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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Last Train - TurnAgain Adds

I have been listening to a record created by a group of Alaskans it looks like. In any event it was recorded in Alaska. It is classic Cosmic American Music. I hear influences ranging from The Outlaws to Uncle Tupelo to Scott Miller to REM. I have added 12 tracks from a 13 track LP if that is any indication of how good the record is. I did find a MySpace page for them - yes they must be one of the last guys with a MySpace page. From it I grabbed the following:

The music we play is not conjured. It chooses us. We don’t play “country” music, but somewhere deep inside it lives - right next to folk, rock and punk. These forms boil and churn inside until they foam over the top like a hastily poured Belgian tripel. We are compelled to give them a voice to honor our musical heritage. This is our Americana.

We write. We write the words and the melodies which are also sloshing around inside, demanding an audience. Holding them back is work. Better we should present them to you than bore each other with the usual frustrations of the typical Alaskan man. Hopefully you will feel some joy knowing you are not the only soul to get skunked on a wet, cold moose hunting debacle or fishing trip. Yea, our writing is therapy. We’ll admit that. It beats paying a shrink.


As I write this, Eighteen Wheels just came on the station and it is fantastic. Wish I had more to lend but as of this writing I am ill informed. Enjoy Last Train!

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Last Train


Fifty Cent Lighter Blogspot  Wednesday, June 15th, 2010


Up next is another solid country/rock outfit called Last Train. The band hails from Anchorage, Alaska and claims a wide range of influences on its sound... from grunge, to country, to punk. All of those elements shine through in a heavily rock leaning sound that probably does contain a little more grunge than twang. Guitarists/vocalists Mark Ward and Steve Padrick combine with bassist/vocalist Ted Rosenzweig and drummer Matt Janssen to craft an energetic set full of roaring guitars and memorable hooks.


What this record also possesses in many spots is a palpable sense of place. The listener becomes fully immersed in the desolate Alaskan landscape in the album opening "Eighteen Wheels" as snowflakes fall on the long lonely highway. It would make the perfect soundtrack for an episode of Ice Road Truckers. Like the wheels on the big rig in the opening track, Last Train continues to run full steam through thirteen tracks on their debut album. TurnAgain is a promising, and rocking, debut effort.


June 20, 2010

On the basis of the muscular altcountrysongs on their firm debuutplaat Turnagain you are able suspect that charge trains the zoveelste group is in the row Texaanse act such as Reckless Kelly, Micky & The Motorcars, Mike McLure link, Josh Abbott link and Ryan Bingham & The Dead Horses. With the closed, extremely radiovriendelijke radio ready they apply even openly in the lyrics for plaatsje in the playlists of the Texaanse radio stations. Toch charge trains not the zoveelste exponent from the Texaanse altcountryscene is. Charge trains their thuisbasis lies in Anchorage, Alaska and their debuutplaat Turnagain rumbled last week by means of the Alaska Railroad the station of resound-galmaarden ones within.
At Anchorage we must think immediately of those other altcountryformatie The Whipsaws, which our two years suffered verblijdden with their second album 60 Watt avenue firm to Neil Young & Crazy Horse ogling. whipsaws whipsaws-opperhoofd Evan Phillips made datzelfde year moreover with Leeroy Stagger and times Easton the heart One For The ditch. Diezelfde times Easton and four Whipsaws-leden are exhaustively thanked now by the charge Train-leden in the notebooknotebook notebook of Turnagain. Whipsaws gitarist Aaron Benolkin could even as gastmuzikant some tasted contributions on slide- and rag stalk jet ear make in some songs on Turnagain.
The songcredits on Turnagain are moreover honestly divided under zanger/gitarist mark Ward and zanger/bass player Ted Rosenzweig. That last signs with six breedgeschouderde countryrockers for the most muscular part of the cd. Tracks such as it with roarring slidegitaren Don operated t Make Him That, the tough Her Daddy, the widely flapping Don t Belong and the explosive You ve Grown Roots forms thus the being correct heart of Turnagain.
Not that the contributions of mark of Ward casts-off are; on the contrary. Openingstrack Eighteen tear Wheels as nothing sparing monstertruck concerning the desolate highways of Alaska and with panoramische, twangende country-anthem the When I m. Gone lead Ward our still deeper in the onherbergzame, harsh landscape of Alaska. Then show the moving heartland rock of Ties That bind musical affinity with the gelijknamige Bruce Springsteen-nummer and also with the melancholic, autobiographical Seven breaks down himself mark of Ward on Bruce Springsteen-terrein.
The charge Train-leden waves finally with the contagious, potential radiohit radio Ready earlier named after their remarkable debuutplaat and the station of resound-galmaarden ones from. Hopelijk keeping them soon halt in a station in your buurt, so that also you can buy your copy of the excellent Turnagain.
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Op basis van de gespierde altcountrysongs op hun stevige debuutplaat “Turnagain” zou je kunnen vermoeden dat Last Train de zoveelste groep is in het rijtje Texaanse acts als Reckless Kelly, Micky & The Motorcars, Mike McLure Band, Josh Abbott Band en Ryan Bingham & The Dead Horses. Met het afsluitende, uiterst radiovriendelijke “Radio ready” solliciteren ze in de lyrics zelfs openlijk voor een plaatsje in de playlists van de Texaanse radiostations. Toch is Last Train niet de zoveelste exponent uit de Texaanse altcountryscene. Last Train hun thuisbasis ligt in Anchorage, Alaska en hun debuutplaat “Turnagain” denderde vorige week via de Alaska Railroad het station van Galmaarden binnen.

Bij Anchorage moeten we meteen denken aan die andere altcountryformatie The Whipsaws, die ons twee jaar geleden verblijdden met hun naar Neil Young & Crazy Horse lonkende, stevige tweede album “60 Watt Avenue”. Whipsaws-opperhoofd Evan Phillips maakte datzelfde jaar overigens samen met Leeroy Stagger en Tim Easton het hartverwarmende “One For The ditch”. Diezelfde Tim Easton en de vier Whipsaws-leden worden nu door de Last Train-leden uitvoerig bedankt in het cd-boekje van “Turnagain”. Whipsaws gitarist Aaron Benolkin mocht zelfs als gastmuzikant enkele gesmaakte bijdragen op slide- en lapsteelgitaar leveren in enkele songs op “Turnagain”.

De songcredits op “Turnagain” worden overigens eerlijk verdeeld onder zanger/gitarist Mark Ward en zanger/bassist Ted Rosenzweig. Die laatste tekent met zes breedgeschouderde countryrockers voor het meest gespierde gedeelte van de cd. Tracks als het met briesende slidegitaren aangedreven “Don’t Make Him That”, het stoere “Her Daddy”, het breed klapwiekende “Don’t Belong” en het explosieve “You’ve Grown Roots” vormen dan ook het kloppende hart van “Turnagain”.
Niet dat de bijdrages van Mark Ward afleggertjes zijn; integendeel. Openingstrack “Eighteen Wheels” scheurt als een niets ontziende monstertruck over de desolate highways van Alaska en met de panoramische, twangende country-anthem “When I’m Gone” leidt Ward ons nog dieper in het onherbergzame, ruwe landschap van Alaska. Vervolgens vertoont de ontroerende heartland rock van“Ties That Bind” muzikale verwantschap met het gelijknamige Bruce Springsteen-nummer en ook met het weemoedige, autobiografische “Seven” begeeft Mark Ward zich op Bruce Springsteen-terrein.

De Last Train-leden wuiven tenslotte met de eerder vernoemde aanstekelijke, potentiële radiohit “Radio Ready” hun opmerkelijke debuutplaat en het station van Galmaarden uit. Hopelijk houden ze binnenkort halt in een station in uw buurt, zodat ook u uw exemplaar van het voortreffelijke “Turnagain” kan aanschaffen.


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A fantastic debut album!, July 6, 2010


John X. Kim - See all my reviews

This review is from: Turnagain (Audio CD)

Where did these guys come from? Apparently, they have been hiding in Alaska!

Echoing REM at their best (with a little alt country thrown in), Last Train has put out an album that's super-duper listenable. Great song-writing, great instrumentation, fine vocals.

There is a wine-making term called "terroir," roughly translated as "a sense of place," which is used to describe how many fine wines, especially artisanal wines, evince the place whence they came from. This is a album that could only have been made in Alaska--and that's a reason enough to listen to it over and over again.

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