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what the fuck is [our] goverment doing?
Im facing 2 years in state prison for good old mary jane. its my second offence so aparentlly thats enough to be thrown in the cage with rapest and murderers. what the fuck is this country doing?  wasting who knows how much money on busting down peoples doors to throw them on the ground and taking there 8th of pot [literaly]. I had cocain, pot and a scale the first time. honestly the 5th time i ever posest coke in my whole life. I was stupid and young. I thought I needed the scale so I wouldnt get ripped off. I guess i shouldent have been dealing with shady people. The second time i was on my way too get a bag and a freinds roomate calls me.he says he wants a bag, so im like what ever. im not a dealer anymore but im on my way so i will grab it for him. He shows up with this real sqaure lookin guy at my house. I got a real bad feeling, but let it happen anyway. As it turns out he had been busted and I was his way out. twentyfive days later they busted down my door. Im a none violent peaceful human. FUCK THE WAR ON DRUGS! NO MORE PREMTIVE STRIKES! IF DRUGS ARE SUPPOSED TOO MAKE YOU DO ALL THESE EVIL THINGS GET BAD PEOPLE FOR THAT. NOT THE GOOD PEOPLE WHO ENJOY A HEAD CHANGE. 0 Comments :: Permalink :: Thu 7/24/2008 7:59 PM