. This year Phish brought back the real fans, and the spirit of the music scene. While I watched my first Phish show, I became overwhelmed with fatigue and fell a sleep, (sorry to all the die hard Phish fans). I woke up around midnight and realized I needed to get over to the That Tent early for the late night Girl Talk show.

(Crystal Castles>Girl Talk)
You may have heard about or gone to an after party following a big event. After my two hour nap I was ready for one of the biggest late night parties of my life. It was so large I had to get there almost 3 hours early for a decent spot in a overcrowded tent. As I made my way through That Tent during the Crystal Castles set, I made friends with my neighbors. Crystal Castles was one of the other shows that did not totally grab my attention: it might have been the excitement building up for the Girl Talk performance. Around 2:30 a.m. Girl Talk begun his second set at bonnaroo, he also performed at bonnaroo 2007. Another layer of depth to the bonnaroo history is how Girl Talk has evolved his way into the jam scene while cross pollinating with the mainstream. After waiting for almost an hour after Crystal Castles, the lights dropped out and the real late night show begun. Gregg Gillis walks out on stage, followed by a stage full of crazy die hard fans. The music starts and my neighbors and I start to go nuts. My first Girl Talk show was a few weeks ago, and I was expecting him to use a lot of the same material. An exciting part to his show at bonnaroo was the amount of new material I heard throughout the set, (several musicians’ debut new music at bonnaroo). Gregg Gillis mixed in some Bruce Springsteen into his set. The boss would be performing the following night on the Main Stage. He also mixed up some of the beats from the song Shout that really put the crowd into frenzy. The show was over the top overall, it got so crazy, people were being smashed and Gregg Gillis stopped the show for 10 minutes, while the mob of people on stage relocated. After the show I made it back to the campsite, but Jason danced till dawn with the beats from Paul Oakenfold. 0 Comments :: Permalink :: Wed 6/17/2009 5:55 PM
Bonnaroo 2009 (Thursday)
Welcome to the Spirit World
Hello everyone, this blog post will be edited in a few different formats, to make it easier to read and enjoy. This section to the story will cover my bonnaroo experience on Thursday, June 11 2009. There is so much history behind the Bonnaroo Music Festival in Manchester, Tennessee. The past is also a vital sign we should all focus on more, it helps one better understand how each of these artists help retain tradition in a world that is oversaturated with new music. Since 2002, bonnaroo has created a community of people who drive from all over the country, and fly in from all over the world to come together for the genuine love of music. I have had the pleasure of making it to the bonnaroo’s in 2002 and 2003. After seeing the lineup for this year’s festival, I knew it was time to make it back to Manchester, Tennessee. Jason Ross is one of my best friends, he bought my ticket for the first bonnaroo in 2002, and 7 years later I was able to buy him a ticket to bonnaroo 2009. We planned and packed the jeep accordingly, while my brother Chuck and his fiancée Shauna also worked with us to collect all the needed supplies to celebrate the weekend of peace, love and music. The four of us decided to leave around 3 or 4 in the morning to make the 4 hour drive to Manchester, TN. Once we arrived to the area, we all noticed the oversized line of festival goers crowding the interstate. After 5 hours of waiting in line, we made it into the festival grounds and begun to setup our campsite. Thursday was the only day it really rained the whole weekend, and the rain made it difficult to setup a tent in a crazy rush. Looking back at the moment, I wish we would have waited a few hours for the rain to stop before setting up the campsite.

(Julia Nunes in the Troo Music Lounge)
The first artist I was excited about seeing was Julia Nunes from Fairport, New York. Her music has already made a huge impact in the folk/acoustic world, and she is only 20 years old. Julia’s set on Thursday was in the Troo Music Lounge: the lounge had huge fans that created mist, computers for you to check your email and seating that gave the lounge a relaxed atmosphere. Julia had some friends playing bass and drums with her for the weekend. They did some original tunes and some cover music to put the sun soaked crowd into a peaceful dance party. One of my favorite songs she did on Thursday was a Frank Sinatra song called L.O.V.E. This is the part when I switch up my blog and include some words from Frank. L is the way you look at me, O is for the only one I see, V is very, very extraordinary, E is even more than anyone that you adore.
After Julia’s set I made my way to the campsite for some food and drinks. Chuck and Jason were either running around or sleeping, so Shauna and I made our way back to Centeroo for some Delta Spirit. Regular campers at bonnaroo have several checkpoints where they search you for drugs and weapons. The security would either pat you down hardcore or just let you walk by without touching you. Shauna and I made our way over to That Tent to find out that Delta Spirit had been pushed back to a midnight set, while Portugal, The Man setup their equipment. Shauna made friends quickly in the pit, while I struggled front row for air. We left That Tent and took our time exploring the festival grounds. There were parades each day at bonnaroo, which reminded me of the parades in New Orleans. Also for those who don’t know what bonnaroo means, there is a famous jazz piano player called Dr. John from New Orleans. He loved his horn section so much he used the Creole term bonnaroo as a way to describe the “really good stuff”.
The Troo Music Lounge

(Passion Pit in This Tent)
My next show of the evening was the imported sounds of Passion Pit. They packed This Tent to the max; I arrived a little too late and danced to the music from a distance. They did mostly original tunes, and one of them being a hot track called Sleepyhead.
This Tent with The Passion Pit 6-11-09

(DJ Quickie Mart)
While I was exploring bonnaroo at night I made my way in the Xbox Arcade Discothèque. The lighting inside the tent was amazing, and DJ Quickie Mart was spinning hot records for a solid sized dance party.
DJ Quickie Mart

(Zac Brown Band in That Tent)
On my way back to the campsite I stopped by That Tent to check out some country/bluegrass music with the Zac Brown Band. Country music is hard for me to get into, but I did enjoy the charming technique the fiddle player used in the band. After their show, I made my way back to the campsite. This will mark the end to my Thursday section to my bonnaroo experience. 0 Comments :: Permalink :: Wed 6/17/2009 5:54 PM
The Campaign Countdown Continues
Outside Cowabunga Music

The Funky Avalanche

Hey everyone reading, thank you for joining me on my adventures through the Midwest, to build awareness for the Tall Tree Music Festival, coming up June 26-27. The last stop on the T3 campaign trail was at the Summer Camp Music Festival in Northern Illinois. Since hitting that spot, I have been building the buzz for the festival in the southern region of Illinois.

On May 27th, I was at Booby's Beer Garden with some friends drinking when Jesse from Defined Perception sat down with us and started discussing the possibilities that could happen at the Tall Tree campgrounds. Jesse and I talked about one of our favorite open mic stories from Booby's. (It was 3-4 years ago when it happened, Sam West was hosting an open mic at Booby's Beer Garden on a Monday or Tuesday night. During my walk through Sam informs that a special guest was in beer garden for the open mic night. Once I found out it was Vince Herman from Leftover Salmon, I was thrilled to be able to watch him perform in such a small setting.(Sam West, Vince and Jesse also happen to be on the TTL line-up.) Jesse from DP said he was able to join Vince for a song while he was playing that night. The word broke and people packed the beer garden to see Vince perform his special style of bluegrass.) Defined Perception is also performing at the TTL festival coming up at the end of June. After Booby's I did some promoting around town, hitting up bus stops with the TTL handbills. Later in the day, Jason, Hot Rod and myself went to Turley park for some slacklining. I spread a few handbills on the corner of Sunset and 13, and had hundreds of people checking out the street/gorilla style of the TTL promo.  Later that night I hung out with some of the most grounded people I have ever met, one of them works for a local Radio Station (WDBX) and her show is called Native Voices. If you live in the Carbondale area listen for her show during Sunday afternoons around noon. We all sat around and played music together in a cozy living room with over 3 dozen lit candles.  After spending time with my new friends, I made my way home for some sleep before turning 25 the next day.

Thursday May 28, 2009 snowballed into being one of my favorite days of the year so far. Having almost all my friends and family together to celebrate my day of birth was really special. The party was close to the assembly we built during the blackout 09 for my brothers and Eric’s graduation bash. During the day I kept myself busy planning pre-parties to have ready before we go out, and planning after hour parties to have ready when we wanted to leave the bar scene. My friends were all down to watch the Sam West Trio perform some funk at Tres after we all ate. We all threw down at dinner and watched the game at the bar in Houlihan’s. Teddy was quite, while my dad held it down the only way he knows how. We all ate and drank before heading up to see Sam perform his set in downtown Carbondale. He rotates guitar players, which I find very interesting to listen to the differences between them. After the show we head back to Jason’s while others made their way to PK’s and elsewhere for their own after party. I made it home for some sleep at the end of my long day.

Friday May 29, 2009 was another fast moving day that kept me on my toes. Jason and I planned to travel to Anna-Jonesboro, Cobden and Makanda to spread the good word of Tall Tree Lake Music Festival. We started off in Anna-Jonesboro at some local music shops, then drove to Cobden, to find out most places there do not open till after 4 p.m. Makanda was our last stop for the day. As we arrive to the historic downtown boardwalk, my buddy from school welcomes us up to his balcony to relax in the sun for a few moments. After we visited with him for a few minutes, we made our way back to Carbondale. When I got back, I hit up the SIU campus with a few TTL handbills. Right now I am planning my evening, the Sliver Tongue Devils are playing at a local winery, but I doubt I will be able to make that show. They are also one of the many great acts at TTL this year. There is going to be tons of great local music at this event, and no one should miss out. Next week, I am planning on making it to Cape Girardeau, MO and Paducah, KY to continue to build the buzz for the festival. Jason and I will be traveling south of Nashville, TN to bonnaroo for one of the biggest music festivals in the world. Continue to check back for updates and get your tickets now for TTL while they are still 40 dollars at Tres and Walt’s pizza. Thank you for reading, and always enjoy yourself.
On the Makanda Boardwalk
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Summer Camp 2009 (Sunday)

Easy Star All-Stars

The Kickoff


Thank you for making it to the last section to my review on to Summer Camp 2009. This post kicks off summer and ends my festival experience in one fatal swoop. My days get a little mixed up, but it was either Saturday or Sunday when Jessica P. and I went to check out some yoga in the Soulshine Tent. We were running low on food and on Sunday we were eating hot dogs and granola bars. Madahoochi will also be throwing down some funk at Tall Tree Lake, they gave an amazing performance on the Campfire Stage to starts things on Sunday. Backyard Tire Fire is also on the TTL line-up and threw down a hot set at Summer Camp. When I was listening to BTF I felt an Alice Cooper, school is out kind of vibe. It was a great way to relax after two semesters at junior college. One of the biggest dance parties of the weekend took place at the improvised sounds of EOTO. They blend rock with electronic music that produces dance parties everywhere EOTO performs. I started packing the jeep after their set, the plan was for Jason and I to be ready to leave the festival after midnight. Easy Star All-Stars took over the Moonshine Stage for their interpretations of great music from Radiohead and the Beatles. They blend reggae with the original sound of the music to create an innovative style of cover music. MSMW brought the true nature of jazz from New York to Summer Camp for their set on the Moonshine Stage. Great American Taxi was throwing down some amazing bluegrass on the Starshine Stage around the same time of MSMW. They are also the headlining group at Tall Tree Lake Festival coming up June 26-27. I ran into some new friends from Colorado at their set as well. It was some of the members from The Corduroy who walked up to me and introduced themselves. They were some of the nicest people I met all weekend, and enjoyed their funk style jams on the Campfire Stage. I finished packing the jeep before checking out Bassnectar on the Starshine Stage with Janis from Family Groove. The real beauty about Summer Camp, are moments like those, when the bands get to interact with their fans and enjoy bands together. There were people camping out seats for Willie Nelson’s set on the Sunshine Stage. I was able to make it 3rd row for some iconic country music. While I was up close, one of the cute country girls was all over me. She was nice, but needs to learn some boundaries when dealing with people in a close proximity. Watching Willie Nelson was a real treat, I also ran into Robbie D, before heading back to the jeep for a 3 hour nap. Jason woke me up around midnight, and I checked out a quick look at the Easy Star All-Stars late night set in the barn, and Greensky Bluegrass on Campfire Stage. I woke Jason up and drove 5 hours back home to make it to work on time at 10 a.m. The weekend was full of good times, and I hope to see everyone at the Tall Tree Lake Music Festival coming up in Southern Illinois. Thank you for reading, and always enjoy yourself.          


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Summer Camp 2009 (Saturday)
shaded campsite

Wookies & Hippie Mamas  

Hello again, thanks for checking out the Saturday section of the Summer Camp review. Saturday was an amazing day for the “guest spot”. For those who don’t watch a lot of live music there is a thing called a guest spot. There are all kinds of guest spots, from one person sitting in with a band, to having several members from a group on stage with the performing act. Moe. is also one of the only bands who pull off an entire stage switch guest spot, this is when a whole band rotates with the performing act to take over the stage and perform and rotate back off stage. Gomaz did a set on the Moonshine Stage during the day before joining moe. later that evening on stage. Family Groove also used the power of the guest spot with the beautiful use of the fiddle from Allie Kral in Cornmeal during their midday set on the Sunshine Stage. FGC also did a special cover of Blackbird before their late night Big Lebowski set. Chicago Farmer guest spotted Jaik Willis on the camping stage during his set. They also did an acoustic set under the Soulshine Tent. The Ragbirds, and Al Schnier from moe. also gave special acoustic performances under the tent during the weekend. Al is such a great guy; he talked with the crowd and took requests. I requested “Blister in the Sun” and was lucky enough to hear Al throw down hardcore on the acoustic guitar. During The Station’s set I did some promo with my group to help build the buzz for Tall Tree Lake. Keller Williams also gave a first time performance on the Sunshine Stage. After checking out some of his set we made it over to Campfire Stage for some Rock and Roll with The Heavy Pets. Les Claypool was on the Moonshine Stage, his performance was good, but not long enough. Umphrey’s McGee gave the crowd a kick in the ass with their first time cross pollinating experience of Les Claypool on stage with them. Summer Camp also stepped their game up this year, with tons of beautiful fireworks and decorations to improve the festival environment. They also started a compost pile this year to help increase awareness for recycling. After moe. finished their headlining set I took a quick nap before the Wood Brothers late night set on the Campfire Stage. It was amazing waking up and hearing one of my favorite songs of theirs called “Postcards From Hell”. I ran over to the near by stage and ragged the late night show with my friends. We all sat around and made jokes about the Wookies (guys who don’t shave or cut their hair and look like Wookies) and Hippie Mamas. We all made it back to the campsite and rested at the end of our day. This marks the end of the Saturday section to the story. Thanks for reading, and always enjoy yourself.  

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Summer Camp 2009 (Friday)

Are We Having Fun Yet?


Thank you for checking out the Friday section of the Summer Camp saga. In this post I will review my experience on Friday May 22, 2009.  The day started slow, I woke up and got ready before enjoying The Brew on the Campfire Stage. There was several Summer Camp firsts this year for myself. It was the first time since moe.down in 2002, which I was able to enjoy a midday set from moe. on the Moonshine Stage. It would also be the first time I witnessed a Umphrey’s McGee show as a headliner at the festival. It was a nice change that beefed up my Friday festivities. Jaik Willis and Future Rock both gave their all during their afternoon sets. I missed the Dark Star Orchestra show to do some promo for Tall Tree Lake Music Festival. For those who love the music of the Grateful Dead, you may want to check out DSO. You can still get front row seats at Summer Camp if you get there early enough. Lotus gave a solid performance on the Sunshine Stage, before Girl Talk destroyed it during his show. Jason and Ezra jumped on stage and had a huge dance party, while I fled the chaotic scene for water. Method Man and Redman was an hour late for their show, it seems most rap artists get lost before a festival set. Their set did give the crowd a much needed taste of live rap/hip-hop. After their show I made it to the Moonshine Stage for the huge Umphrey’s headlining show. It was amazing to see their light show on that stage, each band has their own light show and setlists, and I love to see the two intermix with each other. I took it easy after the UM show and made it back to the campsite to unwind with my group.  This is the end to my Friday section of the blog, continue reading for more on this festival, and always enjoy yourself.

Girl Talk
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Summer Camp 2009 (Thursday)

Moonshine Stage

Pre-Party Thursday

Hello readers, this blog post will be cut up into four sections to make it easier to read. This post will cover the Summer Camp Music Festival 2009 in Chillicothe, Illinois. For those who have not attended a music festival, there are two kinds in general, which are camping festivals (on campgrounds in rural areas), and ones in large cities that stick you with the cost of getting a hotel room, or finding somewhere to crash. Summer Camp is on a campground that provides amazing campsites compared to other larger camping music festivals. The Tall Tree Lake Festival coming up June 26-27 will also have some shaded, comfortable and intimate campsites. When I started thinking about how I would review Summer Camp, I wondered if people needed to know the bad things about the festival as well as the good parts, or if leaving the negative parts out would be better. If you read this article and would really like to know some of the “dirt” email me and I will let you know. The festival experience starts when you pack your vehicle for the trip. If you don’t plan ahead, there is a good chance you will pay the price later. Once Jason and I had the jeep packed and ready we started driving north around 8 a.m. The gates opened around noon and we had to drive 5 hours to arrive to the chaos known as Summer Camp. We had some friends leave before us and saved us an amazing campsite, (top secret tip #1) if you have the chance, go to the campgrounds on Wednesday/ a day before the festival, and you can drive right in and leave your gear at the spot you would like to camp. After Jason and I moved the camping materials from the jeep to the campsite, we relaxed at the campsite with our friends from home while U-Melt was warming up the Starshine Stage. I missed the FGC side project group (Women’s Downhill), but plan to check them out at the next festival or show I can see them perform. Toubab Krewe took the stage after Family Groove melting the crowd down. The western African influence from Toubab Krewe gave the crowd a shot of culture with a chill dance party. We all cooked up some food on the grill before Cornmeal started their 3 day run at the festival. 56 Hope Road threw down the late night performance on the Campfire Stage. Thursdays pre-party also gave the festival goers a chance to feel the heat from the late night shows in the Barn. It gets packed and sells out easily, so be careful. Future Rock & Lotus threw down hot jams till late in the evening. The long day came to an end around 3 a.m. This concludes Thursday’s portion of my story, for more on this festival continue reading, and always enjoy yourself.

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T3 Campaign Countdown
Chuck  Matthew 1988

"The Campaign Countdown to Tall Tree Lake"

Hey everyone reading, thank you for checking out the blog. There has been a lot going on recently and wanted to keep this updated. This week in review begins with the end of the spring semester at JALC. Finals were postponed at JALC due to the "inland hurricane"/ Derecho that hit Southern Illinois. The big question was, if JALC was going to continue to finals, even though a portion of the students did not have power the prior weekend. On Tuesday, I found out the great news that finals were canceled. This officially kicked off my summer of 2009. The epic ending to my first year back at college may be a sign of things to come.
In the next 40 days/ 40 nights I will be all over the country pushing the good word of the Tall Tree Lake Music Festival event coming up June 26-27 in Goreville, IL. ( ) Last night, Jason and myself brought our fire to a Moulin Rouge party in downtown Carbondale. Now we are getting ready for the trip to northern Illinois, for the Summercamp Music Festival, coming up next weekend, May 21-24. We will be seeing big bands and pushing Tall Tree to the mid-size crowd. After Summercamp, we plan to tour the southern cities of Illinois to inform the people of Tall Tree Music Festival.
Bonnaroo is our next stop on "Campaign Countdown" to Tall Tree Lake. We will be traveling to the hills of Tennessee for one of the largest scale music events in the world called bonnaroo. There is a contest going on right now with Fuse Tv at (you can check out the my entry to the contest, they are giving three groups the chance to record their festival experience in style & on t.v.) In between bonnaroo and The Tall Tree Lake I will be back in Southern Illinois pushing T3 to the max.
I hope everyone has a great summer, for those who love camping and music try to plan Tall Tree Music Festival into your summer plans. Thanks for reading, and always enjoy yourself.


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Tall Tree Lake Music Festival


Team B Presents Tall Tree Lake Music Festival 2009

Hey everyone, there is an event coming up June 26-27 in the heart of Southern Illinois and I want everyone to know about this festival. When I was growing up/going to high school I had two older friends who would throw parties on the weekends and ask me to pull in the younger crowd. As time passed the parties got larger and larger. In 2006 they offered to let me help with a festival that will go down in histroy, (Wakarusa 06/Cop-a-rusa 06) The cops were bad, but it was on land owned by the state, (side note) the land for Tall Tree is private land. While in 06 the security was bad, the line-up is still one of the best line-ups ever made. Check it out for yourself. Team B decided to make their own festival and run it with the best intentions.  I would not be writing this if I didn't think these guys have everything it takes to construct the one of the best festivals in the country. Tickets are available at the gate, or online at the festival's website 


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Loyal Earth Festival 4-20-09
The Loyal Earth Festival 4-20-09

Loyal Earth Festival 2009

Hey everyone, thanks for your support. This blog is to review and to let others explore the event known as the Loyal Earth Arts and Music Festival. The festival is a 5 day event that not only gives the people music to dance to is also informs the community on environmental issues, such as recycling. Spring weather can cause stress on outside events when there is rain. Luckily the weather was perfect on the afternoon of the April twentieth. EOTO was playing an afternoon set as we entered the venue. The Loyal Family was really nice and very supportive, it is always a huge plus when the promoters care about the audience. Another great piece to the festival is the can food drive they had going with Conscious Alliance. iClips was also there giving the people at home a live feed to the amazing live music. I was there to film MO2 from San Fran, their stage time was 8-9:30 on the outside stage. Having lunch at the Old Rock House was nice, Jason and I enjoyed the pulled pork. The venue had over a dozen t.v's with the live feed from both stages. MO2 hit the stage running around 8 as I worried that the weather would effect the show. The bass player was not able to make this show due to personal matters, but the other members of MO2 turned it out for the St. Louis crowd. After watching this show, I compared MO2 to a huge iceburg, and this show was just the tip. They really do create a energy that is unmatched to any other band I have seen recently. Madahoochi continued to pump the St. Louis crowd with intense jams on the inside & outside stage. EOTO would play a late night set as well to cap off the amazing festival. Thank you for reading, below is one of the videos from the show, enjoy.

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Loyal Earth Festival 09
The Loyal Earth Festival 4-20-09

Loyal Earth Festival 2009

Hey everyone, thanks for your support. This blog is to review and to let others explore the event known as the Loyal Earth Arts and Music Festival. The festival is a 5 day event that not only gives the people music to dance to is also informs the community on environmental issues, such as recycling. Spring weather can cause stress on outside events when there is rain. Luckily the weather was perfect on the afternoon of the April twentieth. EOTO was playing an afternoon set as we entered the venue. The Loyal Family was really nice and very supportive, it is always a huge plus when the promoters care about the audience. Another great piece to the festival is the can food drive they had going with Conscious Alliance. iClips was also there giving the people at home a live feed to the amazing live music. I was there to film MO2 from San Fran, their stage time was 8-9:30 on the outside stage. Having lunch at the Old Rock House was nice, Jason and I enjoyed the pulled pork. The venue had over a dozen t.v's with the live feed from both stages. MO2 hit the stage running around 8 as I worried that the weather would effect the show. The bass player was not able to make this show due to personal matters, but the other members of MO2 turned it out for the St. Louis crowd. After watching this show, I compared MO2 to a huge iceburg, and this show was just the tip. They really do create a energy that is unmatched to any other band I have seen recently. Madahoochi continued to pump the St. Louis crowd with intense jams on the inside & outside stage. EOTO would play a late night set as well to cap off the amazing festival. Thank you for reading, below is one of the videos from the show, enjoy.

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The Morel Mushroom Hunt

"April Fools"

Spring brings so many different kinds of resources that we need everyday. On April fool's day, I decided to try hunting Morel Mushrooms in the woods of southern Illinois.  If you are an experienced Morel hunter you may have several spots picked out to find these delicious mushrooms. A group of about 8 of us met together in a spot picked out by two experienced Morel gathers. It takes a certain eye to find these type of mushrooms, due to the dark colored caps of them. Later in the spring season the caps turn a brighter color making it easier to find them. This was the first time in my life where I was looking for mushrooms of any kind and I was nervous of not finding anything. After an hour I still had not found a single mushroom. It was not easy finding these dark colored caps on the ground. Once I found a patch of them with an experienced hunter I felt the fever of being a hunter myself. Finding these caps meant that you had something for dinner that night. After 2-3 hours of hunting I found 5 caps, which felt like a huge success. I haven't ate one yet, but my friends were very happy eating the meaty caps. Thanks for reading and always enjoy yourself.


Also for those needing to get away this summer, check out the 10klf in Minnesota this July. You can check out the website at and use the promo 202447 to save cash on tickets and merchandise. 

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Family Groove Company live at the Copper Dragon
"Spring is Here"

Hey everyone, hope your spring/summer tours are looking good.  My unofficial kick off to spring was at the FGC & Cornmeal show at the Copper Dragon on 03-01-09. FGC opened the show and pumped up the college crowd before Cornmeal rocked out till almost 2 am on a Sunday night at the Copper Dragon brewery.  This show was originally scheduled at the Copper, but some shows have been moved from the main jam music bar in town, (The Hanger 9) to the larger sized venue in town known at the Copper Dragon. There is some music history behind both of these venues, one interesting note is moe. has one of their live warts and all cds, made from the Copper Dragons brewery. Cornmeal was performed there before, but it was a first time for FGC. These two bands are very talented and really reach out to their fans.  The Family Groove Company played some new tunes of their latest album "Models & Metrics", while mixing it up with some new material that shows the magic of the expansion of FGC. You can check out some of this amazing live performance at
Thanks for reading everyone, and always enjoy yourself.
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Backyard Tire Fire @ The Hanger 9
“Cheers Everyone”

I would like to thank everyone for an amazing year last year. 2009 is shaping up to be one of the most historic periods of time our generation may ever have the chance to witness. One of my favorite things to witness on stage is the rising careers of the musicians that make up the Midwestern music scene. I think it’s still early to call it a Renaissance, but the Midwest is starting to develop a new wave of pop culture. On 1-16-09 I witnessed The Sam West Trio pack a well establish bar in one city. After that show I saw Backyard Tire Fire perform in a packed Hanger 9 in another city. It was full of get drunk and dance your ass off kind of people. Sam’s show started earlier in Marion at a bar known as John Brown’s. Jason, Jordon and I met up with Teddy at JB’s while The Sam West Trio performed their avant-grade style of rock/funk. After Sam’s show we headed back to Carbondale to catch the Backyard Tire Fire show at the Hanger 9. They started up around midnight and warm the crowd up with some smoother songs. The range of music this band can create on stage is a pleasure to watch and film. BTF turned up the heat with a Neil Young classic “Cinnamon Girl”, followed by a hot new track of their upcoming album. While I was at the bar in between shots I met some new friends, while making new memories with old friends. Backyard Tire Fire ended their set with an amazing version of Tom Petty’s “Runnin’ Down A Dream”. There was a James Bond dress up after party that I missed, but after two shows I was ready for some sleep. There will be videos up soon inside this blog or at Thanks for reading, and always enjoy yourself. 0 Comments :: Permalink :: Sun 1/18/2009 10:42 AM
The Station & Cornmeal @ The Copper Dragon
"Happy Holidays"

The Station & Cornmeal delivered another round of epic performances at The Copper Dragon in Carbondale, IL on 12-04-08.  I hope everyone is having a happy holiday season during this important time of transition in our countries history. Almost exactly one year ago on 12-06-07, I saw Cornmeal play at the Hanger 9. The Station and Cornmeal both have continued to infuse new elements into their core songs. These two bands play different genres of music, while they both inspire true music lovers with the universal language. The Station opened the show that night just after 10 pm. They kicked the show off with an improve intro into one of their core songs, "Shoulders of Giants". Their songs used a chill vibe to slowly build the energy of the room. Cornmeal would later use that energy to produce legendary jams that were true gifts of great bluegrass. After The Station finished their set, I ran into some old friends. Walter, Courtney, Casey and I made some new friends while Cornmeal setup their equipement. They started their set with "Drinking Away The Memories of You". This was a nice preview of the intensity that was to come. Another highlight of the set was the jammed out version of "Dig A Hole". Cornmeal returned with a two song encore, beginning with a cover from The Doors, "Alabama Song(Whiskey Bar)". This fueled the crowd with energy that had them bouncing and dancing around the dance floor to the progressive sounds of bluegrass from Cornmeal. They ended their encore with "How Mountain Girls Can Love". For more about this show check out my videos below and on one of my youtube sites. Rev. Peytons Big Damn Band performed the following night in Carbondale, at The Hanger 9. It was nice walking in the bar and you look around for your friends and you find Cornmeal hanging out on one of thier few days off this year. Rev. Peyton busted through the front door with a high level of energy and never let up throughout the late evening. Thanks for reading, happy holidays and always enjoy yourself. 
12/04/08 (Thu)  Copper Dragon - Carbondale, IL               Cornmeal
Set 1: Drinking Away The Memories Of You, Shake A Leg, Edge Of The World, Dig A Hole, Rise Above, Feet On The Ground, Not At Home Anymore, Troubled Land, Girl With The Short Brown Hair, E: Alabama Song, How Mountain Girls Can Love
For those planning on an exciting weekend at 10klf use this promo code (202447) for $10 off a GA ticket and $25 off a VIP a ticket.

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Old Crow, Woodbox Gang & Halloween 08
Puff Alexander "The Great" Pumpkin

The end of my October turned into a jam packed extravaganza of amazing Midwestern music. My mash up begins with the Old Crow Medicine Show at The Pageant in St. Louis, Missouri. Old Crow has just dropped a new album on their Indie label called Tennessee Pusher. They went out on a country wide tour to promote their new material. While Old Crow was passing through the Midwest they stopped by St. Louis on October 22nd to perform their style of modern bluegrass for a juiced up crowd.
Ashley C, Jordan B, Jessica and Lenny were meeting up with Jason and I at the venue. Before the show I was left with an extra ticket to sell for some extra cash. While Jason and I were eating at the China Noodle Cafe across the street from The Pageant, someone walks into the restaurant and asks if anyone has an extra ticket for sale. Since I was bad at ticket scalping I sold my extra ticket to the random guy standing at the door. My group all met up at the show, while Old Crow threw down a great mix of original old and new music. They played two sets which was nice change from when I saw them in 07, when they only played one set. The encore featured the self title song off the new album called "Tennessee Pusher", and a classic version of "Union Maid".

After years of riots and destruction the city of Carbondale, Illinois has closed a certain portion of the Strip on Halloween. Carbondale stretches out Halloween over two weeks so people don't all cut loose at once. While I was cutting loose, The Woodbox Gang was setting up their equipment at the Hanger 9 on Ocoter 30th. The Woodbox Gang arranged a set of cover music from the work of the Misfits. They also performed this set at The House of Blues in Chicago the following night. During their show I enjoyed the sounds of the Gang and danced around the Hanger 9 during a free time in my life. After ending a relationship I felt like it was time to enjoy life for a change. People were packed from wall to wall as we had a dressed up dance party. Costumes were very creative throughout the night, and during the contest. Once the show was over I got some sleep before starting the official holiday of Halloween.

Halloween started on a good note as I lifted my spirits before school at Jason's. We planned our trip out at the cave to celebrate Halloween. I carved a pumpkin as a mask for art class project. I brought Puff Alexander to class and showed him off to my classmates. After school I wore the pumpkin mask around Carbondale for kicks. People were stopping their cars to take pictures with phones of the great pumpkin mask. We traveled out to the cave to find the gates were still closed until 4:30 p.m. Once we made it into the campgrounds we found one of the best campsites next to Eagles Nest near the overlook at the top of the cave. I took time to throw down a podcast out of order with number 5. It turned out like my month, it was exciting, informative, loose and always entertaining. Sam West Trio kicked off the festivities with their blend of revolutionary music. They played some original tracks off their most recent album and some new tracks including covers from Black Sabbath and Jay Hawkins. After they busted down the door, the crowd was ready to rock into the night with Papa Smileys group of Brain Bananas. They are from the St. Louis area where my story started a few days before. I got some sleep and work up at 5 a.m to find another rave party going on for my breakfast. I left Puff Alexander on the stage while I rested, once I woke up I travled to the bottom of the cave to find the great pumpkin chilling on stage next to the DJ. I went back to the campsite and visited with my chill neighbors near our campfire. Jason and I got our stuff together and left the cave for the last time this year. I can't wait for 4-20-09 at the cave, if you get a chance, make the drive. Thanks for reading, and always enjoy yourself.
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CaveStock 5
"Good Morning"

The title to my story was taken from a conversation that took place during the festival last weekend. Some of my friends and I were sitting around the campfire while the security at the cave did their walk through. One of our neighbors had a loose screw it seemed. While the security passed by us, our neighbor calls them over to talk. John says " Good Morning officer, how are you doing"? The security guards respond with " It's 9 p.m at night, don't get too fucked up". My weekend started during Friday afternoon on 9-26-08. After packing the jeep and collecting our camping supplies, my group and I drove out to the Salt Peter Cave. The weather was perfect during the day, but became chilly at night. Once we arrived at the Cave we started to setup our campsite. Putting up the tent, meeting our neighbors, getting some cold drinks and for the first time we setup a campfire. Camping use to mean roughing it like the old days, now most people go to RV parks where campfires are not allowed. The owner Bob, stopped by our campsite and gave us some shit about having the fire pit. He said " if this were your camp grounds would you be happy with this setup for a fire pit". My older brother Chuck said " yeah Bob, what would like to see"? Bob helped us put a container around the campfire, he got back on his golf cart and drove away. After setting everything up I continued drinking with my group. Chuck knew before the weekend his girlfriend Shauna was coming down from St.Louis. She gave him a call and stopped by the campsite for the night. Defined Perception was playing on the Main Stage while I fell into the left field. Left Field is made up of people who go to events to party, but miss out on the entertainment. I also had to work the next day, so I was pacing myself for a long weekend.
My Saturday started started early, I woke up around 4 a.m. It was different waking up and going to rave for a breakfast. Teddy was still awake watching the lights and listening to Andy B. The music ended around 5 in the morning, after that was over Teddy and I visited with his mom at Kellys Hippy Hut. She had a group of interesting characters around her campsite. One guy named HipE, was filled with wisdom and had a quick wit. Wisdom comes in so many forms, some people can build houses, others excel in academics, HipE was able to keep a campfire rolling all night. I would wake Jason up around sunrise and we headed back into town. After a long day of work, I found out Teddy, Chuck and Shauna all punked out on day two of the festival. Jason and I traveled back to the Cave late Saturday to enjoy yourselves and cook some amazing food. We ate and drank at the campsite while the sun fell below the night sky. I went to look for my good friend Jessica Y, who was doing some filming for Jaik Willis. Jaik has his own style of modern folk music that fills anyone with a breath of fresh air. Jessica and I hung out before the Pnuma Trio show. Pnuma Trio took the stage to the largest crowd of the weekend. They are on the STS9 record label called 1320 records. Pnuma Trio is made up of a keyboard, bass and drums. They spin their music in a computer to project interesting new sounds. Pnuma Trio could have player longer, but it was alright since JoBu was closing the festival. I was excited about getting to see JoBu again, they have moved from Carbondale to Champaign recently. They are playing a Halloween show with Family Groove Company and Cornmeal at the Canopy Club. Their set at the Cave was cut short due to a missing person. After the music ended Jessica and I hung out with JoBu and Jaik, while we helped them get their stuff together. We had some late night cooking with Jason and called it a night. Thanks for reading and always enjoy yourself.

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"Mulberry Mountain Harvest Music Festival" 1.3
"Umphrey's McGee vs. Hurricane Ike"

The end to my Mulberry Mountain experience picks back up around Saturday afternoon at my campsite. My neighbors on both sides were expecting storms later in the day. The crowd was very helpful and caring at festival. The owners were very kind people, and I believe that the amount of effort the owners and promoters put into the festival, will result with a positive energy in the crowd. My only problem was not informing the crowd about the storm before it hit the festival. My neighbors "The Clicks" were the ones who informed me about serve weather coming towards our area. After hearing different reports of the weather for that day, I came to the conclusion that the rain was going to get bad around 5 p.m. Cornmeal opened the Main Stage on Saturday around high noon, with the a little help of Vince Herman. While I was relaxing near my campsite some of neighbors were listening to some music out of their vehicle. I was really digging their music, so I asked what band was playing. They answered with,  this is Ben Miller, he is playing on the Campground Stage in an hour. After Cornmeal I made my way to the rockabilly sounds of Ben Miller. They rocked out during the one hour of the day when the sky was clear. Hot Butter Rum String Band brought the storm back with their mountain high style of bluegrass. Since the last Hot Butter Rum show I saw in 05, the banjo player has started using the slide guitar during some of their songs. This creates a traditional sound to their style of modern bluegrass. They were getting wet with the Mulberry crowd as the storm pushed the rain on the stage. I was really excited about catching the Hot Butter Rum show before the weather ended the music. Green Mountain Grass was throwing down with the lady and the wine bag on the Campground Stage.  Hurricane Ike was in full effect after the Hot Butter Rum show. Perpetual Groove performed during a strong storm on the Main Stage. The scattered storm ended before the P-Groove set was over. The sky was filled with a dense Grey color that filled me with a calm feeling just before the real storm came through. During the break after P-Groove and before The Wailers, I talked with Jessica about finding shelter before the weather turned ugly. I told her to meet me over in the tent when she felt comfortable. As we were relaxing under the Harvest Tent together, we noticed the sound team was setting up Umphrey's McGee equipment. After The Wailers show, they announced that the Umphrey's show was going to be under this small tent instead of on the Main Stage. UM closed the festival out in style as they finished their show around 1:00 a.m. The Harvest Tent was blown away from the winds of Hurricane Ike just after the Umphrey's set. I would say that Umphrey's won the battle of man against weather. They really do care about their fans, this summer they had to cancel some shows due to weather. UM brought their equipment out on this small stage to play for the die hard fans who made it through the rough weekend. We were blessed with a great set during the chaos of Hurricane Ike. After their show we drove back through the Ozark Mountain Country during Hurricane Ike's dangerous winds and heavy rainfall. Jessica drove like a veteran during her shift of midnight driving. We made it back home around 8:00 a.m safe and sound. The hurricane had destroyed a large portion of the country before it ended later that day. Mulberry Mountain is one of my favorite adventures, the overall experience was amazing. Thanks for reading, and always enjoy yourself.
09/13/08 (Sat)  Mulberry Mountain Harvest Music Festival @ Mulberry River Mountain Ranch - Ozark, AR
Set 1: Slacker, Der Bluten Kat > "Jimmy Stewart" > Atmosfarag > Der Bluten Kat, Mullet (Over)

Set 2: Front Porch* > Resolution + > Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin)+, Young Lust, Nothing Too Fancy > FF > Higgins, E: August > Nothing Too Fancy, The Song Remains the Same > The Rain Song

Comment: * with Jake on drums and Kris Myers on vocals. + with Bill McKay.
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"Mulberry Mountain Harvest Music Festival" 1.2
"Hurricane Ike"

The story starts back up from where we left off on Friday morning. I wake up around 8 a.m to find most of my neighbors were still sleeping. Since I just got back into school I decided to bring some of my school work to study before the music started on the Main Stage at noon. Oakhurst was the first band to play the Main Stage on Friday, September 12th. They played a style of progressive bluegrass that kicked the Mulberry crowd into high gear. Once they were coming to an end I went on a hike to look for the waterfalls I had seen in the Mountain Creek Waterfall Trail. When I asked how long is the hike, I got the widest range of answers. From 45 minutes total, to 2 hours round trip. Once I started my way down the trail, I could see the effort it was going to take to make it back up the trail. The trail was also very confusing, almost half the people I talked to had gone the wrong way at some point in time. I walked right to the first waterfall with little problems. The majority of the crowd walking the trail informed me that the larger waterfall was several miles away from the first waterfall. After filming some of the beauty of the 30 ft waterfall I walked my way back up the steep mountain trail. Once I made it back to the festival grounds I found myself caught in a Great American Taxi dance party on the main stage with the host for the weekend "Vince Herman". The weather on Friday from noon till 6 p.m was perfect, considering the weather report called for rain all weekend. After Vince played with Great American Taxi, he did a guest spot with The New Monsoon on the Main Stage. After that set I made my way over to the Campground stage for a Family Groove and Blue Turtle sandwich. I found some fellow slackliners at the campground stage that we getting down on the slackline. Family Groove played in the heat of the Arkansas sun, while Blue Turtle Seduction performed during the beginning of Hurricane Ike. I filmed some of both bands, the recording came out looking and sounding good. Family Groove Company have been playing great music and creating amazing set lists for years now. I was able to catch them at The Strip Mines Music Festival at the end of August. They have endless amounts of potential and talent needed to get a dance floor wet. Hot Butter Rum kept making wet references, they played the following day on the Main Stage. After FGC, The Blue Turtle Seduction loaded their equipment on the stage and started their with a light rain coming down. That light rain turned into a down poor as BTS played through the shower that brought strong winds and heavy rain. Blue Turtle Seduction put on there set with a fearless attitude that put a postive energy into the crowd of Mulberry. After BTS I drank too much before watching The Avett Brothers on The Main Stage. I knew I was drunk after the Avett Brothers cause I was barely able to stay awake for the Leftover Salmon set. My decision to drink that much also cost me the Boombox late night performance. Waking up the next morning to a cloudy sky was expected, but how bad the weather was going to get was the question. Hurricane Ike continues with my next post.  


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Mulberry Mountain Harvest Music Festival

Welcome to the Thunderdome ladies and gentlemen. The Thunderdome reference was taken from the crowds at the Mulberry Mountain Music Festival I attended last weekend. Mulberry is in the Ozark Mountain Country of northwest region in Arkansas.The festival showcased bands like Leftover Salmon, Boombox, Umphrey's McGee, Blue Turtle Seduction, Family Groove Company, Hackensaw Boys and other great acts that I was able to catch before the hurricane known as "Ike" ended the festival. My weekend will be broken down into days, from the 11th-14th of September. Thanks for reading and always enjoy. The story starts on Thursday morning while I pack my stuff for the following weekend. While I was packing my clothes I thought about the weather I would be facing during the weekend. My friend Jessica was traveling from St. Louis, Mo to my place, to pick me up for the festivities last weekend. She arrived at my place just before afternoon. I brought my atlas, but forgot to bring a copy of the directions. The drive there had great weather until we made it near the festival grounds. We stopped at a rest area in the mountains and found a flyer with the directions needed to find the venue. The drive up any mountain can make some people nervous, and when there is bad weather most people don't even try. When Jessica and I drove through the Ozark Mountain Country it was like a walk in the park. Just after we settle in at the festival the weather clears the night sky. It was around 7:30 p.m and the Hackensaw Boys were playing under the Harvest Tent Stage.  New Belgium Brewing was introducing the can form of Fat Tire beer that night. Thick shoes or no shoes should be recommended while watching the Hackensaw Boys, due to the amount of foot stomping that normally takes place.  After an amazing set of music they came back out for an encore. They stepped to the front of the stage totally unplugged, and played two soul packed numbers to end their show. After their show I listen to some of the Mountain of Venus set with the host of the weekend "Vince Herman". I caught some sleep after that and woke the next morning. The story continues with the second post. 


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Strip Mines Music Festival 2008 (Part 2)
"Thank You"

I want to first say thank you to the people who help setup the Strip Mines Music Festival. Everyone pulled together to put together a weekend filled with peace, love & music. The story starts back up at 7:30 a.m on Sunday morning. I just woke up to find a campsite full of people. Jason gives me a ride into Carbondale around 8, and I have to be at work at 10:30. While I am getting ready for work, I feel the lack of sleep hit me like a ton of bricks. Meanwhile my friends were having breakfast and enjoying themselves, I was fighting to stay awake. I planned to take an hour nap and use my alarm clock to wake me back up. Around 12:30 I wake up to find myself two hours late for work. I didn't have time to shower, or really get ready, so I just throw my clothes on and ran out the door. Once I arrive to work I let my managers know why I was late and continue with my afternoon. This was the first time I was late and they were understanding. After work I head back to the cave for round 3 of my Labor Day Weekend. We pick up right where we had left off earlier that day. The weather was perfect all weekend long as we soaked in the cool breeze of the fall weather. After some grilling and drinking we all head down the cave to watch Backyard Tire Fire. The music they play has a modern day classic rock feel. While they rocked the cave Teddy was getting himself into trouble with Jason. I was filming, and Ashley and Felipe were dancing and enjoying themselves. Backyard Tire Fire would play some new music for the Strip Mines Music Festival audience, I was able to catch the title track off their new album "The Places We Lived". After their set was over a band named Alabaster Brown took the stage before the Family Groove Company's late night set. Alabaster Brown played a folk style of music, with some bluegrass mixed in their set. Family Groove Company would close to festival with a funky cave throw-down. FGC really brings you into their family with every set they play. The love started with a Stephen Stills cover "Love The One You're With" and continued with a set of packaged heat. FGC would play some original tunes that brought the amazing weekend to a close. Teddy had woke me up the night before to tell me about this game show that was taking place. While we were hanging out after the Family Groove show the host of the game show walks up to me and asks " are you ready to be in the next game show"? I join two other people in what they called the game show. Which was really one guy with a flashlight asking random questions, and giving out random prizes. He tells us to introduce ourselves, one old guy, one lame girl and you have me, "Ham Sandwich". I get a point for using my own flashlight and being creative. He asks us "knock knock who is in their"? The girl and old guy give lame answers as I pick up on the improve comedy. I answer with " I pop the back window, jump out and start running, it might be the cops". That gets the crowd of about a dozen people a laugh as we go to the next question. He asks us about hitting someone on a bike, which I gave a lame answer to and he gives the girl a point. Its a tied game going into the final answer between the girl and myself. Before he starts his question I start doing to bass lick from the song "Final Countdown". He asks "what does one hand clapping sound like"? I continue with the bass sounds and start singing the song as he cuts me off and says I lose because I don't care enough. I don't know what prize the girl won, and I really don't care. It was fun just giving the audience a laugh. I hope you have enjoyed my stories from the Labor Day Weekend. I have some videos up on my youtube site for everyone to check out. Thanks for reading and always enjoy yourself.
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Strip Mines Music Festival 2008 (Part 1)

The next section of my story takes place on Saturday of my Labor Day Weekend. When I woke up around 8:30 a.m I felt ready to work all day and party all night. After a long day of work, my friends Jason R, and Teddy picked me up, and we drove down to The Strip Mines Music Festival. We got down to the cave around 7 p.m with enough time to setup our tent and cook some food. Jason had cut some beef with a meat slicer that made it easy to eat while at the campsite. We had some drinks while filming my 2nd podcast. The funny thing about the footage is us fighting about how I am going to  get to work on time the next morning. While everyone told me it was going to be fine and not worry, I saw into the future, and it was not looking pretty. I looked for my friends The Station before their set, but could not find them in the massive cave. The Station's set started around 10 p.m, they would play new songs of their new live album. They played "Somethings Gotta Give", "Sinister Duplicity" and "Without A Trace" with other great songs that filled the acoustics of The Salt Peter Cave. After their show we took an allstar set-break before the Future Rock late night performance. Future Rock started their set with a bang, like a pirate ship with a dozen cannons pointed right in your direction. Their set was an epic late night performance that gave Particle's bonnaroo 03 set a run for it's money. I made it till 4 a.m before heading back to the tent. The electronic music would keep others dancing until 4:30 a.m. While I am sleeping, Teddy wakes me up to tell me about a game show that was taking place. Since I had to be up in a few hours I decided to pass. I wake up at 7:30 a.m on Sunday to find a campsite full of people who I didn't know. For more on my Labor Day Weekend continue with part 2.
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Robert Randolph & The Family Band/ Garaj Mahal 8-29-08
"No Curtains Necessary"

Since the last time I wrote a blog I have started a new job and have gotten back into school. Life has been crazy, but I have found time to share my stories with you. This story starts off after a long day at John A. Logan. It's the Friday leading into Labor Day Weekend, and my group and I were getting ready to drive to St. Louis for a free Robert Randolph & The Family Band show. 105.7 The Point & Bud Light were giving away tickets for the event. I contacted 105.7 The Point, and they were able to hook me up with 10 tickets. Thank you 105.7, your radio station is truly amazing. I invited Jason, Teddy, Jessica Y, Felipe, Ashley C, Jessica P and Lenny. The remaining tickets were given to fans who really wanted to see the show. We drive to Laclede's Landing in downtown St. Louis, and arrive around 6:30 p.m. The weather was perfect for the outside performance. Before the show we headed in The Feisty Bulldog on First Street for drinks. My entourage and I moved over to the amphitheater next to the riverfront. Dogtown Allstars opened the show with the kind of music you boogie down to with friends. After they ended their set The Set Break Allstars took over the crowd. My group and I danced like crazy to music in between sets. St. Louis doesn't know how to party like us, they just looked at us with wide eyes. Once Robert Randolph hit the stage we were ready for the electrifying sounds of his steel pedal guitar. RRFB had three steel pedal guitar players during this show. I felt like it was a little bit of an overkill, but it was a nice change when Robert would throw down his solos. He covered some MJ and ended his set with "Ain't Nothing Wrong Wth That". After that show, Jessica Y, and I headed back to southern Illinois for a music festival at Salt Peter Cave. We arrived there around 1:30 a.m to catch the sounds of Garaj Mahal. It was extremely different then the RRFB show we just watched. Garaj Mahal plays an alternative style of rock made for those who like to look away from the mainstream. While we were walking around Jessica and I run into some friends who play in The Family Groove Company. They were relaxing after one of their sets that weekend. Around 3:00 a.m we call it a night and head back to my place. There was a party going on when I got home that lasted until 4 a.m. I made it work on time the next morning at 9 a.m, but I felt the lack of sleep throughout the day. The story continues with day two of my Labor Day Weekend.    
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Four Part Series
"Summer Weather Brings Birds Together"

The four posts below are one story that takes you on a ride all over the midwest. From reggae on the big stage, to up and comers in an intimate setting. Grace Potter opens for The Black Crowes in a downtown festival. While ending with a bang of a firework display. Thanks for reading any of my stories and always enjoy yourself. 
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The Black Crowes @ Live Off The Levee 7-25-08

"Euphoria Or Bust Tour"

This post marks the end to the four part series of my story. As the pterodactyls invade our space, we get down and dirty in the mud. I took my shoes off and danced on our carpets while the dinosaurs made their moves. The Black Crowes came into town with a new album and a new line up. Luther Dickinson plays in group called the North Mississippi All-Stars. He has taken a break from that band to join the crowes on their new album and tour. Luther is one of the most talented guitar players in the world. His roots are deep in the origins of the Mississippi delta, where rock and roll was created. When Luther plays the electric guitar, its like hearing the joyful sounds of the past which made America the great place it is today. The new line up also includes Adam Macdougall who plays the piano in the band, with the soul needed to rock with the crowes. Warpaint marks the 7th album from The Black Crowes. It was released off their own Sliver Arrow label record company in 2008. During the show they played songs off the new album which included "Goodbye Daughters of the Revolution" and "Wounded Bird". They also did a jammed out instrumental song that I rarely hear from this band. They also played some older songs like "Jealous Again", "Soul Singing", "Remedy" and ended the show with "Hard To Handle". I met some people close to my group that had all seen The Black Crowes before this show. We all agreed that this concert was one of the best shows we had seen in years. After the show, they had a firework display that I wasn't excited about watching, but did film some of the beauty of the exploding gunpowder. Thank you for reading any of the reviews and stories of my concert experiences. Enjoy yourself and have a great day.

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Grace Potter and the Nocturnals @ Live Off The Levee
"The Scarebird"

The third part of this story starts on Friday, July 25th. My day begun around noon, I made some calls and found out we would be driving up to St. Louis around 3 p.m. During our drive we had planned on picking up Hayley, a friend of ours to join us in the festivities. While we were driving through the cornfields of Illinois, I looked out the window and thought to myself. Why do they call it a scarecrow? Do only crows attack the crops and why don't they just call it a scarebird? Which gave us all a laugh as I sat back with my thoughts of wonder. I looked up scarebird on the net and found out someone else had the same great idea. Which turned into a book, that later went on to be a part of The New York Times best sellers. Maybe I should stop writing blogs and try writing a book. When we arrived to St. Louis we found a nearby parking spot and walked to Chestnut and 13th street. This is where the Live Off The Levee would be taking place this summer due to flooding. We made our way around the park and found a spot for Jason to slackline. After 10 minutes one the security guards walk up to us and asked Jason to take it down. It was a first in our slackline history, everywhere else they allow Jason to walk on his tightrope, but in downtown St. Louis that doesn't fly. The carpets Jason uses to hold the rope to the trees were nice to sit on though. Grace Potter and the Nocturnals are based out of Waitsfield, Vermont. They perform at large festivals and open for acts like Dave Matthews, Gov't Mule and on this tour they would open for The Black Crowes. Grace is a young, beautiful singer songwriter who knows how to work a crowd. The weather was perfect while she filled the audience with her style of vintage rock and roll. Her voice grabs you while lifting you from your pain of everyday life. Their set was on the short side, just a little over an hour. GPN did an exciting drum solo which featured the whole band. Once their set ended you could see the pterodactyl's rolling into the festival grounds. If you missed my blog about the STS9 show, a pterodactyl is someone struggling while at a concert. We will never see another one like the STS9 show though. Tune into the next blog for the Black Crowes review.  0 Comments :: Permalink :: Sat 7/26/2008 3:06 PM
Jobu @ Tres 7-24-08
"Stop Time"

The night of reggae music continues at a Mexican bar just across town called Tres Hombres. The band Jobu was playing their style of reggae for the Carbondale crowd. Jobu and I met a few years ago, after a show at Sidetrack's. Since then they have expanded their range as a band and the range of venues they perform. Before the show I asked them if I could do some filming of the show. They said it was fine with them, as long as I got there early since it gets crowded quickly in Tres. Kyle and I used two cameras to capture the genius of Jobu. We made it to the show around 10 p.m, the band had just started their set while we begun filming. They started the set with an original song off the album Stop Time, called "Voices". The recording I got from this show looks amazing and has great sound quality. Jobu has been packing venues in Carbondale since 2006. In order to find new avenues to spread the music upon, they have decided to move their way to Champaign, Illinois. It didn't take long for the bar to fill with beautiful women, party people and other film crews. After they jammed a few original tunes, Jobu would play a few covers including Blind Melons "No Rain". The reggae twist to this song made it easy to dance to, but hard to film the band with a dance floor packed with people. The drummer in the band, Evan shows true expression while we knocking out half of the rhythm section in the band. Bassist Andrew Neel showcases his ability to carry the rhythm section to new heights while holding the two guitarists simultaneously. Aaron and Matt strings together a masterpiece every time playing each show like its a special event. They would play two sets that night, including the title track of their album "Stop Time". After my tapes ran out and my battery went dead, I knew it was time to call it a night. I also knew I would need some sleep for the shows the next night in St. Louis. 
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Gizzae @ The Shryock Steps 7-24-08
"The Musicians Of The Caribbean"

This is the first section of a four part series in celebration to the end of the sunset concert events. Carbondale has picked the band Gizzae, an award winning reggae band to perfrom the last sunset show at the Shyrock steps. Based in Chicago, the band Gizzae has members from all over the world. From the islands in the Caribbean to the holy land of Ethipoia, this band has the roots of true music lovers. The rythem section of this band has won four Grammy's playing with Ziggy Marley's back up band. They started playing with Gizzae in 1992 and since then have been spreading the love of reggae all over the world. Before the show I checked in with my friends, Jobu who were setting their sound equipment for the after party at Tres. After meeting with them for a second, I made my way to the Shryock steps. Jason had his slackline up, while Kyle and I did some filming. The weather looked like it could rain, but stayed clear for most part of the show. Gizzae started their set while the crowd filled the lawn on the campus of SIU. There was grilling, drinking, eating, dancing, games, slacklining and people gathering together for the love of music. Most of the set was the classic reggae cover songs, "Jamming", "Legalize It" mixed in with original tunes off of there album Roots Like a Lion. I did some filming of the band up close, which came out looking good. Gizzae performed till 9 p.m, they played two sets packed with enjoyable music. This brought the sunset concert series of 2008 to an end. After the show we stopped at Jason's to relax before the Jobu show at Tres. There will be clips of this show posted soon, for more on Gizzae look for them at their website on myspace or The show doesn't stop here, for more continue with the next post.
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Country Knight 7-17-08
"Why So Serious?"

Thank you to everyone who has been tuning into my chronicles. This story starts during the afternoon of Thursday, July 17th. While I was promoting the Wicker Park Music Festival on campus, I turned a corner near Thompson Woods and found a full sized deer standing 10 feet away from me. The deer in these woods have been known to attack random people. I carefully backed up and walked to a safe area, while the deer moved back into the woods. I normally don't get scared, but having a animal that size right next to me put the fear in my heart. In my last blog I did some show reviews of a few different bands. MO2 was nice enough to take a piece of my story and put it on their page. You can check them out on myspace or The sunset concert series continued with a show last night under the gazebo at Turley Park. Brian Wright and the Waco Tragedies performed their style of alternative country. My friend Jason and I were planning on going with a group, but most of them backed right before the show. Country music has it's way of bringing some people closer and a way of pushing others apart. I love all kinds of music, it doesn't matter if your singing about your bling, girls, drinking habits, kids, drugs or your pets. Just open your hearts, minds and play the songs you have learned for others to enjoy. The Waco Tragedies were closer to rock n roll then country music with all the electrical instruments onstage. Their banter in between songs was on the lame side, but I found myself enjoying the songs they played. Carbondale must have a law against any open fires at public parks. Just after the fire spinners started entertaining the crowd with their techniques , the local police shut them down. This made the crowd upset, as I heard collective boo's coming from the audience. My friend Matt C was telling me "this is the 2nd encore, we should go to the front". Jason and I decided to head for the jeep instead. I asked him to drop me off my place to meet up with some other friends, their names Jose Cuervo and Danielle. She is such a great neighbor, we took some shots and tried a Margarita she made. The tequila was clear and smooth, while the Margarita was too sweet for my taste. Meanwhile my roommates were having their own party downstairs. I checked in with them while they were in full picture taking mode. After hanging out with them for a little bit, I moved my way back to Jason's to chill before we headed to the 1 a.m showing of the new Batman movie. Before the movie we picked up some fast food. I walked into the movie theatre with two 32 ounce drinks in my pockets, along with a cheeseburger and fries. One of the drinks lid popped off while I was walking and half the drink spilled all over me. The movie theater was packed as I had to sit front row. This made it easy to eat my food, but made it hard to watch the movie. There were previews that I spoke out about, peopled laughed at my Charlie Brown reference during the Watchman movie preview. "The Dark Knight" started while everyone packed into the theater. I could criticize the movie and tell you all about it, instead I will leave it up to you to make your own decisions. Heath Ledger did put on a great performance, which he did in all of his movies. R.I.P Heath, thanks for all the memories. 
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Three Part Series
The following three blogs are part of one story. This episode of my life has show reviews of Umphrey's McGee, STS9 & the Livetronic after party. You can read them by themselves, or you can read anyone of them that you please. My Journal is an on going story that you can review at anytime. Thanks for reading & always enjoy yourself.
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Future Rock @ Livetronic 7-11-08
"3 Floors Of Organic Electronic Music"

The final chapter in my three party story begins with my walk from the hotel room to the venue. My friends traveled with me to First Street, but decided to head back to the hotel for a more relaxing setting. The band MO2 was playing on the main stage as I entered the venue around 10:30. The venue was made up of two clubs joined together with the help of Nasty Rumors Promotions. When you first walk in there is a bar on your right, straight ahead is the Main stage, which MO2 & Future Rock played their sets. I watched MO2 regenerate the genre of trance music with their blend or organic gold. Before the show I listened to some of their songs on their latest album. They sounded smooth, soft and delicate. While I was watching them I could not stop dancing to the smashing sounds of next generation of music. They are apart of The Home Grown Music Network, which shows they try to be as organic as possible. MO2 is from the west coast and uses a tour bus that runs on waste vegetable oil. While they are performing all three members use a laptop to help create a dance atmosphere that controls the audience. I was covered in sweat after 20 minutes of their set. They ended their set with a sample of "The Next Episode" by Dr. Dre. After their set was over it was time to check out the dance club underneath the Feisty Bulldog, called Throttle. The group Orchard Lounge was spinning, they are a collective group of DJ's of Chicago. OL were performing a set to a packed nightclub. Throttle has three floors to itself, one floor is made up of booths and a bar. The second floor is the performance area where I saw my friends from Future Rock hanging out in the V.I.P area. The last floor was the dance area which was packed with hot girls from one side of the other. It also included a stripper pole that had its own bodyguard. My friends,"The Robot Girls" were using me like the pole to satisfy themselves. That was one dance party I will never forget. People dancing like there is no tomorrow and getting into the dance machine of the DJ. After I was violated on the dance floor by hot girls, I checked out the upstairs Peak Room. This area of the club was up 8 stories up from the dance floor in Throttle. This room consisted of neon lite freaks, break dancing into the early morning. There was a bar in the room, which made 5 bars total for the venue. The Peak Room had  a chandelier that would turn off & on with the music beats. Gaia 13 was spinning while I was in the room, he is a St. Louis DJ known for down tempo ambient music. Once I made it back down the stairs I was ready for the Future Rock set to start. FR is from Chicago IL, they play a unique form of high energy electronic dance rock. This was my second show of theirs I have been able to attend. When Future Rock performs there is no chance of someone sitting in their chair. This was my first show where more people were standing in the booths and chairs then sitting in them. FR is made up of drums, bass & keyboards. They use a synthesizer that takes you back to the days of old school hip hop. While keeping you stuffed with the modern sounds of the next generation movement of music. The group ended their set around 2:30 a.m. I talked with the tour manager for a little bit before he had to go back to work. The Livetronic after party was a huge hit, after the weather put the Live Off The Levee show in the mud. After the show I walked back to the Hyatt where my friends were still partying in the room. They had been in the pool on the rooftop with two dozen other people. The pool said it closed at 7 p.m, but I guess they reopened for some of the guests. We all got some sleep and drove back home the next day. Thanks for reading any of stories, they are here for you to enjoy.   0 Comments :: Permalink :: Sat 7/12/2008 5:47 PM
Sound Tribe Sector 9 @ Live Off The Levee
"Pterodactyl Man"

This is the second part of my journey through the downtown area of St. Louis. It takes off from the point where my friends and I were caught underneath a tree during a lighting storm. Umphrey's McGee has just cut their set short, while we waited to see if Sound Tribe Sector 9 would continue the show with their set after the storm. If you have never been to a hippie show, you may or may not have seen someone overdose on a drug. I don't take drugs, they only put your body in danger. When I see someone struggling on them I have to draw a line when and where I will get them help. During the set break a few different people were struggling with themselves. One person in particular, code name; "Pterodactyl Man" was in a Grey area for my group to decide to help him or not. I was taking a walk, while they witnessed Pterodactyl Man walking out his pain. My friend said watching him walk was like seeing a baby pterodactyl trying to bust out of an egg. While he was struggling on one hand, on the other he was not looking for help. According to my friends he was "soldiering up" at the Soldier Memorial area in downtown St. Louis. When someone goes limp, can't find where the medic tent is located or looks like they seriously need help, I step in and do my best to find them help. From what my friends told me he was circling the group for 10 minutes with no intention of needing help. He was just displaying a priceless look on his face that sums up the reason why kids shouldn't take drugs. After the clouds passed STS9 stepped on the stage covered in water to play for the fans who waited hours in the rain for their music. This would be my 3rd STS9 show. They made a larger change to their sound from when I saw them in 06 to 08. Since the last time I watched them they have produced a new album called Peaceblaster. STS9 also has worked with Conscious Alliance, they are a non-profit organization that delivers food to those in need. The show was short due to the weather, but STS9 showed love to the drenched St. Louis crowd. I was having a dance party with some freaks in the middle of Chestnut & 13th street. Their new tunes have that electronic sound with the synthesizer, but keep it rocking with the use of the electric guitar. While dancing I saw some old friends, Robbie D, Mike M, A.J and Courtney S were all going crazy. The city must have a early curfew, the show ended around 9:30. After STS9 they had a long and tedious firework display. My group and I walked back to the hotel, while the fireworks continued to light the night sky. I would relax in the room with my friends before walking down to First Street to watch the Livetronica after party. 
7-11-08 St. Louis Mo
Hidden Hand, Hidden Fist,The Rabble,Mischief of a Sleepwalker,Peaceblaster 68 >
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Umphrey's McGee @ Live Off The Levee
Photobucket"Raining In The Summer"

This story is the first of a three part series. The last time I wrote long story I felt it would have been better if I had separated the episodes into different blogs. St. Louis has free series of concerts every week like Carbondale. The difference is they have more money to bring in larger groups. The show on July 11th was Umphrey's McGee and Sound Tribe Sector 9. These are two well known bands that perform large festivals all over the country. My friends and I planned on attending this show with no intention of driving back to southern Illinois that night. We booked a hotel room at the Hyatt Regency in downtown St. Louis. The hotel was 10 blocks from the Umphrey's & STS9 show and 7 blocks to the Livetronica after party. Once we make it to St. Louis we parked the car and checked into the hotel room. While the group relaxed in the room, I ran over to the venue where the after party was being held. The band Future Rock was setting up their sound equipment while I discussed the show with them. Future Rock is an electronic dance rock group from Chicago that I recently met. We hung out for a second before I went back to the hotel to grab my friends for the Umphrey's show. We checked out the rooftop pool before walking over to the location where the Live Off The Levee concert series was being held. During the walk down Chestnut the weather looked clear for hours. We met up with Jason and Matt Mac at the show just before Umphrey's McGee took the stage. This would be my 8th Umphrey's show that I have attended. They recently just celebrated their 10th year of their bands history. UM brings a progressive instrumental style of music that resembles Frank Zappa. During this show they carried the improvisational sounds of the past while mixing it up with some southern blues overtones of the future. The vibe during the first part of the show was filled with the energy from the audience. There were a group of Robot Girls that were promoting the after party that I hung out with for a minute before getting my dance party on in the street. As the set continued the band would take the crowd on a ride through space. Once the sky filled with clouds and lighting, you could feel the music reflecting the weather. UM was forced to cut their set short due to the lighting. Most of the crowd left once it started raining, but my group and I were down for a little REO Speedwagon " Riding The Storm Out". The set list is from
07/11/08 Live On The Levee, St. Louis, MO
Opened for Sound Tribe Sector 9
Set cut short due to weather
Set I: #5> Believe the Lie, Professor Wormbog> Jimmy Stewart> Intentions Clear> Mulche's Odyssey, Push the Pig
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Junior @ The Steps of Shryock

"Are We Famous Yet?"

The sunset concert series brings a wide range of music to its viewing audience. Junior is a punk band from Galdewater Texas. The term "punk" is defined as a young inexperienced person. That definition is the best way I could describe this show.  On Thursday July 10th,  Junior came to Carbondale to perform songs from there new album "Are We Famous Yet?' This performance was held at the steps of the Shryock Auditorium. The bluegrass group The Greencards played at Turley Park last week. I missed that show due to poor weather. The weather during this show was perfect for a cookout with your friends. My group and I were happy to celebrate summer with drinks and good conversation. Junior has surprisingly built a name for themselves with shows at the popular SXSW festival. They seemed to enjoy drinking on stage more then performing to the audience. If you enjoy southern punk rock music, then listen for their hit "Nascar Man".Jason had his slackline up as usual, putting on his show for the photographers. After the show ended, the group headed back to Jason's house on the strip. I sent Danielle a text massage, she was going to the bar and wanted to me join her. We went to pinch for a few hours before I called it a day. I saw some old friends at the bar, but I knew I needed sleep for the following night.

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The Bourbon Knights on Independence Day
"Afortunado Cinco Da Julio"

Thanks for tuning in for my 4th of July special, I hope you all had an amusing and safe holiday. To quote Benjamin Franklin " Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy". On that note my story starts in the afternoon of July 4th. Jason and I traveled to Marion to spend time with our families before we celebrate the nations holiday. My grandmother had some people over as we shared stories and jokes. After spending time with the family, I headed over to Kelly's Hippy Hut to pick up Teddy. We grab some drinks and rolled over to Jason's house on Douglas Drive. He lives next to Bart O. and Brennan, we stop by Bart's house, as he is getting ready for a party at his families house the following day. Teddy and I checked in with Darrel, Jason's father. He was having a backyard cookout with delicious pulled pork, chips and plenty of beer. As Dean Martin would say " You're not drunk if you can lie on the floor without holding on". During this party they were setting the fireworks off in the pool, which was interesting to watch the waterproof wicks stay lit several feet under water. Once the sun started to set we made our way back to Carbondale to watch the their fireworks from Jason's balcony. Makanda has a hour and a half of continuous fireworks, while Carbondale has twenty minutes. After that show, we celebrated with another drink and reviewed our directions to the discreet house party.  Ben West, a mandolin player in The Bourbon Knights gave us some idea's on how to get there. He called it Ben Westward directions, we easily found the long line of cars in the middle of nowhere. As we approach the party we were entertained by the sounds of acoustic, punk rock music of The Bourbon Knights. They play a form of drunken Irish music that lifts spirits and brings people together like a collective orchestra. They had a potluck that night, which filled four tables with tasty refreshments. Also there was two ice cold kegs filled with Schafly and Michelob. Teddy and I donated what we could to the fund they had created for a local girl who was attacked by a dog. While we were drinking and dancing an older lady asks Teddy to get her another beer. He comes back to inform her the keg is dry, she pulls back and punches him in the face. Then her daughter starts a fight with the lady who punched Teddy. The mother daughter fight ends soon there after as we watch some more fireworks. The band wraps things up around midnight as we all head back home. When I get home my roommates have all their friends over for after hours. That party ended around 4 a.m as I made it to bed. Thanks for reading, hope you had a safe holiday & always enjoy yourself. 
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Cornmeal @ Hanger 9

Cornmeal @ Hanger 9

"Shakedown Street"

shakin' on Shakedown street, used to be the heart of town. Don't tell me this town ain't got no heart, you just gotta poke around. This line from a Grateful Dead song reflects on how Carbondale may appear to have lost it's magic, but if you look close enough there is always a story. This episode of my life starts just before 7:00 p.m on Thursday, June 26th. The NK Band was scheduled to perform on the steps of the Shryock Auditorium. Nikhil Korula, the lead singer of the group was on his way to becoming a opera singer until two classmates converted him to the joyful sounds of reggae, calypso, funk, African and Latin music. During the summertime in Carbondale the city throws free outside concerts that brings a positive energy out of community. People bring their grills, bags, kids, slacklines, tables, chairs and even couches to these events. My older brother made a setup to play a game called "bags", which is close to horseshoes, to enjoy during the sunset shows. Once I made it to the venue I run into my brother and his girlfriend Shauna. I also run into Brooks and Candra who were getting ready for their big trip to St.Louis this weekend. The NK Band only made it two songs before a storm temporarily shut the concert down. They would continue with the show after the storm cleared a few hours later. After the sunset show Teddy and I made our way to my apartment complex to find one of the buildings on fire. Recently there had been small dumpster fires, but these were large flames shooting out of my neighbors building. Firetrucks and the local police arrived to clear the building and to put out the fire. I wanted to check on my friends in 308, so we walked up to the third floor and knocked on Danielle's door. Her roommate Jess answered the door, she said that Danielle was out at a bar and to check back later. While we were walking back down, I noticed my friends bike that had been stolen earlier that week. My neighbors on the second floor were having a party that we stopped by before returning the bike to Felipe. He stops by with Ashley and Nate before we all move over to a party off of Sycamore street. Sarah Hyde was having some friends over before the Cornmeal show at the Hanger 9. Before going to the Hanger we check back on the girls in 308. They were staying in for the night, so we have another drink and made our way to the Hanger around midnight. Cornmeal was covering "Shakedown Street" as we entered the bar. They played a long jammed out version of this Dead song, with a segue into a fast paced bluegrass tune. Cornmeal just recently won their first Jammy in New York at Madison Square Garden. This band has played some major music festivals since then, including Summercamp, Wakarusa and Bonnaroo. They came back out for an encore of "The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down". This was the first time I witness the cover of this song and "Shakedown Street". It seems Cornmeal has broken through with their sound and has no intention of turning back. After the show Teddy and I drove back to my place for an after party with my roommates. Liz & Kristin were my roommates last year and it was nice to have everyone back together for a late night dance party. I was supposed to see Tom Waits in St. Louis, but I was better off in Carbondale with my friends. Thanks for reading and make sure to enjoy yourself.
06/26/08 (Thu)  Hanger 9 - Carbondale, IL
Set 1: I've Just Seen A Face, Edge Of The World, Calling Me Back Home, Workin' On A Building, The Way It Oughta Be, Midnight Moonlight, Rain Your Light, Not At Home Anymore

Set 2: Shakedown Street, Girl With The Short Brown Hair, These Old Walls, Trimmin' The Fat, Drinking Away The Memmories Of You, Shelter, Onward

Thank you Setlist.Com

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Sunset concert & Cavefest
"Grab Some Popcorn"

This blog may be a little longer then normal, so you may want to grab a snack or drink first. You can also break it down and read a day at a time. The story starts last Thursday and ends around Sunday morning. It includes the second sunset show of the summer, Cavefest and everything else in between. Thanks for reading and always enjoy yourself.

Thursday: During the afternoon I did some online stock trading, worked out, and visited with some friends. Matt McAnelly was in town for the summer, he stopped by Jason's house and we planned to watch the sunset show together later that night at Turley Park. I stopped back by my house for some dinner before the show. My roommates were having a get together with their friends before heading to the concert. After eating some Chinese, spending time with the girls, I headed back over to Jason's house to meet up with my group. We drive across town, grab some drinks and find a spot to setup the slackline. As the park fills up with people, I run into Will H, Tyler R, Brooks, Candra H, Pancho and my older brother Chuck. Teddy shows up a little late, once he arrives we get to socializing. He finds McAnelly a girl to hit on, while we find some girls I use to run around with when I worked at Houlihan's. Sojourn was the band playing that night. They played classic rock covers that anyone's dad would love, but not my cup of tea. After the show my group went their separate ways, while Teddy and I went to Pinch's beer garden. As we were walking into the bar, I run into Nick. He is old friend, and on that night he was getting kicked out of the bar for excessive drinking. A half hour later I see Nick at the bar ordering another drink. Teddy and I have had enough drinks and head back to my apartment complex. The girl I had mentioned in my last blog Danielle, lives in the same building as myself. I decide to knock on her door after the bar, we visit with her beautiful roommates. Ashley her roommate, asks to ride on my back as we go check out my place. Not soon after sitting down, the tow trucks show up. They start looking in her friends car and Teddy goes out there to dispute. Then the cops arrive as Teddy and Ashley are asked to step away. Just after the cops and the tow truck leave, one of my neighbors set the dumpster on fire again. The fire climbs to 6 foot heights as the firefighters extinguish the flame. I make my way to bed as I fall asleep.

Friday: The next morning I woke up with a little bit of a hangover. After I get some breakfast, my stomach started to feel better. Teddy's mom has a store in Marion called, Kelly's Hippy Hut. She asked us to help her sell some merchandise at the music festival known as Cavefest. This annual festival is held at the Shawnee Cave Amphitheater, just south of Murphysboro. The festival has camping, vending, music, trails, lakes and valleys which amplifies the music from the cave. When we arrive we are greeted by an older women who claims to own the grounds and forces us to pay for parking. After we park the car, Teddy and I find Bob. Bob is the real owner and has known me for years. He tells us to get our money back and gives us wristbands that gets us backstage along with free parking tomorrow. There had been some rain earlier in the day, but it had dried up for the most part by 5 p.m. They checked our bags, pockets and vehicle the first day. We go check in with Kelly at he mobile hippie hut. She must have had a bad night, cause when we got there she was taking everything down. Kelly said that the people there were sketchy, and were only interested in getting a buzz. I helped her put some merchandise away, she decided to leave the tent up to sit under. We put our chairs up, grab a cold drink, put some Mardi Gras beads on and started to party. Kelly is a smart girl, she had been to bigger festivals before and knew how to get people excited over plastic beads. We had over a dozen girls flash us before the sun was down. Once it got dark we made our way towards the main stage. There was fire-breathing, Poi, a form of fire spinning and glow sticks everywhere. The main act that day was a Pink Floyd cover group. They had a laser light show that reflected nicely off the cave. A member from Groovatron did a guest spot with them. Meanwhile there was a DJ tent with girls going crazy for beads. The glow in the dark stripping was worth the plastic beads. Teddy and I were the only guys who were smart enough to bring the beads. While teddy did a light show for the girls, I helped his mom take the tent down. We wrapped things up for the day and headed back to Carbondale. The cops were all over as I drove home sober. Once we got back I hooked my friends with what they were missing. We got on my friends roof, they were shooting the shit as Danielle, my neighbor walks by. The other guys start to yell at her as I tell them to shut up, I ask her for ride home and I steal Teddy's car for an hour. We get back to our apartment building to find a hallway party. Danielle just wants to relax, so we visit together while our neighbors party. She was upset and shed some tears over a jealous ex boyfriend. I gave her as much comfort as possible before I meet back up with Teddy on the strip. He was relaxing with Jason's neighbor on the roof. Teddy drops me off at my place and drives himself home.

Saturday: The weather when I wake it up is sunny, cool and perfect for a music festival. After a much needed shower, Teddy picks me up and we pack our cooler with Budweiser, get some food, glow sticks and drive back to the festival grounds. The old lady who was hateful the day before must have found god, cause when we arrived she welcomed us with open arms. We setup our chairs under the cave in a grotto area with a beautiful waterfall. Teddy does some trading with Mark R, a former high school buddy. While we settle in the band onstage is playing Sublime & Grateful Dead covers. Kelly meets us under the cave, she tells us to setup where we were before to see the hot girls pass by. The festival seemed smaller on Saturday. Most of the people slept in their tents during the day. I decide to show Teddy this trail that wraps around a pond. As we are walking I noticed a paddle boat in the pond. This boat was old, rusted and probably made 30 years ago. There was no dock, just a rock that you lift the boat onto. You only live once, so I decide to try to get on this poor excuse for a boat. As I put my weight on the boat I feel its ability to stay afloat. I tell Teddy to throw me the open beers, which I catch without spilling a drop. Teddy gets on the boat and kicks us off the rock. There were are in the middle of this nasty pond, when we realize the boats steering is broke. We had an audience cheering us on as we made our attempt to make it back to the one rock that we could exit the boat from. The boat ride ended with us at the same place we started. Later we brought Kelly back for pictures which will be posted soon. After that boat ride we crossed a bridge that was falling apart. Luckily we made it back to the campsite. The nice thing about making it back to the campsite was giving away more beads to the hot girls. We made a name for ourselves that weekend. People knew us as the guys from the boat, Kelly's young guns, the guys with the beads and sometimes people knew our names out of nowhere. With the wristbands the owner gave us we walked backstage for nice view. I had a friend who was spinning music in the DJ tent around 10 p.m. His set was cut short due to generator problems. His name is Dave, he just did work at a huge techno festival up in Detroit, Michigan. The campers had a 9 foot campfire burning around midnight. Teddy enjoyed himself in the DJ tent, I checked out the Orchestrated Loons on the main stage. Kelly found people she got along with and we all met back up to leave around 2 a.m.

Sunday: The days and nights get confusing sometimes so I added Saturday night into my Sunday section of this story. I made it back to my place to find multiple parties going on in my building. After I put my stuff from from the weekend, I see my buddy Tony from Marion, throwing up outside my apartment. Then Kathleen's little brother walks up to me and says hey your Matt McGuire, you know my sister. I reply with" Yeah she is a great girl, I haven't seen you in years what are you doing outside of my apartment". After that Sean McGarry is walking out of my neighbors house yelling "this place sucks". I look at him like what the hell are all you guys doing here? They tell me about my neighbors having a party and kicked them out for being loud. I offer them to crash at my place. Tony is still throwing up, my neighbors upstairs are having a beer pong party in the hallway. Somebody gets pushed on the table, which makes it collapse. The guys who were thrown out of the party, start telling this girl on a balcony to show where babies feed. She lifts her shirt and shows off her cute chest, while my neighbor Joe is throwing anything he can find of the third floor. This was all going down around 3 a.m. My friends from Marion get a cab ride home. The backyard was trashed, I was tired and found my way to bed. One of the girls who I met at the festival invited me to her restaurant for some drinks at 4 p.m on Sunday. We will see if anything comes for that meeting. Thanks for reading, the next blog will be about the Tom Waits show at the Fox Theater in St.Louis. Enjoy yourself, have a great week.
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Miners Game and the Woodbox Gang

The start of this story begins last Saturday. As I kick off my afternoon I run into a very attractive neighbor who is going to lay out next to the pool. She invites me to join her as we walk over to Lewis Park together. Danielle introduces me to her roommates who work at Pinch. We laugh and make conversation as the sun covers us with vitamin D. I let them know its time for me to start moving towards Marion for my first Miners game. My older brother and his girlfriend Shauna, had invited my friend Jason and I to attend a minor league baseball game. Shauna pulled some strings and was able to put together eight club seats, just behind the catcher. As well as two v.i.p parking passes, thank you Shauna. We caught up with my dad as the ballpark filled with fans. This ballpark is not for everyone, and it would be my first and only Miners game. The starting line-up was ruined by the overpowering music of AC/DC. After my ear stopped ringing, I had wished I went deaf so I wouldn't have to hear the worst national anthem I have ever witnessed. The game finally started as I looked around at the crowd. My old high school principal was wearing "golden rod"  and others were dressed up for their big Saturday night out. I joined my father and Jason in heckling both teams as our group had drinks and kicked back. Borat's movie had the running of jews, and the Miners had a giant eyeball race. Which was a highlight, since they were loosing to the away team. After they lost to the Midwest Sliders, they had a mediocre firework display that filled the night sky. Once that was over the band "Uncensored" started their pitiful set. There were no lights anywhere near the stage, the main speaker blew during their first song. They covered the worst 80's songs possible, and the crowd was about two dozen of the most empty headed people who were suffering from the bliss of ignorance. Luckily my friend and I had an invite only party to attend after the game. The party was in the wine country, just outside of Pomana. We drove down 127 south after midnight as the mist gathered in the valleys. The party was in full swing as we arrive to the discrete location. As we are walk up to the party the music of the Woodbox Gang welcomes us to gathering. Once we met the owner and made some new friends they offered us free food and drinks, thanks Tom for everything. They had a full keg of ice cold Heineken, vodka, chips, whiskey, BBQ and anything else you needed. Felipe showed up just after us with his group. He brought two bicyclers who were traveling across country to build awareness for alternative sources of energy . They played with the band and mentioned this was by far the best part of the trip so far. We danced to the bluegrass sounds of the Woodbox Gang without Dean. He was the lead guitar player who added country and rock overtones to the group. They played old favorites like "the devil has got a hold of me" and ended their electric set around 2 a.m. They would play their acoustic instruments all night as we left to head back to Carbondale. I got back to my apartment complex to find a party in the backyard. They were drinking heavily and getting wild as I laid down on the couch. The next thing I noticed is the lights of a firetruck. My roommates were running in and out of the house laughing about the dumpster being on fire. The firefighters put out the fire and I head to my bed for some sleep. Thank you for reading and always enjoy yourself. 0 Comments :: Permalink :: Tue 6/17/2008 5:37 PM
Sunsets and Sam West
"Stop Cop Blogging Me"

The Sunset Series is back for its thirtieth year with the first show of the season. On Thursday, June 12th the Chicago Rhythm and Blues Kings kicked off the summer at the steps of the Shryock Auditorium. My story starts around 6 p.m that evening at a friends house before the show. As my friends and older brother plan our night we have drinks and joke around. Chuck my brother, decides to get violent and tries to put me in a wrestling move. While attempting the move he pops me in the nose and I fall back and act as if he really hurt me. This makes him feel guilty and checks to see if he really injured his little brother. After faking the accident I pull a reverse move and hit Chuck with the "Stunner". The group and I gather some drinks and head over to the university for the sunset show. Since my last blog Jason and Felipe have taken slacklining to new heights from huge crowds at beaches to the cliffs of the Garden of the Gods. They setup the line on campus as I second guess if they would be shut down by the cops or student workers. Just after setting up the line we had the Daily Egyptian is taking pictures and interviewing us for the upcoming newspaper. Slacklining is dangerous and as the cops walked by they would just turn their heads. The student workers not only didn't ask us to stop, they took pictures with us for our friend Emily at the DE. Also the student workers were more concerned about pets and solicitation. We helped them catch the solicitors that bothered our group. Then Teddy and I turned around and promoted Sam's show at the Hanger 9. The blues kings show came to an end as we took a small break before going to Sam Wests CD release party. Sam had asked me to film some of his show and setup a YouTube link. The Moonbuggy Kids and Chris Mathien opened the show with acoustic sets. Sam started his set with some new tunes from his debut CD. They were a mix of modern folk meets funk and rock. Sam asked Walter Nieds to guest spot on keys during most of the second set and throughout the encore. The YouTube link will be up soon, and more stories for you to enjoy.
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B&W w the New Stampede @ Hanger 9
"Slacklining Mcgee"

This story starts around 5 p.m Thursday, June 5th. While I am taking an afternoon nap, my friend Jason wakes me up to remind me we are meeting Felipe in Evergreen Park for a slacklining session. Slacklining is a nylon form of tightrope walking, the idea was invented from a Carbondale native, named Adam Grosowsky in the 1970's. Felipe sets up the rope and begins to attempt standing on it first. Jason and Felipe start to get the hang of it as a crowd gathers for the entertainment. The sun starts to set as they finish up. Felipe and I head over to my house to watch the NBA Finals start with Boston beating Los Angeles in the first game. After that I head over to the Hanger 9 with a neighbor to have a drink. When we enter the bar we are asked for a 2 dollar cover to watch Bosco and Whiteford with the New Stampede. We pay the cover and make our way over to the bar for drinks. B&W just finished work on the Country Music Television program, "Can You Duet".  My friends neighbor works at Pagliai's in Carbondale, he gets welcomed by some bitter Quatro's workers who call him a Paggot. I make my way around the bar and see Matt the head bartender from Tres and Sam West on stage. Sam is throwing a cd release party next Thursday after the first sunset show and everyone should attend. I also see Brian Miller, a writer from the Nightlife. We talked about his negative review of "Sex in the City", and how the die hard fans would send him hate mail in the following days. I tell him about my blog and he tells me to write about how I enjoy peeling starwberrys. We laugh about putting them in his wife to marinate his sex life. I also tell him to spice things up he should try painting her different colors and do some roleplaying. He is a comic and has a sense of humor, please don't take me seriously. As the bar starts to empty I head home to find my roommates having an after party at 2 a.m. The girls are drinking, yelling and making fun of random guys who walk by. One guy writes on a roommate friends car, " 4 Sale". Which I thought was funny since its a used car. Their after party ends as I start to fall back asleep. The roommate had three friends stay the night with only one parking pass. I had offered to help move the friends cars down the road to avoid the tow-trucks. Lauren, my roommate starts yelling at me at 3:45 a.m to help me move the cars before they get towed. We move one car as we get back to find the tired tow-truckers working on the other car. They offer us a deal at a discount price not to tow the car and we take the raw deal. My nights and days get mixed up sometimes, but its all in fun. Thanks for reading, enjoy your weekend.Photobucket
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Carbondale Magic
"Brother's On The Fly"

This story starts at 4 p.m on May 27th, a day before my birthday. Jason and I head over to Sam Wests house to chill and relax before he heads to the studio to work on his new album. While we are talking he mentions that his drummer for the show that night has had car problems and is stuck in North Carolina. Sam tells us he will do an acoustic set if he cannot find a replacement. The beauty of living in Carbondale, like New Orleans, is the cross pollination between musician's who love their craft. We walk into Tres to find Sam has found a drummer guest spot named Ian that I have seen perform with other jazz groups before. The band takes a set break and moves to the bar for some drinks. We take some Jagerbombs and Patron shots as I ask Sam what would make my blog more interesting. He tells me everybody loves coupons and to somehow put Save A Lot coupons in the blog. Well you will have to visit the web page and print some off if your really interested. The story continues with Andy Norava asking Ivas John a local well known musician, if he has his guitar with him tonight. Ivas looked hesitant as he headed outside for a smoke. During the set break the bands talks about which songs they could play with Ivas. I walk outside and ask him if he would play with the band for one of the songs they were talking about. He walks back in and agrees to play John Scofield's "A Go Go" which has plenty of room for imporvisational magic. The encore featured Ivas putting his blues overtones on the funk of Sams band. Ivas showed his range with rock and funk techniques on his guitar during The Meters covers of "Cissy Strut" and "Just Kissed My Baby". Andy and Ivas dualed into the start of my 24th birthday and continued to shread the funk music of New Orleans into the morning hours. The band ended their set around 2 a.m as we had drinks and talked about the great encore. Sam is playing this Thursday at Tres with a bluegrass group that you should attend. Thanks for reading, enjoy yourself.
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Moon Buggy Kids in Carbondale
Indiana Whiskey Jones IV"

The official start to the summer movie season started with the new Indiana Jones movie. It was a nice updated version of the old Indy movies, but failed to outperform Iron Man with Robert Downey Jr. After the movie I had some dinner and drinks before the show at Tres.  I went to global for a drink and headed over to Tres to celebrate Felipe's 24th birthday. The bar was full of a wide range of people from old friends Matt K, Shana Y, Ashley C, Andy N to local well known musicians. There was also groups of wild drunk girls, one group celebrating a bachelorette party. Sam West did a solo performance to start the show which featured new material from his new up coming album. Sam stays busy with three different groups that range from funk, bluegrass, folk, jazz and improvisational. The Moon Buggy Kids took the stage after Sam and played their modern twist to punk rock music. We were drinking whiskey and partying with Felipe on his day of birth. MBK played two sets and had a long encore featuring the electric sounds of Andy Novara. He added the rock music overtones to the punk combo of MBK with the intensity of a powerful crescendo to end the show. Happy birthday Felipe, thanks for reading.                                                               5-22-08
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KT Tunstall @ The Ryman 5-20-08
"The Sound, Ceiling and the Roof"

I traveled to Nashville, Tennessee yesterday for the acoustic sounds of the Ryman Auditorium. During the building of the original tabernacle the creators had help from Captain Thomas Green Ryman. He offered the canvas from the Riverboat he used to bootleg up and down the Cumberland River to finish the roof. Canvas is derived from the Latin word cannabis-hemp, which was used to make canvas. The ceiling was made from wooden planks from the boat. History of the Ryman dates back to the 1800's and still holds a deep meaning for artists who play there today. Last night Paddy Casey, a young lad from Ireland opend the show. He was noticed in a
pre-Oscar party in Los Angeles by Larry Hamby who did work on the best selling album of all time "Thriller". KT started her set with "Miniature Disasters" off of her frist album. She keeps you interested with new twists and different instruments such as the washboard necktie performed by her back-up band. KT also uses a loop machine while on stage that showcases her solo attributes. The crowd last night was a mix of conservative soccer moms and youthful long haired music lovers. KT would bring the audience in her show by turning drunken cat calls into stories from her homeland of Scotland. The acoustic sounds of her solo performance of the show were breathtaking. She ended her set with "Suddenly I See", and came back out for a two song encore. KT has been known to cover the Jackson 5 hit "I Want You Back". She mixed it up with the cover "Ain't Nobody" by Chaka Khan which was produced by Quincy Jones, who also put together the "Thriller" album. The encore cover song had a funky mandolin that gave it a unquie sound that stretched the wooden plankes from the captains old riverboat. Thanks for reading, enjoy yourself.
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Jobu @ Tres
Last Nite 5-15-08
Last nite she said, baby ah don't feel so down, that turns me off. People they don't understand, girlfriends they ain't gonna understand. Last nite at Tres Jobu a local band played music from their new album, while my friends and I had drinks and danced to the reggae rock. The last time I saw Jobu was on Halloween, and they always put on a good show. I saw some ol' friends, Brandon Y, Sarah H, Katie L, and some new friends from global. Enjoy yourself, thanks for reading. 0 Comments :: Permalink :: Fri 5/16/2008 9:47 AM
Cryptic Ball of the Future
The 2008 festival season looks hot as hell.

Hey jambase reader's, as I was coming up with a title for this post I was playing with the word crystal and put cryptic instead. Then researched the word on wikipedia and notice some parallels. My idea started with getting the festivals I wanted to see this summer organized in a post. That idea turned into predicting what will happen to myself at these events. Beale St. Music Festival is May 2nd-4th in downtown Memphis, TN. I see my pants getting lost, finding a new pair. The crowd of 100,000's of people gathered for the love of music. Being apart of the first Black Crowes show in Memphis with Luther from the North Mississippi All-Stars in the line-up. Summercamp 2008, after 5 years of this festival I can tell you plan on bad weather. If the weather doesn't call for an immediate evacuation, look for the STS9 show with my buddy Felipe spinning fire next to the stage. Bonnaroo, this year is different then the first two years I went back in 2002 and 2003. I have noticed since those years it becomes more of a dust bowl of talented music. This festival will provide some great postive engry inside the festival grounds, and hits or miss for everyone else. I hope you have enjoed reading so far, I will have a second half of the festival season up, along with results from the first half. Drop a comment, spread the peace, love and music.
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3 bands to watch in 08

1. Animal Liberation Orchestra in my backyard for a hot BBQ!

2. The Black Crowes w/ Luther on Beale St. Memphis, TN

3.New Years w/ Led Zeppelin at Madison Square Garden! (not confirmed yet)

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STS9 & Mardi Gras

There are many cities across the world that celebrate Mardi Gras. The residential area known as Soulard gets packed full of heat seeking party goers in Saint Louis, Mo. During the week long celebration, a parade takes place on Saturday during the day. The good times kept rolling as we head over to Rob's house for a Sound Tribe pre-party.The people who work with STS9 give out a free poster for those who bring 10 cans of food. This is a great way to give back as well as putting a piece of beautiful art in my home. Lotus opened with a short set that my group and I missed due to our pre-partying. STS9 walks on the stage around 9 p.m to a pumped up sold out crowd. This was my first Sound Tribe show that was indoors, and it blew away the show I saw outside at Waka 06. They have been able to switch their sound while keeping it parallel to what they have been doing for years. This show was less trance then I thought it would be, and more of a constructive rock, jazz combo. Rob mentioned they were playing some new tunes he haven't heard, and my buddy Jason thought he noticed a song out of the new Cloverfield moive. The show was a 10 out 10 due to the range the band showed throughout the evening.
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Rolling into Saint Louis w/ moe.

There has been a new law put into effect in Illinois that effects the crowd and musicians. You are not allowed to smoke indoors in all public places or anywhere around these buildings. This makes going to St. Louis for moe. a real treat. The show started off different then any other of the 17 moe. shows I had seen before. They took the dramtic sounds from the movie 2001: Space Odyssey. It may have been a play on the venue, the first show I saw at the Pageant in 2001 was moe. This marked the forth time they would play at the venue holding 1,500-2000 moe.rons. The first set was one of my favorties, (bonnaroo 2002) being the all time greatest. They did "recreational chemistry" into " bring it back home", and a rare "tiger roll" cover from Galactic. The second set was a solid performane, with an encore sing-along with j-yo on backups. This show gets an 9 out of 10, mainly due to the smoked out balcony.
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2008 starts off w/The Bad Plus

The band "The Bad Plus" was playing a four night run at the Jazz at the Bistro in St. Louis in early 2008. My good friend Jason had seen them before at the third bonnaroo and loved the music. I enjoy jazz, so I got us tickets and planned a night of eating drinking, and the mad art gallery. We arrive at the show early to look for near by bars, what we find is the comfort of being outside the Jazz at the Bistro. The band is playing two shows that night, and we only have tickets for the late show. As we walk by the venue, the large wide open glass window was inviting to look through with the music being played on outside speakers. The music was amazing both sets, if you like MMW check this band out. Jazz was brought back in fun ways for me as they covered old rock songs. The real side of jazz came out as they did some traditional numbers. The show was a full circle for me, there we are standing outside in the cold the first set. As luck may have it, we are seated front row almost dead center for the second set. This was my first show of the band, and at the venue. I give it a 8 out of 10.
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Christmas 07
jam 3

The holidy season has brought the sprit out in Chicago. The radio station teamed up with a local bar to put on an event at the House of Blues the Friday before Christmas. The only way to get in was by winning one of the tickets. The venue was packed by the time Robert Randolph and the Family Band hit the stage. They had guest spots and treats for everyone, the show can be found on Enjoy.
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Updated Blog

This started off as a blog of old stories and ways to express yourself if needed. After the last the post I got the idea of reviewing shows and posting them on here. I used my cell phone for the last picture at the cornmeal show. The picture quality will continue to improve over the years. Thanks for stopping by and checking out the page.

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Cornmeal 07
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketThere is a bluegrass group from Chicago named Cornmeal. They have been playing for 6-8 years now together. The key thing about this band is they will play acoustic sets before their show around the campsite. This puts a grass roots vibe in the air, and people gather around for a campside dance party. The show tonight has a non-stop dance party throughout the first set. There are some pics posted, enjoy! You can also find them on
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Pictures Added
Whats the goods? Putting an S at the ends of the wrong words is country and is a joke. I put up new pics though to veiw at your pleasure. These are my ol' jems from the first and second bonnaroo. Bonnaroo has changed so much since these pics have been taken, take a look, put on some Animal Liberation Orchesta Live at Soho Restaurant and Music Club on 10-31-2006. Look for it on And Enjoy!

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Stories part 03
This is tale of the first Langerado Music Festival. The buzz from bonnaroo was pushing for more events, and the south had some room for a one day music festival. It started out as a one day thing, the key jam bands come in and play for the die hard music lovers. The drive was 17 hours from southern Illinois. The festival was non-stop music, the downside is lack of food and water. You see it at most music festivals, but rarely you pass out in a crowd of 1000's. Front row for my 3rd MMW show, and my visiongoes black and I fall down. My friend and good people around me helped me to the side where I recovered.
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Stories part 1
I love going to the library and someone is talking on their cell phone. Has this happen to you, its almost as bad as someone taking a call during a funeral. Life goes on. So this is one of favorite stories and I hope you enjoy. The story starts with my friend and I going to New Orleans to our first Jazz Festival. We arrive at our hotel and I notice a haunted graveyard tour info guide. I never knew New Orleans was known for being haunted before so I pass it off and go n watch MMW with Ween. The next day I goto the House of Blues for a late night show at 2 a.m. I walk in and the guardrail is shaking to make you feel like something is going on. Soulive is playing an amazing show while I notice a ghost in the upper balcony area. The lights would rotate and you could notice it in different passes of the lights. My eyes have played tricks on me before but this felt different. So later on I'm back home watching the travel channel and notice the most haunted places in America tour, and they stop in the House of Blues and interview the people who work there and they say the same thing I saw, they also took pictures of the ghost and its up to you if you believe. 0 Comments :: Permalink :: Tue 11/13/2007 1:40 PM
The festival sence

This is a blog for anyone to comment on about how the music festivals effect them. Its important to know which ones are doing what they need to bring back fans with, and which ones are not. The point is to find the serious problems and try to find solutions to fix them. My first problem I want to use as an example is the weather that can turn a weekend at Summercamp into the Wizard of Oz. Be ready for spring weather and return to the festival after the weather clears.

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