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Indigenus on JamBase TV
Just saw the Langerado interview on JamBase TV with Mato Nanji as Indigenous.  Thanks guys, that was fun.
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thanks for reading
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Band Reviews
By L. KENT WOLGAMOTT / Lincoln Journal Star
Friday, Nov 16, 2007 - 12:13:47 am CST
I hadn’t seen Indigenous since the Kris Lager Band began backing singer/guitarist Mato Nanji. But I’d heard nothing but good reports about the collaboration — from those who had seen the shows and from Lager and company.

Those reports are true. In fact, I like Indigenous better now than I did when it was the family blues trio. Part of that is personal. I’ve always found trios, with a few exceptions, to be a little on the dull side, with the bass and drums mostly providing a platform for excessive lead guitar work.

With the Lager band behind him, Nanji still has a chance to display his considerable guitar prowess. But the presence of Jeremiah Weir’s keyboards and Lager’s guitar gives the band more an Allman Brothers feel, creating a richer, fuller sound and, on some of the songs, cranking up the dual lead guitar interplay that can be very, very cool.
The collaboration also seems to have helped push Nanji past many of the overt Stevie Ray Vaughan references that once typified his playing. While SRV is still there, his Stratocaster found new sounds, new lines and a refreshed spirit while the songs remain as sturdy as ever.

There’s talk that Indigenous is going to make a record in its current form. I can’t wait to hear it.

"Try sampling the “Celebrate Life” sounds of the Kris Lager Band. This Lincoln band romps through a lot of different blues
and rock sounds to create original music that is undeniably uplifting. You can’t
leave a Kris Lager show in a bad mood."
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USA 07
We really had quite a year travelling with KLB and Indigenous. Since our schedule is finalized (I think?) I decided to plot all of our travels for the year on a Google Map!

Click on the map image below to go to Google Maps and see where we went!

Here is a direct link:


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Good Year
Wow, this has been quite the year!  I've been staring at that map and I'm kind of amazed at how much has really happened.  So many memories... it's a little overwhelming.  So that's why I write these blogs.  I want to document our travels for friends, fans, and family that want to know what we are up to and also for us, so that we don't forget how much we have really accomplished and how far we have traveled.
    So, this week we did a repeat run of the southwest.  One year ago this week we were on tour with Indigenous except we were the supporting act and we traveled (for the first time) in our now defunct handi-bus Ted.  At that time, it was the farthest and longest we had traveled.  What a difference a year makes!
    Mato came and picked us up a week ago and before we left town, we had to get a good meal.  I'll tell ya, there is nothing like an M&N sandwich to start it off right!  Any time you are in Lincoln and hungry for something non-vegetarian, do yourself a favor and swing on over to 27th and Randolph and try anything with pastrami.  Norm is a good guy and he has great food, and you will notice a permanent poster on the wall saying "KLB loves M&N!"
    Well, that got us down the road.  For Mato, it was a 1300 mile drive to get to Shiprock NM.  And for us it was redemption a year in the making.  Last year, we tried to make Wolf Creek Pass in the fully loaded bus, at night, right as the snow started to fall.  We didn't make it and we didn't make it to Shiprock even though we drove all day trying to find a place to cross the Rockies.  We made it all the way to Gallup when they told us to just hang tight and meet up in Albequerque the next day.  That was a heartbreaker of a night and it took alot of maturity and self controll for us to not take it out on eachother.  So, as we blazed through Wolf Creek Pass in Mato's van, in the afternoon, with only a little fog, it sure felt good.  And playing that show for 600 people and an enthusiastic promoter who was thrilled to meet Kris Lager Band felt even better!  Shiprock may be a long way out but there is a fantastic group of people that want to hear good music and I'm sure we will be traveling over Wolf Creek Pass many more times to come.
    Then, we played Lubbock and OK City for some repeat shows that we did as Indigenous.  These are some of the first places that we've come back to and there are some great friends and fans in that area.  I wanna send a special thanks to Harry Walker and family for all the help.  Dinner, selling merch, hauling gear, and taking John to get sticks and a drum head is above and beyond the call of duty and it's much appreciated.
    Finally, it was off to Arkansas to play George's Majestic lounge in Fayetteville and it was a blast!  Everyone was super cool and we were all fired up 'cause our old friend "Baby" Jason Davis lives just down the block from the venue.  Apparently, he's a movie actor now and it was alot of fun hearing him talk so enthusiastically about his new career.  And the rumors are true, he is onscreen, in bed with Ashley Judd.  Atta boy!  I remember going to the Zoo Bar for the first time (nine years ago) and seeing Baby Jason and the Spankers with Ryland and Pickle.  So, when Mato called him up to jam with us it was really quite satisfying to be on stage with such great musicians and friends.  Mato Naji, Baby Jason, and Kris Lager all being backed by me, John, and AC...great times!  We were having so much fun and the crowd was going nuts so we just kept on playing.  We ended up doing 5 encores and finished it all off with Muchalada!  What a treat...
    Well, we've got a couple more gigs with Mato and a couple more as KLB including NEW YEARS EVE @ Playmakers here in Lincoln and that will be a wrap on the craziest year of my life.  Indigenous is booking studio time in January and once we get that recorded we will see what it's like to be part of a internationally distributed and promoted album. 2007 has been an amazing year but fasten your seatbelts and ger your passports because 2008 is gonna be a whole new year.

great times!
your friend,
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