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Affiliates wanted.
e looking for free-lance Publicity & Marketing agents who can develope their own business & earn referals for contracting Bands to sign-up for broadcasting licenses and to ideally establish a fan viewers data base,or attract viewers to watch the Concerts. The right candidates should have developed social network sites and access ability to contact at least a million potencial viewers. They will earn 30p per attending concert viewer, that they have promoted the show to,and 40P per viewer if they contracted the Band,and 50p if they contracted both the band and promoted to the viewer. Set your initial target to bring in 10.000 world internet viewers per gig night,and then the skys the limit to increase potencial earnings! 0 Comments :: Permalink :: Tue 3/8/2011 3:21 PM
World Web-cam Promo! Get your License to broadcast Gigs!
World wide web-cam Concerts:                        
All works registered through Copyright House

                          Special Promotion:


Calling all known signed-up Bands,Manager,Agents! 

Want to broadcast your Gigs on the world wide web?

(This is an International  WebCam Concerts link up promotion!) (50% Share of Profits offered:}

5 Star Film Co.Ltd

                          Licensor has established a World Concerts Webcam (Viewers) platform on its Website and is entitled to license to others (including Licensee),a promotional campaign to draw upon a data base of Music Fans and to promote the sale of Web Cam Concerts  to viewers on behalf of the agreeable Performing Artistes & their Agents or Management



Licensor offers to grant to Licensee,Artists Agents a personal, non-transferable and non-exclusive license to use: The video player stationed on 5 Star Film Co.Ltd website for the purpose to generate additional income from a gathered paying audience, income from all your scheduled Concert events should you take the option of linking the Concerts to the World-wide Web!
 This represents a fortuitous opportunity to  broadcast streamed Artistes Concerts live via worldwide webcam.
 5 Star Film Co.Ltd shall endeavour to promote advertise and engage musicians and fans sites on in order to achieve an audience base of paying viewers from a data base of approx 4 million profiles. We  envision the future for the Music business is to take control of the lost revenues due to mp3 downloading,by opening up Concert venues limited to audiences of up to 14.000 to an International webcam audience of potentially millions. As we can promote your concerts by notifying  up to 4.000.000 Fans,and charge £2 per viewer to access the event we feel that this "easy to schedule" enterprise is well worthy of giving it a try. We look forward to your response


To apply for the Licensing Contract see Terms & Conditions at the "Live Concert Promo Room":

Applicants first require the unlock code to the room, (Administration cost (£2) found via the "Google checkout Pay now button" or enter later & apply cost free from the chat room below or alternatively contact us at (star_films) (skype)

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